OOC: I'm pretty bad with this romance thing, I must say.

Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig

“Well, is it really all that fun if I flat out tell you how I feel? Where’s the challenge in that? It seems I’m the only one who likes puzzles.” Neville cryptically said after Myrtle’s story. He did seem to be the only one who enjoyed risking himself against the odds, all others preferring to sit in their comfort zone… but to him, coming out of that area was fun. You never knew what was going to happen then. “But, if you must know… yes, I like you too. I don’t like eavesdroppers, however.” Neville was referring to the female Crobat in this case, herself being slightly less stealthy than the male, who Neville had not seen. “My eyes are, in fact, pointing directly upwards. You tried.”