Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes: Fa's reaction got Nagini wondering, and she increased the speed of her slithering. As she spotted the morbid picnic currently underway, the Arbok moved even quicker, and arrived on the scene at the exact same time another Arbok did. The both of them cast their Glares at the exact same time, but Nagini said nothing. She had intended to speak, of course, but found herself listening to what the other Arbok was saying instead. She found herself rather impressed with how he was handling the situation, his voice neutral and low, yet threatening nonetheless. Once Vega had stopped speaking, Nagini tried to think of anything to add, but found that there was nothing to say that he hadn't already said. Still, she continued to Glare unblinkingly at the Frillish and Misdreavus, patiently awaiting some sort of explanation behind what they were doing.