A young man was making his way into the Park and Gardens, looking for an empty bench to sit at. Myrrh had never been to a large social gathering like this before, but he was willing to try it out for himself and for the sake of his Pokemon, so that they could interact with others for a change.

"This looks like a good spot. Hm, I never took out all of you in such a wide open area. Maybe I should just send out three of you to start. Uh........" Myrrh took out three random Pokeballs from his belt off and let out whatever what was in them. A Cyndaquil, Houndour, and Aron emerged from the Pokeballs.

"Ah, Skrimir, Scout, Bruiser, what do you think, pretty cool huh?" The three little Pokemon took a moment to look around them, they seemed to really like the place.

"Okay, so you guys can just go out and have fun. I'll be right here sitting on this bench. I can see a few trainers and other Pokemon from here, try not to bother them, okay? Just be friendly. I'll be here watching, so feel free to go a little far if you want." Myrrh turned around to head for the nearby bench. Bruiser the Aron decided to wander around, stopping every now and then to look at a flower or something. Skrimir the Cyndaquil, as timid as he was, didn't really know what to do, so he tailed behind Bruiser. Once Myrrh took his seat he noticed Scout the Houndour stayed behind.

"What's wrong Scout, don't you want to explore with the others or something?" Scout gave a little whimper, but she didn't seem sad. Myrrh knew what she wanted. "Oh, well I guess you can hang out with me if you want." Scout gave out a happy bark and seated herself on Myrrh's lap, wanting to be pet and scratched. The two sat and watched Bruiser and Skrimir, who were almost too small to see.

(You're really going to just sit there? Weak.) Myrrh heard this not with his ears, but with his mind. It was his Duskull, Cashmere, who likes to mind-speak to Myrrh often using her ghostly powers. Myrrh can't mind-speak back, so he talks to her as if he would to a person.

"Hey, how did you get out of your ball!?"
(Details. Why are you just sitting there? Go out and talk to some people you git.)
"You're a git. Er, I mean, I'm watching over Skrimir and Bruiser. I can't just let them go on their own unsupervised right away."
(Well whatever, I'm gonna take a look around-)
"Oh no you aren't! I know how you can get, you aren't going to interact with anyone without me around. I'll.....try to mingle a bit later."
(Fine, I'll help keep an eye on them.)
".....Oh, very funny -_-"