Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance:
Blue struggled to keep his resolve up, but hearing the enthusiasm of everyone made him change his mind.
"Fine, I relent. I don't mind you taking a scenic tour of my dreams." The monkey said, half bitterly, half curiously.
"Good, good. Now Blue, just remember, this is your dream. You can control what happens, and if at any time you feel uncomfortable just say the word and i'll wake you up. Now, back to sleep with you."
With those words, Blue drifted back to sleep. He only half heard Dikunes next words.
"Right, well. This is my first try doing this, so I don't know what'll happen. All I know is that you will all be asleep, but in Blues dream instead of your own. Now, when the aura reaches you, I'd like you to sleep."
Dikune closed his eyes and began to concentrate. A strange aura encompassed the Drowzee, which he let surround everyone. It was going well! Dikune blacked out, and fell to the floor.
Dikune sat up. To say the group weren't in the gardens anymore was a bit of an understatement. They had ended up in a mysterious forest, stretching as far as the Drowzee could imagine. A shimmering river flowed through the middle of the trees nearby, supplying a serene rippling sound that contrasted the eerie silence of the area. The tapir tried to walk to the river, but it seemed to move away as he approached it.
'This... isn't real. It worked. IT WORKED!'
Dikunes inner monologue reeked of pride. He had used an advanced drowzee technique, and it had worked on his first try! And here he was, inside... the... dream. Oh dear, that wasn't good. He wasn't supposed to be here! He was meant to be awake, the channel that kept the party anchored to reality! How were they meant to escape the dream? The tapir shook his head.
'No. I won't let this set me back! I'll just pretend this was meant to happen. It'll give me a chance to get to know Blue more.'
Something caught Dikune's eye, and that was the colossal Oak tree that had suddenly appeared. The tree dominated the landscape. It seemed different to the woods surrounding it. The tree seemed alive, with bursts of colour streaming up and down its bark, but closer inspection showed that the mighty oak was the home of a bustling colony of Elemental monkeys. How had he not noticed this as he woke up? They were right next to it!
"So, you're in." A familiar voice called out from the top of the oak tree. Dikune watched as a platform lowered from the top of the tree. A figure leapt down from the platform as it descended and landed right at Dikunes feet.
"Enjoying your tour of my mind?" The figure stood, revealing itself to be a Simipour. The monkey had wierd markings covering his body, painting a picture of power and dominance that would be expected from a leader. He was a sight for sore eyes, however the monkeys biting comment triggered a thought in the back of Dikunes mind. An impossible thought, nonetheless, but it had to be voiced.
"Blue? Is that you? You've evolved!"
"No, I haven't. We're in my dream remember? I can be whatever I want, and I am a mighty Simipour, alpha male of the elemental clans!"
With that, Blue let loose a primal bellow, which echoed ominously through the vast woodland. In response, the monkeys of the tree cried back, with little enthusiasm. The cold response was lost on Blue, as he clambered back onto the platform, beckoning the group to him in a way that commanded obedience.
"Well theres no point being shy. Let me show you around!"