Keith, Fang, Michael, Dave, Rincewind, Fred, ???: His date with Coselle had ended some time ago, but the fond memories of it were fresh in his mind, as fresh as the scratches all over his sides and back- which were now completely covered, now that Keith had changed back into his regular attire- red and white sleeveless jacket over a black t-shirt, his usual pair of jeans (the bloodstains on the newer pair were bound to draw attention), and of course, his trademark brown cowboy hat. However, Keith seemed a little preoccupied at the moment.

"Fang? Fang??" Keith was calling as he looked around in every direction. Then, as he noticed Michael and Dave, he approached them. "Hey, excuse me," Keith said to them. "Sorry to interrupt, but have either of you seen a Carnivine around here? He-" Keith stopped, however, as he saw a rustling in the bushes nearby. Slowly he sneaked over to the bushes, then plunged his hand in. When he withdrew his hand, it was gripping a Carnivine's leaf-hand. "Fang," Keith said sternly to the Carnivine. "I told you, no hunting in the park, and especially no hunting humans or trainer-owned Pokémon! That's all you're gonna find in this place, Fang."

"Viiiine," sighed the Carnivine. Keith released the grip on his Carnivine, and Fang floated next to Keith, looking bored.

"Sorry about that," Keith said. "Fang here takes a much more direct approach to getting prey than the average Carnivine. Normally, a Carnivine just lies in wait for prey to be lured in by its sweet-smelling drool, but Fang here goes and hunts down prey himself."

"Carni Carnivine," nodded Fang proudly, giving a wide, toothy grin (which would have been his intention even if a Carnivine could grin in any other way).

"So, anyway, I should probably introduce myself, you guys know more about my Carnivine than me," chuckled Keith. "Name's Keith. Keith Masters."

Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance, Vernon: "Yer FATHER?!" Meowth exclaimed in shock as Blue introduced the elderly Simisear he had just bludgeoned with his tail moments ago as his dad. Scorpius and Hermione exchanged highly surprised looks, and even Vernon gave a surprised snort.

"Wait a minute, Blue, what did your dad do to deserve this?" asked Chance. Then, the concerned look on the Wartortle's face briefly flashed with slight anger. "...He did do something to deserve this, didn't he?" she added.