OOC: I don't mean to put rules on this, but my Pokémon will not be speaking directly to Chad or any other human, regardless of any prowess one may have at understanding Pokémon, only to each other (most likely when he's not around). Also, my Mienfoo only speaks Japanese (I may call it Kantoese instead, if that's not racist, to keep it as close to Pokémon as possible).

Chad walked to the Park with Cyndaquil by his side. For a needed day off, he decided this was the place to go. This was also the opportunity to take some of his newer teammates to get to know better.

Chad took five Pokeballs out of his pocket, each of varying kinds. He tossed them all in the air to let their contents out. Out of his white Premier Ball came his Mienfoo who put her hands together as if in prayer and bowed. His Dwebble next appeared, missing his trademark shell home that’s normally found on his back. Caterpie and Wurmple appeared, the latter with a flourish of sparkles. Their eyes immediately locked on each other. Lastly his Ledyba appeared through a flash of the number “2013,” and he happily buzzed about heading right for Chad.

“There isn’t much going on at the present time, so I thought I would take you all to the park,” Chad said to his small group of Pokémon. He looked at Dwebble, who was looking around the park obviously for a rock to call home. “Dwebble and I will be searching for a rock for him. If you want to help, I’m sure he’ll appreciate it greatly. Otherwise, please don’t get in any trouble.”

“Dweb!” Dwebble remarked gratefully.

Wurmple and Caterpie wasted no time thinking about what they were going to do with their time, and the pair scampered off together.

Dwebble immediately started searching the area for a rock suitable to carry. He clawed at the ground hoping to unearth a stone. So far he wasn’t finding many stones big enough for him to call home.

Chad got on his hands and knees and began lending a hand. Any rock he found that was larger than a pebble, he would put in a pile in hopes he could present to Dwebble. Cyndaquil, without his flame lit, and Ledyba also joined the search.

“Kojo,” Mienfoo sighed and walked away. She walked over to a spot under a tree by the lake. She said in the shade and began to meditate, fists pointed inward.

* * * * *

Caterpie, Wurmple - Caterpie and Wurmple made their way to the gardens. Wurmple motioned to Caterpie to follow him up a nearby Cornn Berry tree. They looked down to the ground at the flowerbeds once they walked out on a large branch that overlooked the area. Wurmple reached up and bit a twig off holding a berry, and he presented it to Caterpie. She blushed.

“Have this berry. I hope it tastes as good as you look beautiful,” Wurmple said gently. As soon as he uttered the words, he felt a little awkward at how it sounded. He was now starting to get nervous. “Wait, that’s not what I…”

Caterpie giggled. “Thank you, and I think I know what you mean.” She took a bite of the Cornn Berry. “This is delicious. Care to have a bite?”

“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly take your food,” Wurmple tried to sound chivalrous. “You eat up now.” He couldn’t shake these nerves for some reason. “Thank you for agreeing to spend time with me,” he bashfully said. “Ever since I first saw you, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“It’s my pleasure,” Caterpie replied, blushing again. “You’re sweet.”

Wurmple blushed. He walked over to Caterpie’s side and sat with her. “Your beauty pales…I mean, these flowers’ beauty pales in comparison to yours.” There were those nerves again!

Caterpie giggled again. “You don’t have to be nervous, dear. Let’s just enjoy each other’s company.”

“You got it!” Wurmple said feeling immediate relief. He laid his head on the branch, and Caterpie laid hers on his.