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Thread: Fizzytopian Park and Gardens

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    Remilia, Atalanta, Morganna, Vesnic, Lestat, Sirius, Ruby, Chromium, Helena, Joy: It seemed that Remilia had no need for translation to understand Sirius's words- perhaps it was just Ruby? Maybe the Houndour had unknowingly lapsed into the unique kind of barking that only her kind could understand? But anyway, Remilia went on to mention how much of a treat it was to get to see a Mightyena, which caused Sirius to involuntarily wag his tail slightly. She then continued, saying that it was a pleasure to meet Ruby and Chromium, the latter in particular- the Smeargle started paying attention as Remilia revealed that she hadn't met an artist in a long time, let alone one with as much confidence as Chromium seemed to have, and that she'd like to keep in touch with the Smeargle, and maybe see some of her art. "That can certainly be arranged," the Smeargle replied, sounding a lot less bored than she sounded before. She didn't seem adverse to the idea of arranging a trade for one of her pieces of art, either- she liked the idea of more people being able to appreciate her work. "You should stop by Keith's Secret Base sometime. I left a few of my most recent works with Keith, but my best ones I hang up in the library at home." And then, after a few moments' thought, Chromium spoke up again. "And on the subject of trading for one of my paintings, I actually do have something in mind... In exchange for one of my paintings, perhaps you could do me a favor- I'd like it if you could arrange a battle between yourself and my Trainer. One on one, with Keith using me, and you using something that can use Sludge Wave. If that's out of the question, there are other moves I would accept instead."

    At that moment, Helena and Joy joined in, and Remilia did indeed recognize and remember the Shuppet. She asked how things were going with Michael. "Fine," Helena replied, though she was pretty sure that there was more to the question than just an innocent inquiry. Something about the way Remilia said it, something about how she was feeling now... "...Why do you ask?" continued Helena. "Does this have anything to do with what happened before his evolution?"

    "Um, Helena?" Joy said. "Um... when do I get to meet Michael?" she asked. "You talk about him a lot, and he sounds really nice."

    "He is," Helena smiled. "You'll get to meet him whenever I next see him, we just have to work out when that'll be."

    Meanwhile, after a brief, irritated conversation with the Gligar, the Shinx stepped forward and greeted Sirius, albeit slightly awkwardly. "A pleasure to meet you, Morganna," replied Sirius. "So," he added, lowering his voice, and pausing as he thought about just how to phrase his question. "...what can you tell me about Remilia?" he finally asked. "I'm pretty good about sensing things about others, it makes the Mightyena species a pretty good judge of character. Now, I can sense that she's alright, that she's not someone I'd have to worry about defending my Trainer from, but... that's about all I can tell," he admitted. "I... I can tell there's way more to her than meets the eye, but I can't tell what."

    Atalanta admitted that she had yet to hunt anything- it turns out that any potential prey around where they lived was too powerful for her, even if she was prepared for hunting, and Remilia (at least, Ruby assumed that's who Atalanta was referring to as "mama") wanted her to start off in an area with easier prey. "Yeah, I understand that," Ruby nodded. "I mean, the wild Pokémon around our home aren't too powerful, it's mainly Patrat and Watchog, but yeah, I used to not be ready for hunting, either. What I did was, I went hunting with Marvolo and Fang, and at first I'd just hang back and watch them do it, and eventually, I started actually going after prey with them. Ooh, if you ever visit us, you could go hunting with us!" she yapped, starting to get excited at the idea. "Oh, oh, and another thing that could help is, you could do something like, like, my Trainer just got this Rattata, but Marvolo was gonna eat him, but they ended up making a deal- Marvolo doesn't eat him, and Joey- that's the Rattata's name- lets Marvolo chase him so he can stay in shape even when there's no prey to be found. Maybe if you get a teammate like that they can help you practice until you're ready to actually hunt."

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    Amelia, Icarus, Hedwig, Batrach, Don, Rukia: It did take Amelia some time to catch back with the group after being blown off course, but she learned a new attack in the process, and both Rukia and Batrach were proud of her for learning Quick Attack. "Thanks!" the Taillow chirped happily; it felt so good knowing she got recognition from an older Pokemon of her genus, particularly from the idea she was able to learn the attack earlier than Rukia did at her age. Now that she had earned the respect of her peers, it felt like her friendship with them was truly beginning to take flight. Then Hedwig flew up to the birds, and it appeared she too approved of the Tiny Swallow's Quick Attack. "Thanks, Hedwig~" she chirped again as she began to feel at ease in the Crobat's presence this time, which helped her reply with a "Yup, it's okay~" when Batrach asked about Hedwig flying with them. It was only a few moments ago that this same Pokemon was scolding her for flying too close to a potentially hungry Aerodactyl (speaking of which, where was that dinosaur anyway?), and now she was being praised by her for learning a new move. If we disregarded their species, I'd say Hedwig could make a great mother figure...

    Hyrem, Silas, Charm, Gilan, Keith, Salazar, Meowth, Ruby, Ariana, Chromium, Hermione: Hyrem's interest was caught again when he overheard Charm and Keith talking about Levin trading away a Magmortar. Charm was the one who originally hatched him as a Magby, so he wanted it back. "Oh yeah, Levin was trading away a ton of Pokemon. I kinda wanted that Magmortar, but once I heard about Charm being the original hatcher, I let him have it. At least I got Levin's Steelix; he's been a great help for me ever since I got the big guy."

    Once Ariana was brought out, Hyrem and Charm said hello to her, while she gave a timid greeting back before Keith sent her off to meet the other Pokemon, of whom she was comfortable with three in the group, otherwise she wouldn't have left her trainer's side in the first place, he explained. Then a Smeargle approached while carrying Hermione, a Weedle Hyrem had met before, though he began to grow a little fidgety around the grub; he still hadn't completely dealt with his fear of Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill even though he had one of his own so he could work toward such a goal. After the Smeargle was introduced as Chromium, she showed off the paintings she had finished, which were actually quite lifelike, apparently thanks to Hermione's assistance. "Yeah, those look pretty cool," he admitted. "About as good as some of the art I've seen on the internet."

    Then a commotion in the lake brought everyone's attention as a Crawdaunt emerged, violently stirring up the waters, enough so that Pisces, a voracious Blue-Striped Basculin, was flung out of the water and close to Keith who promptly returned her to her Pokeball. "Hey Charm, did your Corphish just evolve or something?" This was pretty exciting, but oh boy, if Sarkhan found out about the Pokemon that had beaten him in a battle evolving... he'd want a rematch for sure now that he had gotten a lot stronger since then.

    Silas, Ruby, Chromium, Sirius, Helena, Joy, Remilia, Lestat, Morganna, Atalanta, Vesnic: Silas was astonished again by Ruby's eagerness to do something with him, whether it was playing tag or introducing him to his teammates. Then something else distracted her: a bark by what Silas recognized came from a Mightyena. She explained that it was a call for her and Chromium to go there and find out what their mentor, Sirius, wanted; usually, it was a chance for the canines to go hunting. Now that got Silas's attention. He had gone on hunts with various teammates like Ruby had, usually with Laika, Leila, and Benji, and he had an affinity towards cooperation, a pack mentality when it came to these hunts. So when Ruby invited him to join her, Chromium, and Sirius, he didn't answer at first, but by the time the other Houndour left he felt himself unwilling to resist, though he was a little slower to the party than Ruby was.

    As in, a lot slower. So much so that by the time he caught up to Ruby there was a huge group of Pokemon there, along with a young woman that strangely had the scent of a Woobat. He was told by Laika and Michael that they met a Woobat who could apparently turn into a human using the power of a full moon. Well, there wasn't one now, so this was especially odd... Anyway, he approached the group and said, "There you are, Ruby, it took me a while to catch up. I suppose this is Sirius?" he asked, referring to the Mightyena, who looked older--but also appeared to be of a lower level--than Laika. "Nice to meet you, the name's Silas. So Ruby said you might be hunting something? I'd be interested in something like that if you don't mind me joining you."

    Vi, Sera, Apollo, Peeves, Aquarius, Ariana: It seemed Aquarius knew who Vi was talking about because she referred to Orchrist possibly having a battle with Nagini, Keith's powerful Arbok. "Well, I hope she wins," Vi squawked. "Th-That'd mean Chris can be beaten... right?"

    After Sera explained why she hadn't fully evolved yet, Aquarius told her about an Axew named Norbert that evolved twice during a battle with a powerful Flygon belonging to one of Keith's rivals. Maybe it'd be something that simple for Sera too: she and Hyrem get thrown into a battle too tough for them to handle at her current stage so she would evolve and get the extra boost of strength-, that would be too simple. Something told Sera it would be a situation much more dire than that... She was brought out of her thoughts by a Trubbish approaching them, with Aquarius introducing her as Ariana. "Good to meet you," Sera said with a curtsy, ignoring the faint stench the Poison-type gave off.

    Meanwhile, Apollo put in his own sentiments about fully evolving, very similar to Sera's feelings. Then as he asked Vi if she wanted to spar with him her eyes lit up. "I thought you'd never ask!" she crowed, easily giving in to her Fighting-type instincts before running over to a good area away from the crowd so they'd have lots of space. "Ready when you are!" As a proud Combusken, she wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to face off against one of her own kind.

    Delilah, Hebenon, Hannah, Dudley, Riff: As Delilah danced with Hebenon, she began to feel strange vibrations in the water. Something must have happened closer to the surface, so she broke the dance and swam back only to find a Crawdaunt with Hannah and Dudley. She tensed up for a moment; Crawdaunt were known to be aggressive creatures that would waltz into a body of water, claim it as its territory, and attack anyone in the immediate area, whether to drive them out or even kill them. However, this one looked like it was familiar with Hebenon's teammates, and it was then that Delilah recognized the lobster as Riff, the Corphish from earlier. The other fact she took note of was that the electric receptors in her lure could not sense Pisces's presence anywhere in the lake... "I just noticed something happening, is everyone okay?" she asked as she approached the three Water Pokemon.

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