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Thread: Fizzytopian Park and Gardens

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    Remilia, Atalanta, Morganna, Vesnic, Lestat, Sirius, Ruby, Chromium, Helena, Joy: It seemed that Remilia had no need for translation to understand Sirius's words- perhaps it was just Ruby? Maybe the Houndour had unknowingly lapsed into the unique kind of barking that only her kind could understand? But anyway, Remilia went on to mention how much of a treat it was to get to see a Mightyena, which caused Sirius to involuntarily wag his tail slightly. She then continued, saying that it was a pleasure to meet Ruby and Chromium, the latter in particular- the Smeargle started paying attention as Remilia revealed that she hadn't met an artist in a long time, let alone one with as much confidence as Chromium seemed to have, and that she'd like to keep in touch with the Smeargle, and maybe see some of her art. "That can certainly be arranged," the Smeargle replied, sounding a lot less bored than she sounded before. She didn't seem adverse to the idea of arranging a trade for one of her pieces of art, either- she liked the idea of more people being able to appreciate her work. "You should stop by Keith's Secret Base sometime. I left a few of my most recent works with Keith, but my best ones I hang up in the library at home." And then, after a few moments' thought, Chromium spoke up again. "And on the subject of trading for one of my paintings, I actually do have something in mind... In exchange for one of my paintings, perhaps you could do me a favor- I'd like it if you could arrange a battle between yourself and my Trainer. One on one, with Keith using me, and you using something that can use Sludge Wave. If that's out of the question, there are other moves I would accept instead."

    At that moment, Helena and Joy joined in, and Remilia did indeed recognize and remember the Shuppet. She asked how things were going with Michael. "Fine," Helena replied, though she was pretty sure that there was more to the question than just an innocent inquiry. Something about the way Remilia said it, something about how she was feeling now... "...Why do you ask?" continued Helena. "Does this have anything to do with what happened before his evolution?"

    "Um, Helena?" Joy said. "Um... when do I get to meet Michael?" she asked. "You talk about him a lot, and he sounds really nice."

    "He is," Helena smiled. "You'll get to meet him whenever I next see him, we just have to work out when that'll be."

    Meanwhile, after a brief, irritated conversation with the Gligar, the Shinx stepped forward and greeted Sirius, albeit slightly awkwardly. "A pleasure to meet you, Morganna," replied Sirius. "So," he added, lowering his voice, and pausing as he thought about just how to phrase his question. "...what can you tell me about Remilia?" he finally asked. "I'm pretty good about sensing things about others, it makes the Mightyena species a pretty good judge of character. Now, I can sense that she's alright, that she's not someone I'd have to worry about defending my Trainer from, but... that's about all I can tell," he admitted. "I... I can tell there's way more to her than meets the eye, but I can't tell what."

    Atalanta admitted that she had yet to hunt anything- it turns out that any potential prey around where they lived was too powerful for her, even if she was prepared for hunting, and Remilia (at least, Ruby assumed that's who Atalanta was referring to as "mama") wanted her to start off in an area with easier prey. "Yeah, I understand that," Ruby nodded. "I mean, the wild Pokémon around our home aren't too powerful, it's mainly Patrat and Watchog, but yeah, I used to not be ready for hunting, either. What I did was, I went hunting with Marvolo and Fang, and at first I'd just hang back and watch them do it, and eventually, I started actually going after prey with them. Ooh, if you ever visit us, you could go hunting with us!" she yapped, starting to get excited at the idea. "Oh, oh, and another thing that could help is, you could do something like, like, my Trainer just got this Rattata, but Marvolo was gonna eat him, but they ended up making a deal- Marvolo doesn't eat him, and Joey- that's the Rattata's name- lets Marvolo chase him so he can stay in shape even when there's no prey to be found. Maybe if you get a teammate like that they can help you practice until you're ready to actually hunt."

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    Amelia, Icarus, Hedwig, Batrach, Don, Rukia: It did take Amelia some time to catch back with the group after being blown off course, but she learned a new attack in the process, and both Rukia and Batrach were proud of her for learning Quick Attack. "Thanks!" the Taillow chirped happily; it felt so good knowing she got recognition from an older Pokemon of her genus, particularly from the idea she was able to learn the attack earlier than Rukia did at her age. Now that she had earned the respect of her peers, it felt like her friendship with them was truly beginning to take flight. Then Hedwig flew up to the birds, and it appeared she too approved of the Tiny Swallow's Quick Attack. "Thanks, Hedwig~" she chirped again as she began to feel at ease in the Crobat's presence this time, which helped her reply with a "Yup, it's okay~" when Batrach asked about Hedwig flying with them. It was only a few moments ago that this same Pokemon was scolding her for flying too close to a potentially hungry Aerodactyl (speaking of which, where was that dinosaur anyway?), and now she was being praised by her for learning a new move. If we disregarded their species, I'd say Hedwig could make a great mother figure...

    Hyrem, Silas, Charm, Gilan, Keith, Salazar, Meowth, Ruby, Ariana, Chromium, Hermione: Hyrem's interest was caught again when he overheard Charm and Keith talking about Levin trading away a Magmortar. Charm was the one who originally hatched him as a Magby, so he wanted it back. "Oh yeah, Levin was trading away a ton of Pokemon. I kinda wanted that Magmortar, but once I heard about Charm being the original hatcher, I let him have it. At least I got Levin's Steelix; he's been a great help for me ever since I got the big guy."

    Once Ariana was brought out, Hyrem and Charm said hello to her, while she gave a timid greeting back before Keith sent her off to meet the other Pokemon, of whom she was comfortable with three in the group, otherwise she wouldn't have left her trainer's side in the first place, he explained. Then a Smeargle approached while carrying Hermione, a Weedle Hyrem had met before, though he began to grow a little fidgety around the grub; he still hadn't completely dealt with his fear of Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill even though he had one of his own so he could work toward such a goal. After the Smeargle was introduced as Chromium, she showed off the paintings she had finished, which were actually quite lifelike, apparently thanks to Hermione's assistance. "Yeah, those look pretty cool," he admitted. "About as good as some of the art I've seen on the internet."

    Then a commotion in the lake brought everyone's attention as a Crawdaunt emerged, violently stirring up the waters, enough so that Pisces, a voracious Blue-Striped Basculin, was flung out of the water and close to Keith who promptly returned her to her Pokeball. "Hey Charm, did your Corphish just evolve or something?" This was pretty exciting, but oh boy, if Sarkhan found out about the Pokemon that had beaten him in a battle evolving... he'd want a rematch for sure now that he had gotten a lot stronger since then.

    Silas, Ruby, Chromium, Sirius, Helena, Joy, Remilia, Lestat, Morganna, Atalanta, Vesnic: Silas was astonished again by Ruby's eagerness to do something with him, whether it was playing tag or introducing him to his teammates. Then something else distracted her: a bark by what Silas recognized came from a Mightyena. She explained that it was a call for her and Chromium to go there and find out what their mentor, Sirius, wanted; usually, it was a chance for the canines to go hunting. Now that got Silas's attention. He had gone on hunts with various teammates like Ruby had, usually with Laika, Leila, and Benji, and he had an affinity towards cooperation, a pack mentality when it came to these hunts. So when Ruby invited him to join her, Chromium, and Sirius, he didn't answer at first, but by the time the other Houndour left he felt himself unwilling to resist, though he was a little slower to the party than Ruby was.

    As in, a lot slower. So much so that by the time he caught up to Ruby there was a huge group of Pokemon there, along with a young woman that strangely had the scent of a Woobat. He was told by Laika and Michael that they met a Woobat who could apparently turn into a human using the power of a full moon. Well, there wasn't one now, so this was especially odd... Anyway, he approached the group and said, "There you are, Ruby, it took me a while to catch up. I suppose this is Sirius?" he asked, referring to the Mightyena, who looked older--but also appeared to be of a lower level--than Laika. "Nice to meet you, the name's Silas. So Ruby said you might be hunting something? I'd be interested in something like that if you don't mind me joining you."

    Vi, Sera, Apollo, Peeves, Aquarius, Ariana: It seemed Aquarius knew who Vi was talking about because she referred to Orchrist possibly having a battle with Nagini, Keith's powerful Arbok. "Well, I hope she wins," Vi squawked. "Th-That'd mean Chris can be beaten... right?"

    After Sera explained why she hadn't fully evolved yet, Aquarius told her about an Axew named Norbert that evolved twice during a battle with a powerful Flygon belonging to one of Keith's rivals. Maybe it'd be something that simple for Sera too: she and Hyrem get thrown into a battle too tough for them to handle at her current stage so she would evolve and get the extra boost of strength-, that would be too simple. Something told Sera it would be a situation much more dire than that... She was brought out of her thoughts by a Trubbish approaching them, with Aquarius introducing her as Ariana. "Good to meet you," Sera said with a curtsy, ignoring the faint stench the Poison-type gave off.

    Meanwhile, Apollo put in his own sentiments about fully evolving, very similar to Sera's feelings. Then as he asked Vi if she wanted to spar with him her eyes lit up. "I thought you'd never ask!" she crowed, easily giving in to her Fighting-type instincts before running over to a good area away from the crowd so they'd have lots of space. "Ready when you are!" As a proud Combusken, she wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to face off against one of her own kind.

    Delilah, Hebenon, Hannah, Dudley, Riff: As Delilah danced with Hebenon, she began to feel strange vibrations in the water. Something must have happened closer to the surface, so she broke the dance and swam back only to find a Crawdaunt with Hannah and Dudley. She tensed up for a moment; Crawdaunt were known to be aggressive creatures that would waltz into a body of water, claim it as its territory, and attack anyone in the immediate area, whether to drive them out or even kill them. However, this one looked like it was familiar with Hebenon's teammates, and it was then that Delilah recognized the lobster as Riff, the Corphish from earlier. The other fact she took note of was that the electric receptors in her lure could not sense Pisces's presence anywhere in the lake... "I just noticed something happening, is everyone okay?" she asked as she approached the three Water Pokemon.

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    OOC: I am making this post under the assumption that everybody involved in the current storylines here is either fine with, or indifferent to, them ending, seeing as they have not moved in roughly three quarters of a year now (before anyone asks, my excuse for not replying is that I was waiting on Charm to post). If I am wrong on this, by all means, please inform me, and I will happily withdraw this post and instead reply to the ongoing storylines, even if you are the only other one interested in the storylines continuing. Thank you.

    Keith and Meowth looked around as they entered the Park. The place hadn't seen a lot of Trainers as of late, and yet it was still remarkably well-maintained. The grass was freshly cut, there was no litter to be seen, the lake's water was still clean... it was still a beautiful place.

    "Wow," Keith remarked. "The people who maintain this place are pretty dedicated."

    "Yeah, youse ain't kiddin'," Meowth replied. "So, wat's da plan fer today?" he asked.

    "Relaxation, Meowth," Keith replied, unfurling a large red and black checkered blanket on the ground. "A nice, relaxing picnic. OK, everybody, come on out," he added, tossing four Poké Balls and one Safari Ball into the air.

    Five flashes of light, and the rest of the Pokémon Keith had brought with him materialized. Norbert the Haxorus roared happily, excited for lunch; Neville the Skrelp hopped over to the nearby lake, dove in, and started swimming around; Ruby the Houndoom barked eagerly, wagging her tail as she looked at Keith (well, more at Meowth, really); Hermione the Weedle crawled over to the picnic basket, eager to help set up with lunch; and Jack the Ditto immediately Transformed into an exact copy of his Trainer and sat down on the blanket.

    "Nice place," grinned Jack. "So, what's on the menu? Bacon cheeseburgers?"

    "Yes, but not as we're accustomed to," Keith shook his head. "I wanted to bring Shelley as well, but Vinny apparently wants to take advantage of our not being home to have a little private time with her."

    "So, dey's really a ting now?" Meowth asked.

    Keith nodded. "Looks like it," he confirmed. "Personally, I'm glad- they make a pretty cute couple."

    "Weeedle!" Hermione spoke up. Keith turned to look- the Weedle's String Shot was helping her pull a jar that seemed to be filled with some kind of White Smoke.

    "Hermione, what-" Keith asked.

    "Weedle, Weedle Weedle," Hermione interrupted.

    "Dat's Torkoal smoke, apparently," Meowth translated. "Hermione had Shelley give her some as an emergency stash."

    "Awesome!" Keith grinned. To this day he didn't know what it was about Torkoal smoke that made bacon taste the way it did, nor who or what turned Hermione onto this delicious secret, but he found himself thanking Arceus for it with each and every piece of bacon Hermione and Shelley would cook. With that, he helped to set up so Hermione could cook the burgers and the bacon, and they brought a lot- way more than enough for the lot of them, in anticipation that other Trainers or Pokémon might also visit the Park and want some for themselves. It may also have had something to do with the fact they didn't want to leave any of it home where there was a perpetually hungry Swalot (or so they thought- what they didn't realize was that Captain Stomach was out fighting crime at this very minute).
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    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
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    Flowers. Rows and rows of them, in a range of hues and styles, in between species of lush foliage the likes of which Alicia had never seen. She stooped near one particularly odd-looking plant, a wooden bush with long blade-like leaves sprouting in every direction, and was nearly bowled over by something latching onto her back. Something heavy.

    “That's a grass tree!” Mel the kecleon announced. “We had heaps of them around when I was born.”

    Far away, most likely. Alicia gave him a dubious look. She'd adopted him from a place quite near here. “How did you get here, then?”

    “I don't know! Maybe I was registered to get here.”

    “That's very nice, now,” -- and here she stood up, punctuating each word with a twist of her back -- “get off my back before I shake you off.”

    “But trainer, I was having fun,” Mel complained. With great reluctance, he complied.

    “Thanks Mel.” To Sen, her gallade, she said, “I don't like this park much. It's too…” Artificial? Perfected? “Tame. I was going to say tame.”

    She looked accusingly at him. “You're doing that thing again.”


    “That thing where you try to think for me and see if I can tell it's you.”

    To his credit, he didn't deny the accusation. His psychic abilities were still a mere shadow of what they'd been before evolution, even though he’d spent every day in the last three years practising them. “And. Can you?”

    Alicia sighed. “Yes, I can. It sounds like me but it's not, especially when I concentrate. Your voice is more resonant, somehow.”

    Sen appeared pleased. “There you go, dear Trainer. I believe the words are, ‘you’re welcome’.”

    Excuse me? “You rascal,” Alicia laughed. “I thought you were training yourself, but it was me all along.”

    “Por que no los dos,” Sen enunciated, grinning smugly, and that was the end of it.

    Four hours in the Fizzytopian Gardens, and Alicia was already bored by it all, present company excluded. Noticing the way her rapidash fidgeted, she could tell Delta was the same way. Maybe it would have been a better idea to leave Delta in her Fire Ball. She quashed the thought. Even if time supposedly stood still for Pokemon inside their balls, it wasn’t right, to leave them there, shut away from the world. So she stood up, dusting off the grass from her cargo pants, and gathered her team.

    “We’ve been to volcanoes, we’ve been through jungles… I think it’s time we headed somewhere colder for a change,” Alicia announced. “Come on Delta, we’re going for a ride.”

    The world was grey and white. Light snow blanketed every surface, out here in the rolling fields, underneath an overcast sky. Every now and then the sun peeked through. When it did, instantly the land mirrored its brilliant fire.

    A rapidash appeared on the horizon, fiery mane flowing in the breeze. Straddling her was a dark-haired woman who was so decorated with small Pokémon she looked like a mannequin from a toy store. There was the ekans draped over her shoulders, long and languid; a dratini coiled around her waist, which twitched its head this way and that looking for new smells; and in her lap, an eevee and a kecleon. Only the misdreavus remained separate from the group, preferring instead to float sullenly behind like a misplaced shadow. Its heavy-lidded gaze gave the impression of perpetual boredom.

    In no time at all the small party arrived at the city gates. “State your business,” the guard said, to which Alicia replied that she was not looking for any trouble, sir, she was here to rest and shop and sightsee before she moved on. Another guard rifled through her rucksack.

    “I’m going south,” Alicia said, “to where the ice freezes in sheets so thick an excadrill could dig for days.”

    “On that horse?” the first guard snorted. Said horse glared at him, pawing the ground. “You’ll have to go through Ilyeska for that, and if word is anything to go by, he’ll be crippled before the day is out. Bones are soft when snows are hard.”

    “She,” Alicia corrected automatically. Ilyeska she’d heard of. A treacherous mountain pass not so far from the Silverton Ranges. Unlike the Silverton Ranges however, these mountains were taller and more difficult to navigate. Which was why she’d planned on using sure-footed Delta to help.

    When the second guard pulled out the sanitary products he dropped them like wet soap.

    “What you need is a bird,” the guard continued.

    Problem was, Alicia didn’t have one. She told him so. Then, helplessly: “I’ve been out on the fields for days.” As if that would magically grant her a way forward.

    The guard shrugged. “Best you know now then.”

    “Is there any other way through?”

    “You’d have to ask around. I’ve only been working here for a few months. The rest of the time I’ve got my kadabra Teleporting me back home. Sorry,” he said, but mostly he just looked bored.

    Behind them loomed a fat charizard, wings outstretched, and although its tail flame flickered maroon, a sign of ill health, it cut an impressive figure. Here stood perhaps the reason for both guards’ slight swagger. Alicia felt tendrils of dislike stir within her. You’re being unreasonable, she told herself half-heartedly. He might have just saved Delta’s life. Mostly anger was a defence mechanism against unproductive emotions, like self-pity. Like for the fact that she’d ridden five ****ing days to get to the — admittedly majestic — town.

    “Thank you,” Alicia said.

    “She’s good to go,” the second guard announced.

    The first guard was nodding as the rucksack was handed back to Alicia. As she readied herself to remount Delta, he put a hand on her shoulder. “One last thing.” He nodded meaningfully to the Pokeballs around her neck and hip. “I count eight.”

    Oh no, I forgot to hide them. See, kids, this is what travelling too long does to your brain. Laughing, she said, “I’ve been out in the wilderness. Who cares if I have a few extras on me? Besides, the only reason the little ones are out is to get some fresh air and sunshine.”

    As if on cue, Fjora the eevee simpered, very cutely.

    “Yes, very lovely. I’m just saying,” — and here the two guards exchanged glances — “we’re fine with letting you off with a warning, but who knows what the next guy will do.”

    Alicia sighed. “Point. Sorry guys, but you’ll have to go.”

    Running her fingers along the Pokéballs on her belt, she located her dratini’s Cherish Ball and her misdreavus’s Pumpkin Ball. They’d been out and about since before her trip to the PC, after all.

    First Daenys, then Rue. When it was Rue’s turn, she floated close, fixing her beady eyes on Alicia in that signature flat stare of hers.

    “Don’t die,” Rue said.

    Then the Pokétch’s sensor kicked in.

    PARTY LIMIT REACHED, the display read.

    Everyone present watched in silence as the two balls, newly digitised, disappeared into the aether.

    “So what, they just, zoom into cyberspace, and into some dodgy computer thousands of kilometres away? How does that work exactly?”

    Alicia would’ve liked to know the same herself.

    “As you can see, we’re not a very high tech establishment,” the second guard said with a sheepish laugh. “I haven’t seen a gadget like that in ten years.”

    “If the gods are good I’ll be back before another ten. Arceus be with you,” Alicia said, and they were through.

    Icefall was an outpost town, renowned for its ancient black castle, a popular spot with tourists from neighbouring towns, and trade. Supposedly its exotic leather and seel fur goods were among the best in the region. Alicia did not care for fur very much, thinking it a frivolous luxury, but maybe Delta would appreciate an actual saddle for once. Her sore behind definitely would.

    The town itself was a rustic, cozy affair. The ground was uncobbled, unlike most other places she’d been, and the houses were wood instead of brick. In the distance loomed a stark silhouette, its parapets jagged with age. But that was not the purpose of her visit today. Recalling everyone except Delta and Fjora, Alicia made her way into the town centre on foot.
    Navigating a crowd was always easier with a large, fiery rapidash to help you. But the crowd seemed unusual, for such a faraway place. Why the commotion?

    Kids as tall as her leg ran past, shouting inanities. As Alicia drew closer the air richened with smells— fresh-baked bread, frying potatoes, stale urine from last night’s chamberpots, and soot, because everywhere small kerosene lamps were alight. Somewhere someone played a sprightly song on an accordion. The crowd opened, just for a second, and finally Alicia saw it— a banner, in hand-painted letters, that read WINTER MARKET 2016.

    Alicia wanted to buy everything in sight.

    There were jewellery stands, as well as clothes, not to mention all the food… in addition to the massive volume of cheap trinkets that seemed a constant presence in markets around the world. Fjora, nestled in her arms, seemed enraptured by a collection of silver dangling charms meant for a PokéDex, while Delta, to her surprise, stood passive.

    “Trainer, I’m tired. I don’t want to rest in my ball. Can we come back tomorrow?”

    Alicia started, guiltily. All this time she had sat on Delta’s back while letting her do all the work. Her back was sore from riding, it was true, but it must have been a far cry from what Delta was feeling. She patted the rapidash’s face, murmuring, “Sorry Del. I forgot you’ve worked hard. We’ll get you some food and rest asap, I promise.”

    “I want to eat berries,” Fjora declared, with all the self-centredness of an infant. It was one of the few things the baby eevee knew how to say.

    So Alicia bought berry muesli for them both, and found an inn for them all. Complete with stables, of course.

    It was not quite dawn when Alicia found herself in the town centre the next day. Nights were long here; she wondered how the town residents coped with how disoriented it made her feel. Most stalls had already set up shop. Many she’d not previously noticed, including from the looks of it, several tanners and a blacksmith.

    “Let’s visit everything,” Delta said, newly energised.

    Alicia laughed. “Okay Del, see you in a week.”

    “I’m serious.”

    “How about we give it the rest of today?”


    And so they wandered the stalls, waiting for the sunrise.

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    "Easy. Easy. Sterope. Slow down. I'm about to fall. Star."

    The Ponyta reared her head left and right while the makeshift reigns, which the trainer had clumsily crafted out some rope, were pulling on her harder.


    The Ponyta whinnied and lifted her front legs in panic. Her fiery manes exploded and she set to a fast pace as she dashed across the grassy fields in a frenzy. She strated zigzagging and kicking her legs in the air. The trainer responded by pulling harder which only frightened the Ponyta more. The fire horse set to a hghspeed gallop, leaving small trails of ember in her path. The trainer held tightly onto the large pony's neck while sliding across her side. He fell and quickly as he did so pushed himself away to avoid getting trampled.

    "Star!" he called out after the horse. The Ponyta starhorse had a bashful nature and was easily spoked. Even though she had grown a lot since Lucas had first picked up the horse who could barely waddle from the daycare, she still retained her infantile demeanour.

    "Chatatat!" A Chatot on a nearby, low hanging branch was spectating the theatre set out in front of him. He had no interest in helping out or calming the horse down and would have probably decided to startle her if she wasn't already.

    The Ponyta continued her panic dash across the fields, going left and right without looking if there was anything in her way. Luckily, her trainer had chosen this exact spot for that reason. A wide open field was better suited to training the horse.

    He sat himself down in the grass. Gently as the numerous falls had bruised his leg and shoulder. This wasn't his first attempt at trying to ride his Pokémon. For that same reason he gave up on trying to calm Star down. Eventually she'll tire out and calm down. If not, his partner Rags, the Gallade, would step in.

    Rags pretty much insisted on coming along on most of Lucas' (mis)adventures. He knew his trainer well enough that he needed a moral guide every now and again.

    "Oh well, that's it for the day." Lucas stretched his arms up. His bruised shoulder ached when he did. "I'm not going to give that another try," he said as he fell down on his back into the soft grass. "Might as well enjoy this nice day instead then." Just a few feet away from his head, the Ponyta dashed past him and set the grass alight.

    "Ponyta's fire doesn't spread," he told himself. And with that, he decided to ignore it. The Gallade sighed, gave up on his trainer, and sat himself down beside Lucas.

    Fizzytopian Parks was known for it's preserved beauty of rolling hills, flowing creeks and flower beds. Even in the winter, the park managed to hold onto it's summer charm. But Lucas wasn't here to enjoy the warmer climate of a calm park. Right near the edge of the vast acres of fields stood the entrance to one of Fizzytopia's most treacherous paths. Each year, various travellers had managed to get lost or injure themselves along it's many seasonal avalanches and mudslides. Not to mention that the path stroked the edge of a cliff for a few miles. A strong Pokémon to take you there was practically a requirement. But at the end of the path, a traveller would be met by one of Fizzytopian's best reserved historic sites. One that was still in use by the locals for shelter, festivities and an income generated by it's tourism. The tourists that had managed to make the trip at least.

    Icefall. A huge black castle layed perfectly preserved among the snowcapped mountains. It stood as a monument to the unclaimed region that divided the Silverton Ranges from the fields. Each year they would hold a Winter Market. The locals would set up stalls of merchandise, food, trinkets while the dignitaries organised events such as the infamous "Race of Ice and Fire". The ice referring to the castle's name Icefall while fire referred to Ponyta and Rapidash's flaming bodies. The name and race was dedicated to the castle's rich history. Something to do with a king or other. Or was it a knight? It could have actually been a stable boy. Lucas wasn't exactly sure. That was about as much information as he had looked up on the site before being bored by the historical facts it boasted. Who cares about some dusty old king and his cold iron throne. It was the opportunity for competition (and a grand prize) that enticed him. The advertisement for the Ponyta/Rapidash race remined him that he still had to properly train his Ponyta.

    "Alright, I'm bored. Let's go." The trainer got up from his feet. Sterope was still madly racing the fields. "Rags, can you collect Star?"


    "We'll walk it instead. It won't be a problem.


    "Halt. State your business." The guard at the entrance was blocking his path.


    "Ha, kid. We can't let you pass without knowing who you are or if you're going to be safe. That your horse?" He pointed at the Ponyta which Rags was pulling gently by the reigns. The rest of Lucas' current party had caught up as well; Black the Chatot, Floss the Swirlix, Watsson the Magnemite and Doom the Absol. Doom had finally molted into his final fur. He was officially a grown Pokémon that left most of the innocent child behind him. Now stood a proud and stoic creature alongside the Ponyta. He gazed mysteriously at the winding path etched into the mountain sides with Black perched on his back to hitchhike a ride.

    "That Ponyta doesn't look strong enough to get you through. It doesn't even have a saddle."

    "She," Lucas corrected him. "And I'm going to walk there instead."

    "No your not," the other guard said as he stood next to his partner to fully block the entrance. "Ilyeska isn't the place to take a leisurely stroll. If you want to get to the top, it would be wiser to use a flying Pokémon."

    "But I have a flying Pokémon." Lucas stepped aside so they could see Black pecking at his own feathers.

    "That pluck of down isn't going to be carrying anything. Except maybe parasites," he noted as Chatot gnawed at his wings.

    "John." the first gaurd tapped his partner. "Look," he nodded towards what was underneath the Chatot.

    "An Absol! That thing.." He turned angrily to the trainer. "Leave this place and take your hellhound with you. That thing brings nothing bit misfortune to people. You keep that thing away from us and the citizens of Icefall.

    Lucas and Rags groaned in ire at the guards' supersticial belief and unfair judgement Absol. Lucas took a step.

    "Gall," his Gallade ordered.

    "Fine. Come on guys, let's go. We'll find some other way to get there." The party moved on. Doom took another look back at the mountain path behind.

    "Doom, what is it?"

    For a while the Absol said nothing. "Ab." He didn't take his eyes off the path. He took a step back into it's direction, looked at his trainer and waited for approval.

    "Uhm. Sure. If you really want to. We'll meet you up top." Quietly the Absol darted towards the mountains. Black gave a startled squawk and let go of the Absol's back. Instead of going through the entrance, he leapt onto a boulder to a side and darted from ledge to ledge as he made his way across an impromptu route to the top.

    "Black. Keep an eye on him and come back if something happens." Doom may have been a more solitary creature but Lucas wasn't going to let him go on his own. While annoyed at his trainer ordering him, the Chatot nonetheless gave a grumpy squawk and flew after the Absol to accompany him.


    There was another way to get to the top but Lucas had hoped to avoid it as much as possible. The way would involve using a safer but longer path. It would take days to course through the winding paths to reach the summit. He'd have to stop and rest at inns and hostels along the way or take his chances camping in the frosty environment. The last leg of the journey would have him walk through beds of snow away from the common path. He'd have to bring enough food and drink for the trip but that was going to be provided. He'd still lose a chunk of his fortune on getting the necessities for travelling this way but it was the fastest and only way Lucas knew. But all of this was doable. The only thing that really bugged him about having to do this was...

    "Alrighty everyone!" exclaimed a chirpy voice. "Time to step aboard the Frost-E coach. We have many sights to see and only three days to see them. Make sure you have your camera with you or you'll be so-ohwry. If you have any questions about any of our sightseeing spots or want to stop to take pictures, feel free to speak up. Now without further ado, let's skedaddle!"



    Their first resting stop was at a company-associated inn. The tour group was provided with both shelter and food on this trip. The inn, while small, was big enough to accomdate everyone with a room and had a cosy hall with a fireplace that was never off. Most of the people congregated there to share pictures. Of both all the snow, ice and rock they had seen together (despite everyone in the tour group having seen the same snow, ice and rock) as well as of their kids and grandkids they would never shut up about. So what if little Joey won the prize for best bred Rattatta?

    Lucas decided to step outside into the crisp air. He lit one of his cigarettes which he hadn't done in quite a while. His remaining four Pokémon were upstairs resting. The sky was already turning an opaque grey from the setting dusk. Filtered light cast the distant woods and boulders in shadow, a high edge cliff behind them as backdrop.

    "Kaw! Kaw! Kaw!"

    The echo was loud enough to startle everyone inside. The hellish screech reverbated further down the mountain. Heads piled up on top of each other the tourists looked through the window outside.

    "Look," a muffled voice said from inside. On top of the cliff, at the very edge, stood a four legged shadow. Lucas couldn't make out any details but he was sure it was looking at him. It's gaze was set on the tourist group and the inn, unmoving like a statue. The creature gave off the appearance of a beast having recently escaped from hell. Another small speck of a shadow emerged from the side. It waved through the wind beside the cliff before soaring up and landing on the demon's back. Exclaimed voices erupted from the window next to Lucas as the tourists pointed and pulled out their camera to take a shot of the creature.

    Lucas however, smiled when he saw the two shadows staring at him from atop the cliff. At least Doom and Black were okay.


    The final leg had come. At the second stop, Lucas had said his farewells to the group and explained he was heading towards the castle. It was only an hour or two away by foot. The weather was surprisingly calm so he wouldn't have to worry about any storm. The only problem was the occasional deep pockets of snow. Twice, Lucas was surprised by the sudden drop in height and fell over. Both times he got a mouthfull of fresh snow. He was about to get his third after an hour of walking.

    'I've had enough,' he told himself. In the distance he could see Icefall's black castle towers erupt like spears out of the ice. It wasn't far now. He was going to give it one more time. Sterope's heat could give him some well needed warmth as well. "Sterope, come out." A red light poured out of a Pokéball on his belt and formed into the warm body of the Ponyta. She gave a whiny once fully materialised. The cold snow surprised her unhappily.

    Lucas grabbed the reigns and tried to calm her. "Star. Star. Quiet. It's just snow. Star? Oh you stupid beast."

    The Ponyta bristled at those last words but she calmed down and planted her four hooves into the snow. Lucas gently walked around, keeping his hand on her body to reassure her. More than once has he fallen off because Sterope decided to dash off while he was trying to climb. He heaved himself on top of the large Ponyta's back and clambered around. Sterope trotted around awakwardly in discomfort as the beaten down rope (that was used for reigns) tightened from her trainer's grip.

    Lucas had just lifted his leg over the horse's side when in front of them a yellow hat pooped up out of the snow.


    Sterope kicked her front legs up in fright and whinnied loudly.

    "Star! It's just a Pokémon."

    "Snosnosnor." The yellow triangle of a Pokémon ran away from the maddened Ponyta, clearly afraid of it. It didn't matter though, Sterope was set off and once her front hooves collided with the ground, she sped off into the distance, heading directly for the castle gate in a mad dash. Her trainer clung to her neck for dear life as she sprinted the distance.

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    Default Dwebble's Dwelling Troubles pt 05

    OOC: I figured I should end this somehow. Plus I want to start another story.

    Torkoal, Shelley – Torkoal watched as Shelley explained her story with her trainer. He also watched her explain the situation one of her teammates faced when she joined with her trainer. The smoke resembled a Makuhita.

    “I’m glad you found a home with Keith,” Torkoal replied after the stories. “I also hope things work out for me, the way they worked out for, Makuhita, was it?”

    * * * * *

    Ledyba, Mienfoo – After quite some time training, Ledyba collapsed to the ground. Four of his six arms were sore from blocking the constant attacks. “I think that’s enough training, Kojofu,” he said gasping for air. “Chad is waiting for us now that Dwebble has a rock shell.”

    Mienfoo wasn’t really ready to go yet, but she figured she could use a break to learn more techniques to train. “Very well, Lediba,” she conceded. “It’s time to learn more before training anyway.” She walked over and lifted the Five Star Pokémon to his feet. “You’re quite resilient. I thank you for your assistance.” She picked Ledyba up. “Let us return.”

    * * * * *

    Chad, Torkoal, Dwebble, Shelley – Chad had begun returning Pokémon to their Pokeballs. Dwebble and Torkoal were left, aside from Ledyba and Mienfoo. Torkoal was spending some time with the other Torkoal who had joined them and helped Dwebble find his shell. “You can stay out Dwebble,” Chad said to the Pokémon. “I figure you need to get accustomed to having the shell on your back.”

    “Dweb!” Dwebble proudly agreed. It gave him the opportunity to show off his perfect shell. He began to walk a little, and it looked like a strut. He walked over to the two Torkoal to show them.

    “Now where are Ledyba and Mienfoo?” Chad looked off in the general direction of where Mienfoo went off a long time ago. “I’m going to see if I can find them. Can you both stay here please?” Torkoal and Dwebble weren’t really paying attention to him and continued their chat with Shelley.

    * * * * *

    Chad, Ledyba, Mienfoo – Chad walked a little ways away from where the two Torkoal and Dwebble were following the lake and being mindful not to interrupt the trainer and his Pokémon training nearby. He thought to himself that perhaps some time, he would take some of his Pokémon out to the park to train.

    It was around that point where Chad found the path that Mienfoo walked up previously. As he made his way over to the path, he found the two coming down the mountain. “Hey you two, let’s go!” he called out to them. Ledyba speedily flew over to Chad, while Mienfoo walked over slowly enough for Chad to have had recalled Ledyba to his Pokeball. “How was training?” Chad said to Mienfoo.

    Mienfoo bowed to Chad, thanking him for the chance to do some training. Chad looked stunned for a second and decided to bow back. “Kojo,” Mienfoo murmured.

    “Shall we?” Chad turned around and started to walk towards the lake again; Mienfoo followed. By the time they got back, Torkoal and Dwebble were all alone waiting by Chad’s backpack. A short while later, Dwebble remained with Chad. “Let’s go home.”

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    Shelley, Torkoal, Dwebble, Chad: After Shelley conveyed her teammate's story via her smoke, Torkoal told Shelley he was glad she found a home with Keith, and also expressed a hope that things worked out for him. Shelley smiled and nodded in response, partly to indicate that she hoped so as well, and partly to indicate that she was sure it would work out for him.

    Meanwhile, Chad had started to withdraw his Pokémon, though told Dwebble that he could stay out of his ball, the better to get accustomed to his new shell, which the Bug/Rock-type seemed to appreciate very much. He started walking around, almost as though strutting, to show off his shell to the pair of Torkoal. Shelley couldn't help but smile- not only did the shell really seem to suit Dwebble, but it also reminded Shelley that it was her doing what that got him such a fitting shell. Wanting to convey just how glad she was that Dwebble was happy with his rock, and just how glad she was that she was able to help make it happen, she started to expel White Smoke from her shell once more. Still a little tired from the elaborate attempt at storytelling she'd done with Torkoal, yes, but she was nevertheless able to find strength enough for this one. This time, the smoke what came out of her shell took the shape of dozens of miniature humanoid figures, every one of them seeming to clap their hands in enthusiastic applause. Although she couldn't of course make them actually replicate the sounds of applause, she hoped it got the point across nonetheless.

    Alas, not long afterwards, Chad returned with a Mienfoo in tow. Shelley found her new friends having to bid her farewell, at least for the time being. The Torkoal was a bit sad to see them go, though couldn't really complain too much, all things considered. Once they were gone, Shelley walked off in another direction, hoping to meet back up with her Trainer- once she had rested up a bit, she'd try and convey what just happened to him with her smoke. It had been a remarkable day.


    A delicious aroma wafted throughout much of the park, and it didn't take much searching to find the source- Keith Masters was setting up a picnic lunch for himself and also for, and with the help of, his Pokémon. A Swoobat was using Confusion to levitate a bunch of hamburger patties in midair, while a Weedle crawled around on the ground, inspecting each one, sniffing at them with her extraordinary nose, and occasionally unleashing Firestream attacks at carefully determined angles to cook them properly. Nearby, there stood a Torkoal, which a frying pan full of sizzling bacon resting on her shell. Curiously, the smoke wafting out of the Torkoal's shell seemed to be directing itself into the frying pan, as opposed to floating away in the air. Meanwhile, Keith was spreading out picnic blankets on the ground, while Meowth carried a stack of paper plates, while a Beedrill and a Dusknoir seemed to be having a sparring match in midair to pass the time until the food was ready. A shiny yellow stone was set into a band the Beedrill wore on his left stinger.

    "Mmmm," Keith sighed upon sniffing at the air. "Smells good, guys!" he called over to his Weedle, Swoobat, and Torkoal. "Mel, Peeves, lunch is almost ready," he added, addressing his Beedrill and Dusknoir respectively. "You may want to finish up your match- and no, Mel, I'm not Mega Evolving you for the sake of speeding things up."

    Melittin rolled his eyes, though this didn't surprise him. Of course Keith didn't want him to seriously injure Peeves, and if Mega Evolution came into the picture, that's just what could happen. He jealously eyed the Key Stone set into Keith's Mega Hat, but turned back to the Dusknoir, just in time to evade his Shadow Ball. At least he was getting in some sort of training, not to mention the delicious lunch which would so soon be his.
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    It was a beautiful day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like those... People start burning in hell. Wisp looked around the area of the park, managing to release himself from the grip his trainer set on him. He loved Austin to death, but the teen always held him too tight. Of course, he always was a clingy person, especially before the fire. Wisp then shook his head, and continued hopping forward. He forgot... That was right, he forgot. Every single thing, he forgot it all. He'll remember one day... Wisp knew he would. Or would he? It's hard playing the rash one. The one to pull Austin along to do something. He always was the one to take charge. The one that would have everyone do something. Why did that have to happen? It has been almost seven years, and this body still was unfamiliar.

    "Why did this have to happen...?" Wisp wondered in his mind. Speech was something he sorely missed. Well, English. He could still speak to Pokemon perfectly fine. What would happen? If Austin could hear his voice again? Who knows. Though something was always nagging the Litwick. Why was he the only one who remembered? Why was he cursed with all of this? IT WASN'T FAIR! But life wasn't fair...

    "Whisp! Why must you be so glum, nya?~" Dread.

    "It's nothing Pr-Prince. Just tired," the Litwick fibbed. He doesn't remember, Wisp knew it. He was exactly the same and still the most arrogant, but the Skitty didn't remember.

    "Then why where you struggling to get away from our trainer, nehh? A whalk doesn't sound like a good idea Whisp, nya~. I'd much preferrre the wharmth and attention!" The normal-type chastised the small candle before walking away, most likely to either sleep or play in the mud.

    At this moment in time, the Litwick started to float around the gardens. He saw the strange Bronzor that Austin adopted staring into a mirror. Wisp went near it, but quickly ran away as his mind was probed and assault with various feelings and the word SAVE. It was hard to pinpoint who the Bronzor was... Kai was the easiest when he joined. Acted completely the same. The poor boy always was in love with Austin, and he most likely always will be. This fate was torture... Maybe they can eventually reverse it one day, even if it is only temporary.

    "Will," he heard a soft spoken voice similar to his trainer's. He shifted his vision to see Twix floating next to him.

    "Hey, sorry for dumping everything on you..." The Litwick responded. He wasn't in the mood to talk

    "I-It's okay, I guess?" The Swirlix was still confused, he was always so readable. "But I'm starting to trust you're right."

    "Well... Let's not discuss it here. Just go spend time with them. Or make new friends... It'll be good to see whats await us here," Wisp told the Pokemon before floating down, looking for someone new to converse with.

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    A good chunk of the picnic lunch was long gone, especially since Keith had brought out some more of his Pokémon to enjoy it with. Now, while Keith was sitting down and playing chess with his Dusknoir, most of his other Pokémon started wandering around the Park.

    Hermione, Wisp, Twix: One of these Pokémon, a Weedle whose tail stinger had long since been permanently dyed black from all the times she'd dip it in ink for use as a makeshift pen, was crawling along the grass, thoughtfully munching on what remained of a small leaf she had found on the ground. As good a cook as she was, sometimes she couldn't resist just munching on the occasional leaf, if she could sniff out one to her liking.

    As Hermione made her way along the ground, she came across a Swirlix and a Litwick. "Hello," the Weedle greeted them both. "Who are you?" Though she spoke to the both of them, she seemed mildly intrigued by the presence of a Swirlix- it seemed as though Kalosian Pokémon really were starting to find their way to the Fizzytopia region.

    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
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    With permission from most of you, I am starting a new story line. Should someone want me to take it out though, feel free to PM/VM me. I'll gladly do it.

    The Sun was shining bright in the sky. Not a single cloud in the sky. The temperature was a pleasant 20 and Captain Jack Harkness was out strolling with his precious little Luther, a Joltick. Luther always loved walking in the sun. Or at least you could say so. Luther was not like any other Joltick. He was black in color with fantastic Red eyes. Due to severe radiation from the outer space, he also had his genes altered which rendered him with growth deficiency. But, Joltick did not mind it. It moved around sewing web.

    “There were are then Luther” The Captain said, pointing towards the park’s entrance. Luther loved playing in the park. It had been long time since Luther had been to one. He had spent most of his time, fighting alongside The Doctor and Captain Jack in the space war. Luther was overly excited as he quickly spun a web from over Captain Jack’s shoulder to the ground and started scurrying away downwards. Captain Jack had to be quick in stopping him. “Now, now, slow down buddy, we’re going in, but, you stay here, right on my shoulder.” Captain put him right back up and entered the park.

    The Park was beautiful although, it was empty and felt like it had been that way for a long time. “An abandoned park, eh Luther?” A few wrappers of various edible items were lying on the ground. The grass though was lushy and green as if it had been watered every day. “Hmm, this is new. Nobody visits a green park? Why is that?” The Doctor walked towards one of the many wrappers and picked it up. Captain Jack being very, very old had a fantastic sense of smell. “This doesn’t smell fresh either. People water the garden but don’t pick up waste? This is really getting weird.” The Doctor went towards a bench and sat down and he tied a tiny tracking device onto Luther. “Go on, mate. Play as much as you want.” Captain Jack started examining the wrapper that he had picked up. “Hmm, no sign of radiation, no blood, nothing, no fingerprints? Could this have come flying around from a close by dustbin?” Captain Jack was overly curious.

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    Keith, Meowth, Ariana, Severus, Aragog, Gold, Hermione: The Park was in a pretty odd state at the moment- the grass was lush and green, and yet strewn with litter. The former indicated some damn good maintenance, whereas the latter suggested the exact opposite. It was pretty weird, to say the least... not that this mattered any to Ariana, of course. The young Trubbish was wandering ahead of the group, happily picking up any piece of litter she could find and munching on it.

    Following behind Ariana, watching her with a smile, was her Trainer, Keith Masters. He was carrying a large cooler, and had a red and black checkered blanket slung over his shoulder. Meowth, as usual, sat atop the shoulder not currently bearing the blanket. Next to Keith, there walked a Feraligatr who was also carrying a cooler, and an Ariados who was carrying a large stack of paper plates. The other Pokémon included a slightly larger-than-average Weedle, and a Dustox flying above the whole group.

    "Alright, this looks like a good spot," Keith grinned, coming to a halt. He set up the blanket, and he and his Pokémon started making their preparations- they were gearing up for a picnic, from the looks of things. The Dustox was already removing several uncooked hamburgers from one of the coolers by using Psychic, and holding them in midair. In response to this, Hermione, the Weedle, blasted the burgers with Firestream in order to cook them. Occasionally she would give Severus directions, which prompted the Dustox to turn the burgers to meet her specifications.

    Man, dis is gonna be great," Meowth grinned. "And youse remembered ta pack dat container o' smoke ya got from Shelley, right?"

    "You bet," Keith grinned back. "I'll unpack it for Hermione when she's ready to get going on the bacon. It's a shame Shelley herself couldn't come, but who am I to interrupt her alone time with Vinny?"

    As Keith and Meowth continued to talk, and as Severus and Hermione continued to cook the burgers, the others did other things. The Feraligatr, named Gold, jumped into the nearby lake for a relaxing pre-lunch swim; the Ariados, named Aragog, scuttled around looking for something fun to do; and the Trubbish, named Ariana, was still munching on the litter.

    Ariana, Captain Jack, Luther: Ariana continued to chow on the various trashy appetizers she picked up off the ground, and she was enjoying it so much, she didn't notice where she was going. Not far away from where the others were setting up the picnic, she bumped into the leg of someone sitting on a bench. The shy Trubbish jumped back in alarm, looking up timidly at the man, who seemed engrossed in a piece of litter.

    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
    404 Error 2: File Not Found- Chapter 12 up now!
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    OOC: Oh right, before I begin I might as well give a heads-up to any fresh new faces that may arrive: I'll be RPing my trainer as being able to understand what my pokemon are saying. Call it a breeder's intuition, if you will. He won't be able to understand what yours will say although I'll probably have my pokemon translate for him if it's relevant
    And now, on with the show!

    Michael, Maribelle, Keith, Meowth, Severus, Hermione:

    "Michael please, do pick up the pace. You do understand the goal of this stroll, correct?"

    Maribelle pulled at the leash that she was currently wearing, causing her trainer to stumble forward a few steps. As he regained his balance, Michael rolled his eyes for what felt like the umpteenth time that day, but sped himself up nonetheless.
    He was out walking the Furfrou in the local park, trying to wear some of her energy out. He would let her off the leash to walk on her own - as she preferred - but he didn't trust the Furfrou off the leash. She wasn't disobedient - Maribelle had a reputation as a noblewoman to uphold, she prided herself on being above troublemaking scallywags. No, it was more the fact that everywhere she went she ended up attracting swarms of attention - and swarms of Pokemon. He was here to fight off all of her unwanted suitors.
    As they walked, Michael noticed something quite odd. He could have sworn the park was busy when he entered earlier - but now it seemed almost too quiet. Unless everyone decided to up and leave simultaneously. Still, he was glad he wouldn't have to fight off another rabid set of Pokemon who were enamoured with Maribelle. He shrugged off his concern, and continued onwards. As he got nearer to the park entrance, a faint aroma tickled at his tastebuds. It smelt... meaty, and delicious! The trainer was salivating now, much to Maribelle's disgust.

    "Ugh, why must you be so slovenly?" She barked, although she was also drooling at the scent. It was heavenly! She wanted it, whatever it was... she wanted it wanted it wanted it wan wan wan wan wan wan- Curses! Maribelle tried to fight her canine instinct, but the urge was too strong. The Furfrou bounded off in the direction of the scent, her tongue comically trailing out her mouth. Unluckily for Michael he was still holding the dog's leash, so the trainer ended up getting dragged along for the ride...
    As the pair got closer to the source of the smell, they realised that the park wasn't as empty as it seemed. Indeed, there were a few trainers still in attendance. Realising this, Maribelle skidded to a halt, almost causing Michael to crash into her. The Furfrou hurriedly recomposed herself, trying to look as diginifed as a dog could after running at high speeds after a treat. Michael chuckled, letting the canine off her leash.

    "Ok Maribelle, behave." He said, but he was already too late as Maribelle was already sauntering over to the trainer and his group of pokemon that were tending to a barbeque.

    "Darlings!" Maribelle called out, strutting up to the group. Michael followed her, trying not to be too embarrassed at her shamelessness.

    "Me and my trainer here were just in the area and we could not help but catch the scent of your delectable cooking! If it might not be too much to ask, may we join you and share in this culinary masterpiece?" She asked, batting her eyelashes and trying to hide her obvious drooling with an alluring smile.

    Green, Jack, Ariana, Luther:
    Meanwhile, in the nearby overgrowth, a Pansage was studying the trainer and his Furfrou quite thouroughly. He wasn't going to join the pair - he had more important work to do, like study the local Taillow migration. Even with the scent of cooking meat flowed over him, he was still focused intently on his research.
    That is, until an irregularity caught his eye beneath him.
    'Curious. How curious.' He thought to himself. The Pansage descended from the tree he was occupying, and walked up to Lucifer, so transfixed on the bug type that he wasn't aware of the Trubbish or trainer who were with it.

    "A Joltik, smaller than average, with a colour palette unlike one which has ever been seen before. Fascinating, how simply fascinating. I must study you." He said, looking at Lucifer from every angle as if investigating him.
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    Keith, Meowth, Severus, Fatale, Luna, Hermione, Michael, Maribelle: As the burgers continued to cool, Severus's Psychic began to waver. Thankfully, they'd planned for this- Meowth defly grabbed what appeared to be a cross between a small table and a grill, and placed it just underneath the burgers, just in time for Severus to stop Psychic altogether and allow them to fall onto the metal surface.

    "Thanks, Meowth," Severus said wearily. "Hey, do you think I could maybe get Keith to send Fatale out? The two of us could try to find something to do before the burgers are done."

    "Gaaah, I hope not, but youse can certainly try," Meowth shuddered. To put it mildly, he was still in the process of warming up to Keith's newest Pokémon. That was all Severus needed, however, and he took off towards Keith.

    Keith smirked knowingly as his Dustox approached. He hadn't seen that kind of look in Severus's eyes since before he got over his crush on Lily. "I'm gonna go ahead and guess you want a certain someone out here, Severus?" he asked with a wink.

    "T-t-tox..." Severus chuckled sheepishly, though he nodded all the same.

    Keith nodded back. "No problem," he replied, pulling out his Pokédex. "I gotta bring in another Pokémon with Confusion or Psychic to keep the burgers in midair anyway," he shrugged as he pressed buttons on his Pokédex. Two Poké Balls appeared by his side, one of them a Great Ball, the other a Space Ball. First, Keith threw the Space Ball, and a Swoobat materialized, already winging her way towards Hermione. In an instant, the burgers were back in midair courtesy of Luna's Confusion, allowing Hermione to cook them the way she liked to.

    Next came the Great Ball. Keith threw this one, and in a flash of light, his Shiny Beautifly emerged. Blue sparkles briefly swirled around Fatale, confirming her being a Shiny to anyone who might still be in doubt. Fatale glanced around warily, stopping only when she saw Severus approaching her.

    After that, Keith could see an energetic dog Pokémon bounding their way, off in the distance. Once she noticed there were people nearby, however, she hastened to regain her composure. Keith gave a small chuckle at this, having seen the canine's antics beforehand.

    As the dog approached, and Keith got a closer look, he could see that she was dragging her Trainer behind her as he clung to the leash for dear life. Once she'd regained her composure, however, the Trainer (who Keith seemed to vaguely recognize from a few years back... Michael, his name was, right?)relented and let the dog off the leash. As she approached, Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the newcomer.

    "Furfrou, the Poodle Pokémon," said the Pokédex. "In the Kalos region's history, Furfrou are said to have been the designated guards of the king. Its fluffy fur is often trimmed to give it a more elegant appearance and enhance the swiftness of its movements." Indeed, Keith noticed that the image of Furfrou his Pokédex displayed showed it with a fluffy, shaggy, unkempt coat of white fur, whereas this Furfrou looked very fancy indeed. Once she was close, she seemed to be asking something of them, looking as dignified as she possibly could while simultaneously clearly drooling over the smell of the burgers. Keith looked to Meowth for a translation.

    "Furfrou's sayin' she and her Trainer want in on da grub," said Meowth. "Though from da way she was draggin' her Trainer, I'm tinkin' dis was more her idea."

    Keith nodded. "Well, good thing we came prepared, then," he said, with a glance at one of the large coolers he'd brought. "Sure, you guys can join us," he added as the Furfrou's Trainer drew closer. "We got plenty of food, and the burgers shouldn't take very long before they're ready."

    As he spoke, Luna continued to use her Confusion. In addition to keeping the burgers suspended in midair, now she made a package of bacon float up and out of the cooler, as well as a large plastic container full of swirling White Smoke. The bacon was now suspended in midair alongside the burgers, and Hermione was using her Firestream to cook that as well. In addition, Luna had opened up the container, and was telekinetically forcing the Torkoal smoke to surround the bacon. The delicious smell of bacon soon joined the already alluring aroma of cooking burgers.

    Severus, Fatale: "You," Fatale said as Severus got closer. "You're the Dustox I fought back in the forest."

    "Yeah, that's me," Severus agreed. "My name's Severus- Keith told me your name is Fatale?"

    "Indeed it is," Fatale nodded. Then, she caught a whiff of the cooking burgers. "Mmmm," she murmured. "Why, it smells just like that forest fire a few years back. It was put out quickly enough, but ooooh, so many fatalities~" she said, seeming to relish the memory. "Oh, and the taste! You cannot imagine what fire does for the taste of a human's fluids! And the best part, they were too dead to put up any sort of a struggle~"

    "So, what, you drink their blood?" Severus asked.

    "Mostly," said Fatale. "There's more fluids than just blood, and I do enjoy them all. Blood's the best, though. Why, what do you eat?" she asked Severus.

    "Smaller bugs, mostly, plus whatever Keith gives me," said Severus. "What you're smelling is hamburgers. I'm not sure how you'd eat one, it's kind of a solid food-"

    "As long as there's fluid to be sucked out of it in some capacity, I'll manage," interrupted Fatale. "Now... did you want something?" she asked.

    "Y-yeah, actually," nodded Severus, starting to blush. "Well, the food's not gonna be ready for a little while, so... I was kinda wondering if, y'know, you and I could... maybe fly around together, explore the place?" he asked.

    Fatale did not reply right away. She eyed Severus curiously. Had the question come from anyone else, she was certain her answer would be a resounding no, as she was far from the most sociable of creatures, but... Severus intrigued her. She wanted to get to know him better. And, she reasoned, if he ended up being a jerk of some kind, she could always drain his fluids as a nice appetizer before those burgers were ready. "Very well," she finally said, the pair of Bug-types taking off, intent on exploring the park from high above.

    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
    404 Error 2: File Not Found- Chapter 12 up now!
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    Default Busy as a Combee Training part 1

    It had been some time since Chad was last in the area of the park. Last time he was here, he was here was way back when he was searching for a rock shell for his Dwebble to live in. But this month he found some down time, so he decided to take some of his Pokémon out to do some training. He actually remembered from his travels that had an open field, but not many people were around. It wasn’t too far from the park actually. As he walked over to the field, he planned what he was going to do with his Pokémon for training.

    Once he got to his training spot he took six Pokeballs out and tossed them softly in the air. Starly and Rufflet immediately flew in the air circling each other playfully. “Ok you two, just get some practice using your attacks while flying. Spar a little but nothing too forceful.”

    He turned his attention to the others. “Today we’re going to do some practicing. Froakie and Swinub, you’re up first,” Chad requested. The two Pokémon scampered away from Chad putting some distance between each other. “Froakie, start things off with Bubble. Then use Quick Attack. Swinub, use Icicle Spear, followed by Powder Snow.” Each Pokémon nodded at Chad’s respective commands. “Begin!”

    Froakie started first shooting some bubbles towards Swinub. The Pig Pokémon hoped to counter that by shooting some icicles as sharp as spears towards Froakie. The added bonus of this choice was that Swinub was able to aim some of them at the bubbles and most of them popped. Swinub was pelted with the remaining few bubbles. A couple spears also managed to fly towards Froakie. Watching the Icicle Spear, Froakie began charging quickly towards Swinub, thus missing the spears. As he sped towards Swinub, he began to prepare another attack. Swinub took this opportunity exhale some snow at Froakie. The powdery snow blanketed put up a small barrier between Swinub and Froakie. The Bubble Frog Pokémon was already moving too quickly to avoid the snow mist, so he was chilled by the snow. While Froakie escaped becoming a frozen frog, he did feel the cold in his bones.

    “Nice job you two. Swinub, excellent work with that Icicle Spear to weaken the Bubbles! Now Swinub, use Rock Tomb then Headbutt. Froakie use Water Pulse followed by Rock Smash.”

    Up in the air, Rufflet and Starly soared above the trees, so they weren’t in the way of the others’ training. Rufflet went first and whipped up a Whirlwind. The air around them quickened, and it drew them in to it. Starly tried quickly flapping his wings to fire off some blades of air. The Air Cutter sliced through the air towards the Whirlwind. When the Air Cutter collided with the Whirlwind, the twister dissipated.

    Starly’s wings began to glow a deep purple, and he flapped them towards Rufflet. The Ominous Wind he created raced towards Rufflet, whose wings glowed orange and waves of fire radiated away from the Eaglet Pokémon. The Heat Waves mixed with the Ominous Wind and created a small explosion. The force of this caused both birds to lose some altitude, so the attacking paused to allow both Pokémon to get higher in the air.

    Froakie stumbled back from one of Swinub’s Headbutt attacks. He was starting to feel a little frustrated because a lot of his attacks weren’t hitting Swinub, especially his Water attacks. He got to his feet and charged at Swinub using his Quick Attack that he hadn’t been able to hit Swinub with that much. Swinub launched an Icicle Spear at Froakie. Froakie was able to dodge each spear individually, and he struck Swinub flipping him over. Froakie felt proud of himself.

    “Ok you two take a short break. Swinub, come here for a moment,” Chad called out. Swinub stepped over. “When we begin again, I want you to Mimic Froakie’s next attack and then use it.”

    “Swin!” Swinub acknowledged.

    “Good take a breather.”

    After a few moments, the training resumed. “Let’s start up again!” Froakie and Swinub faced each other again. “Now this time around, I already gave Swinub some orders, Froakie. You’ll get to choose any of your attacks this round.” Both Pokémon nodded.

    Swinub watched Froakie intently, waiting patiently. Froakie watched Swinub too, and he began to wonder why Swinub wasn’t attacking. After a few more seconds, Froakie’s impatience got the better of him. He launched himself at Swinub, speeding towards the Pig Pokémon using his Quick Attack. Swinub briefly glowed white, and he speeded towards Froakie. This attack surprised Froakie, who’d never seen Swinub use Quick Attack before; and he became somewhat off balance. Swinub continued his attack and slammed into Froakie, and he fell on his back.

    Froakie stood up, becoming angry now, for being so surprised. He felt himself get warmer like the sun was heating him up. The heat caused the air around him to bend. Froakie got even warmer now, and he felt like the water inside him was starting to boil. Chad watched Froakie, and he started to get concerned.

    “Froakie, are you ok?” Chad called out. The Bubble Frog Pokémon growled an answer to Chad. Chad decided to end things just to be safe. “That’s all for now you two. Come back here and relax.” The air around Froakie was still bending. Chad pat both Pokémon, congratulating both for doing so well. “Froakie you’re burning up! Are you sick?” Froakie nodded that he wasn’t sick.

    Meanwhile, up in the air, Starly glowed a deep royal blue, and he whipped up a Twister that blew towards Rufflet. The Eaglet Pokémon forcefully flapped his wings causing one large blade of air to fly towards the Twister. The Air Slash tore through the Twister causing it to break up.

    “Now Combee and Kricketot let’s begin,” Chad announced. The two Bug-types faced each other. “Combee, start off with Gust and follow that up with Sweet Scent. Kricketot, use Growl them Bide.”

    Combee began to flap her wings hoping to cause some strong gusts to strike Kricketot, but he immediately let out a strong growl. The growling caused Combee to lose some nerve, and the Gust attack ended before it could do any damage to Kricketot.

    Kricketot took a defensive stance ready to take any attack Combee dished out, and he Bided his time to strike. Combee took the chance to allow her attacks to become more effective. She wafted some sweet air towards the Cricket Pokémon. The pinkish air flew past Kricketot; although he did get a chance to smell it, and he enjoyed it.

    “Um, that wasn’t supposed to happen,” Chad remarked confused. Suddenly he heard some rustling in the trees. From the woods around them, some large seeds hopped into view; three brown, and a dozen pink. They were Pokémon. “What have we here?” Chad scanned the seeds:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokedex
    Exeggcute, the Egg Pokémon. Exeggcute are often mistaken for eggs. When disturbed, they quickly gather and attack in swarms. Even though it appears to be eggs of some sort, it was discovered to be a life-form more like plant seeds.

    Seedot, the Acorn Pokémon. Seedot attaches itself to a tree branch using the top of its head. It sucks moisture from the tree while hanging off the branch. The more water it drinks, the glossier this Pokémon’s body becomes. When it finishes eating, its body becomes so heavy that it drops to the ground with a thump.
    “Seedot and Exeggcute, eh?”

    The two Grass-types approached Chad and his Bugs, seemingly appearing to be in a trance. All at once, the three Seedot and two Exeggcute launched a barrage of seeds at Chad and his Pokémon. Kricketot was still standing defensively waiting to unleash Bide, but Chad and Combee got out of the way. Some of the Bullet Seeds struck Kricketot, who just absorbed the attacks.

    Swinub and Froakie joined Chad and Combee, ready to attack. Chad could still feel Froakie’s warmth nearby. “Is everyone all right?” he asked concerned for his Pokémon. He noticed Kricketot was still standing in the same spot, but now he was glowing. “That’s right, Bide takes a little time to be used. Froakie use Icy Wind. Swinub use Powder Snow.

    Both Pokémon stepped in front of Chad preparing to use their respective attacks. Before they could do anything, though, Seedot and Exeggcute both fired Bullet Seeds once again. All of the seeds peppered Swinub and Froakie causing some heavy damage. They both fall back in pain. “Oh no! Swinub, Froakie! Are you all right?” Chad knelt by his Pokémon.

    “Tot!” Kricketot yelped.

    “Unleash your Bide, Kricketot!” Kricketot released the energy he’d been storing at the Grass Pokémon. One of the Seedot took the blast head-on and fainted.

    The Exeggcutes’ eyes began to glow a light blue, and waves of energy emanated from them towards Kricketot. Combee rushed over and shielded Kricketot taking the full extent of the Egg Pokémon’s Hypnosis attacks. She fell to the ground out cold. Chad ran over and picked her up. He looked up in the sky for any sign of Rufflet and Starly, but they were nowhere to be seen.

    Chad recalled Combee into her Pokeball, and he held out Swinub’s and Froakie’s Pokeballs to return them. Froakie jumped up avoiding the recall beam and fired a stream of water unlike anything Chad had ever seen Froakie do. The water also bent the air like Froakie was doing at one point. There was also steam wafting off the jet of water as well. “What the…” Chad uttered. His Pokedex beeped, but he didn’t notice. The water struck one of the Exeggcute sending the six collective eggs floating on the water back towards the forest. The water must have been super-hot, because the Exeggcute looked like it was suffering from a burn.

    Kricketot faced the remaining Exeggcute and the other two Seedot. Once again, they shot a volley of Bullet Seeds at the Cricket Pokémon. “Dodge that Kricketot!” Chad shouted. Kricketot studied the seeds as they flew through the air. He jumped and twirled and spun in the air and avoided taking much damage at all.

    Once again they tried pelting Kricketot with their Bullet Seed attacks, but this time, the Seedot jumped in the air beforehand rushing towards Kricketot. ‘He’s going to need to defend against all three of them!’ Chad thought to himself. “Kricketot, use Struggle Bug!” he called out. Kricketot’s body glowed red, and the aura seemed to guard against the seeds. It was expanded in all directions striking the Seedot and Exeggcute. One of the Seedot broke through and body checked Kricketot. The other Seedot and the Exeggcute staggered to get upright.

    “Kricketot, use Bug Bite while Seedot is so close to you!” Kricketot’s mouth seemed to sprout little fangs that were covered in lime green colored energy, and he sunk them into the Seedot’s foot. The Acorn Pokémon howled in pain. Kricketot pushed Seedot back to join its friends on the ground.

    “Get ready to wrap this up bud,” Chad called out. “Use Struggle Bug!” Once again, Kricketot’s body glowed red, and he pushed the aura towards the Grass Pokémon, striking all three of them for heavy damage. Only one Seedot got back to its feet.

    The Seedot began to focus some of its energy into a green ball of power. It fired the Energy Ball at Kricketot, who took his defensive stance just before the blast connected, beginning to Bide his time to strike. “Good idea Kricketot!” Chad encouraged. “Send it right back!” Kricketot unleashed the energy at Seedot. While there wasn’t much this time compared to last time, there was still a large blast that struck Seedot. Both Pokémon slumped.

    “Kricketot, are you ok? Can you keep going?”

    Suddenly both Pokémon began to glow. Seedot’s body got taller. Arms grew out of its new torso. Its feet got bigger. A pointy nose grew out of its face, and finally a large leaf sprouted on top of its head.

    Kricketot’s body also grew and became a little thinner. His antennae also got longer and bent like a letter “V.” Arms grew out of his torso, and they too bent like his antennae. He sprouted wings, and it looked to Chad like a mustache unrolled on his face.

    The glowing on both Pokémon stopped. “Did both of them just evolve at the same time?” Chad asked surprised. He took out his Pokedex:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokedex
    Kricketune, the Cricket Pokémon. Kricketune signals its emotions with its melodies. Scientists are studying these melodic patterns. By allowing its cry to resonate in the hollow of its belly, it produces a captivating sound.

    Nuzleaf, the Wily Pokémon. Nuzleaf live in densely overgrown forests. They occasionally venture out of the forest to startle people. This Pokémon dislikes having its long nose pinched.
    “Oh wow! Congratulations Kricketune!” Chad exclaimed after reviewing his Pokedex. He noticed his screen had more information.

    “Upon evolution, Kricketune has learned Natural Gift, Power-Up Punch, and Silver Wind,” Chad’s Pokedex informed him. “Also, Froakie has learned Scald.”

    “That explains why Froakie was burning up,” Chad observed. “Let’s finish this up, Kricketune! Use Power-Up Punch!” Kricketune rushed towards Nuzleaf with one of its arms glowing orange. Nuzleaf studied Kricketune and bent over swinging of its legs around trying to sweep Kricketune off his feet. Kricketune hopped in the air avoiding the Leg Sweep and punched the Wily Pokémon on his chest.

    “Use Bug Bite on Nuzleaf’s nose!” Chad called out. In response to that, Nuzleaf shook its head fast launching some leaves at Kricketune. The Razor Leaf, while not very effective, pushed Kricketune back giving some distance between the two Pokémon.

    Nuzleaf began to stir up the wind with the leaf on its head. Chad recognized what was happening, “Use Silver Wind!” Eventually a blast of air shot out towards Kricketune. Kricketune raised his arms and began to furiously flap his wings producing a silvery gust of air. The Razor Wind gained speed as it got closer to the Cricket Pokémon. Before it could even strike Kricketune, the silvery scales blown by the Silver Wind tore up the Razor Wind and blasted Nuzleaf. The Wily Pokémon was knocked off his feet and out cold.

    “Great job Kricketune!” Chad ran over to his Pokémon and hugged him. Froakie approached as well, and he wasn’t burning up anymore. “Great job as well Froakie,” Chad held out his fist to fist bump Froakie. Finally from up above, Chad noticed Starly and Rufflet descending to the ground. “Funny you two should show up about now.” The two birds looked at each other quizzically. “I’ve heard of this phenomenon before. I believe we just encountered a Horde of Pokémon.”

    Chad looked at Kricketune. “You did a great job battling, Kricketune.” Chad recalled Froakie and his birds. “Let’s go home and rest. I think we had more success than we intended.”

    OOC: Just because I have no idea where I’d put these links into my story, I’ll add them here. Plus I’ll be confirming them in the Training Center, so I don’t have such a large post to reference. Froakie learned Scald. Upon evolution, Kricketune learned Power-Up Punch (1 of 4 remaining), as well as Natural Gift and Silver Wind from the TM sale last year.


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    Severus, Fatale: High above the park, the Dustox and the Shiny Beautifly could be seen soaring side by side, the latter occasionally shooting curious glances at the former. Thus far, though, Fatale couldn't say that Severus was a jerk. He... just seemed happy flying alongside her.

    "This is a lovely view, isn't it?" Severus asked Fatale, looking down at the landscape before them- the Park was a truly breathtaking sight in and of itself, true enough, but even moreso when seen from above.

    Fatale did not answer right away. Severus wasn't wrong, it was a lovely view, yes, but she had questions for Severus, and she was in the mood to get answers. "Severus," the Shiny Beautifly said. "Why are you so eager to spend time with me?"

    "Well, because you seem nice, and I'd like to get to know you," replied the Dustox.

    "...Well, I'm not," Fatale replied bluntly, looking down. "I'm not nice. I look nice, to lull my enemies into a false sense of security, making it easier for me to strike. But you saw the real me, back in Cadaver Forest. I'm vicious and bloodthirsty. I've tried to kill you once or twice when we first met, and I'm not completely convinced I shouldn't make another attempt, even taking into account how nice you're being to me."

    Severus considered these words for a moment. "Yeah, well, don't you think I've thought about that?" he asked her. "I... a small part of me fears for my life right now, Fatale, but... I dunno, I... When I look at you, I just get this feeling, and it's a nice feeling, and all your talk of sucking blood, and murder... it doesn't diminish the feeling any, y'know? I mean... nothing you've said or done to me is any kind of a deal breaker. In fact, I... I kinda like all that about you," he added, blushing somewhat.

    "...You like it," Fatale repeated flatly. "You like hanging around someone who could easily murder you in an instant."

    "It sounds weird as all hell, but... well, yeah," confirmed Severus. "I... I think it means that if... well, y'know, if we were to get together... I think it means the relationship we'd have would be anything but dull. And it's not just me- I mean, if you ever meet our Trainer's girlfriend, I think you and her might get along pretty well."

    "...You are an interesting one, Severus," Fatale remarked. "I think I find myself slightly less inclined to kill you."

    "So..." the Dustox said, hope evident in his voice. "Do you think that maybe we-"

    "I am willing to give it a try," the Shiny Beautifly replied. "I... must admit, I find you quite attractive yourself. Now, that being said, I wish to be clear about this- if you are toying with me, messing with my emotions, I will end your life, and I will enjoy it. Do we understand each other?"

    "Completely," Severus replied, smiling at Fatale. Fatale couldn't help but notice the complete lack of fear with which Severus said this. Either he was exceptionally good at masking his emotions... or maybe, just maybe, he found nothing to fear from Fatale's threat because he wasn't toying with her. Either way, Fatale continued to look into Severus's eyes, though now not so much to try and work out the truth, so much as to enjoy what she was seeing.

    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
    404 Error 2: File Not Found- Chapter 12 up now!
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