This is a Primer for a competitive Bant Control deck. Bant Control takes advantage of the powerful cards made available in both Azorius and Selesnya colors, giving the deck access to sweepers, removal, counterspells, and brutal finishers. It is one of the more powerful decks in the current meta. It became good in the metagame due to its' resiliency to the aggro decks like zombies and mono-red. Cards like Thragtusk and Centuar Healer help our game so much from the traditional U/W Control lists. Now let's look at some sample decklists.

Being competitive, it doesn't take into account budget or card restrictions. It suggests the best options of cards available.

Please offer opinions/feedback and post your own decklists along with with how testing has been going. I will update the initial post with your feedback, and can list your deck under the sample decklists if you want.

Here is a list of card options available to us followed by the decklist I am currently testing:

Card Options:

    Spoiler:- Planeswalkers::

    Spoiler:- Creatures::

Instants and Sorceries:
    Spoiler:- Instants and Sorceries::

Artifacts and Enchantments:
    Spoiler:- Artifacts and Enchantments::

Utility Lands:
    Spoiler:- Utility Lands::

Sample Decklists:
    Spoiler:- My Decklist:

Coming Soon:
-Jund Midrange
-Red/Rakdos Deck Wins
-Naya Midrange
-America Control