This has been my go-to deck for a while now. I've been tweaking and changing it ever-so slightly since RtR was released. It started as a Midrange deck, utilizing Loxodon Smiters, Armada Wurms, a Trostani, no Walkers, and more creatures overall. But as I changed it and tweaked it to what worked, I found that the Midrange aspect of the deck wasn't as favorable as the Control ability. So I added the Angel of Serenity, then the Sphinx's Revelation, then the Jaces, and the Tamiyos, and finally I realized that I was playing a Control deck and went all-in.

My sideboard is still very much a work in progress, and changes depending on what I'm expecting for tournaments and my competition. Memory Adept was a new addition that was an all star at last night's Standard Tournament for a Commander's Arsenal set. I didn't win, but I gained a LOT of experience from those four rounds.

    Spoiler:- Bant Control: