Hey I'm new to the Forums I made an account to share my work and would like input and criticism on this piece. I am putting this up as a "tester" and would like to know what you think of the piece and if I should continue.

Before you read there are a few things you need to know.

First, this is an alternate Pokemon universe although similar to the one we all know and love.

The protagonist is Red however the other characters, trainers from GSC/RSE/DPP/BW/2 also have extensive rolls and I will often switch between characters.

Red never speaks (Gives commands to his Pokemon through slight hand signals) although the other trainers do.

The story begins in the Unova region and takes place just after black and white 2 (considering each Pokemon game is in chronological order) Although the events that took place in each game vary to what has happened in this universe.

Red has only visited Kanto (of course), Johto and now Unova.

I am still in the process of coming up with ideas (Reds team, plot lines etc) and am eager for suggestions.

I think that's all you need to know for now, I'd like to keep some things a mystery.

(btw my friend code for BW2 is 3568 9438 0628)

And here we go.


Red left the museum, musing on what the old gym teacher had told him. Pikachu drifted in his shadow, fur standing and dropping like waves across his skin as energy surged through its body. They’d been together for a long time, and Red had gone along way in sharing his feelings with the Pokemon. Suddenly a strange force filled the air. A slight move of fingers had Pikachu sending electricity from its body. A slight cry went off as the bolt hit its target. Red twirled quickly and through a ball towards the mystery Pokemon. The sphere opened up, white light emanating from inside. Quickly it began to envelop the target, yet the Pokemon was quicker. As it darted through the sky, the ball popped into a shower of shinning dust and vanished.
“That Pokemon seems to be the legendary Pokemon Uxie”
Red looked down at the Poke-Dex,
“Uxie is the Pokemon praised for giving knowledge to your race”
Red looked up into the evening sky. In his encounters, meeting legendary Pokemon was not a coincidence. His intuition made him glad he hadn’t caught the Pokemon.
Red glanced at Pikachu, sliding his hands through the mousses fur.
“Oh, here’s something.”
The Dex growled from Reds hand.
“It seems Uxie was last spotted in the Sinnoh region. A criminal organization is reported to have tried to use her power as well as her two counterparts. Needless to say, a young trainer much like you thwarted their plans”
Red began to walk down the road, Pikachu following behind.
“Now, what really makes this interesting is that the trainer has already recorded this Pokemon. The Poke-Dex is one of mine”
A surge of excitement shot through Reds body.
“At the moment this trainer resides in the Hoenn region, I expect that’s where we will be going. Red it is a long way, you can not fly there”
Pikachu gave a start and followed after Red as he began to run towards the sun set.


And there you have it albeit not full of action or adventure, just a quick taste of what I am hopping to continue into something grand.

So, any thoughts? any constructive criticism? Did it have you hoping for more? Any suggestions? Please let me know and thank you for reading.