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Thread: Platinum - breeding help?

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    Exclamation Platinum - breeding help?

    Hi there!

    After around 5-6 attempts, I've given up and decided to come here for help.
    I've been trying to breed a female Growlithe with a male Espeon, in hopes of getting a Growlithe with the 'Morning Sun' move.

    My Espeon already has Morning Sun.

    Growlithe - Level 2; female.
    Espeon - Level 71; male.

    Maybe it's because of Growlithe's level? Maybe it's the wrong game? I don't know, but I hope you guys do. I'll reply to anything tomorrow. It's 1AM here, and I did no homework.. hehe.

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    I just checked Bulbapedia and Morning Sun is listed as an egg move in HG/SS and Gen 5, but not Platinum.

    Those minor differences in movesets can be annoying. :/

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