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Thread: Evil Zoroark Game [A Mafia Variation]

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    Default Evil Zoroark Game [A Mafia Variation]


    Quote Originally Posted by Mafia Overview (edited)
    The basic idea of Mafia is that out of all the people playing, there's a small group of betrayers trying to bring everyone else down. The betrayers are the Mafia, called the Evil Zoroark in this game. Everyone else is in the Town, known as Shedinja in this game.
    The Shedinja's goal is to get rid of all the Evil Zoroark. They do this by taking a majority vote each game Day for who they want to get rid of. The Evil Zoroark's goal is to outlast all of the Shedinja until they control the majority vote, at which time there's nothing the Shedinja can do to stop the Evil Zoroark from completely taking over. They can do this by avoiding being voted out and killing players at during the Night phases following each game Day. The crowd that starts the game gets whittled down until eventually only Shedinja or Evil Zoroark remain in the game.
    So strategically, the game comes down to Shedinja finding and voting out the Evil Zoroark as often as possible. The Evil Zoroark tries to avoid getting voted out and kill off the players who threaten them at Night.


    Game Timeline
    • Day phases will last 72 hours (although this might be changed depending on activity levels).
    • Night phases will last 48 hours.

    Honesty and Cheating
    • In all interactions with the GM (that's me), you must be honest.
    • Do not contact any player in or outside of the game about the game.
    • Do nothing that would be considered cheating.
    • Do not quote your role PM or any other PM from the GM.
    • Do not use text that blends in with the background (thus making it hard-to-see or hidden).

    • If a player does not post at least once per Phase, he/she will be notified by PM. If this happens again, he/she will be replaced or Modkilled.
    • If you are going to be absent for a specific period of time, please let me know ahead of time!

    Votes and Lynching
    • Every Day Phase, every player may vote for any other player that they want lynched.
    • Votes can be changed as many times as you wish until a majority is reached. At that point, the votes are locked into place.
    • All votes must be bolded or otherwise obvious to the GM. If I have to guess if it is a vote or not, it won't be counted and you won't be notified. Check the current vote count if you aren't sure if it has been counted.
    • You may vote for a No Lynch. If a majority of No Lynches are received, the Day will end with no lynch.
    • If there is no majority vote by Deadline, there will be no lynch.
    • Once you are dead, you may not post in the thread. Period.

    • Harassment of an individual player is NOT permitted. While this is a competitive game, no personal attacks will be tolerated.
    • Always play to your win condition.
    • Do not discuss this game anywhere else with anyone else unless your role allows you to.

    • The GM will provide a QuickTopic thread for the dead players to discuss the game.
    • Do not edit your post unless it is to make a minor correction, such as a typo. Do not delete any posts.
    • If you are not a living player in this game, you may not post in this thread (while a game is running).

    Standard Roles
    In the game, there will always be at least one basic Shedinja and one basic Zoroark. These players will not have any special individual abilities.

    The Zoroark have three factional abilities that the Shedinja do not have:
    1) During each Night phase, the Zoroark can choose one Shedinja to kill.
    2) At any point during the game, the Zoroark can request to have an anonymous message posted on the game thread.
    3) The Zoroark may talk privately amongst themselves, but only during Night phases.

    Possible Roles
    In this game, some Zoroark players and some Shedinja players will get special roles that will give them some extra power to help obtain their goal. The amount of these roles and which ones are in the game will NOT be known ahead of time.

    Zoroark Leader: This player will turn up as "Not Zoroark" when a Detective Shedinja investigates him/her.
    Zoroark Role Detective: This player will be able to determine the role of one Shedinja each Night.
    Zoroark Roleblocker: This player will be able to prevent one other player from using their ability each Night.

    Shedinja Detective: This player will be able to determine the alignment (Zoroark/Not Zoroark) of one other player each Night.
    Shedinja Roleblocker: This player will be able to prevent one other player from using their ability each Night.
    Shedinja Doctor: This player will be able to protect one other person from the Zoroark's kill each night.
    Shedinja Telepathic Users: These players (two or three) will be able to talk privately to each other. They know that the others are Shedinja.
    Innocent Shedinja: At any point during the game, this player can request to have the GM reveal this player's alignment.

    Living Players

    1) ansem the wise
    2) Apollo77
    3) Armando Payne
    4) MegaSerperior
    5) unconscious charizard

    Bold = Confirmed

    Dead Players
    1) Crimson Penguin Telepathy User Killed Night 0.
    2) zhanton Shedinja RoleBlocker Killed Night 2.
    3) CameronSt Telepathy User Modkilled.
    4) The Eleventh Shedinja Killed Night 3.
    5) Hermosa Caldera Shedinja Killed Night 4.

    Past Winners
    None, yet.
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