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Wasn't that something about her being close to her dream of conquering the league? That wasn't a lie, because simply entering the league brought her close to her dream of conquering it.. and what did you expect it to say? "Here's Bianca, she loses a lot and pretty much sucks as a battler, but she's competing with her Emboar anyway, even though she'll ultimately lose early on!".

Come on guys, use your brains, of course they're going to make ALL the trainers sound good. They'd be terrible advertisers if they put a downer on things.

You mean the summary that said Ash was going to use Pokémon other than Pikachu because he'd relied on it too much, then in the episode he specifically stated that he wasn't going to use Pikachu because he'd relied on it too much?

You're right, it lied -.-
Ya and what ended up happening?? he got spam used. It lied -_-.

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So any predictions on his possible sixth Pokemon? It better not be another Riolu lol.
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