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Thread: Contestshipping (May x Drew) Discussion Thread

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    Default Contestshipping (May x Drew) Discussion Thread


    Hello all, and welcome to the Contestshipping thread~! Contestshipping is the possibility of a romantic relationship between May and Drew. Feel free to post any fanfics, fanart, or AMVs (If fanart then please credit the original artist if you can. ^&^), talk about their dynamic as a pairing, discuss some of their hints, and talk to other people who love this pairing as well~

    1. Let's not bash other pairings that rival this one. I mean, don't go around saying stuff like "Advanceshipping sucks and all the people who like it are clueless". That's offensive to the people who ship it and I'd like to avoid seeing those comments. Let's keep it classy and non-argumentive people. ^&^ Likewise, please do not post in the thread if you are just going to bash Contestshipping and Contestshippers. That defeats the purpose of posting in this thread. That will earn you a warning, and I'd like to avoid giving anyone warnings.

    2. Please do not post one-liners. I'm not asking for like a huge post but a few sentences would be nice. ^&^

    3. If you post fanart then please credit the original artist, ok?

    4. Do not just post an AMV, fanfiction, or fanart in one post. If possible, please reply to one of the other posts and post a fanart, fanfiction, or AMV there.

    5. Enjoy posting here! :3

        Spoiler:- Members of our Contestshipping family :3:

        Spoiler:- People on the banned list:

        Spoiler:- Banners:

        Spoiler:- Videos:

        Spoiler:- Fanfiction:

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