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I said earlier that Drew's power trip ends about mid-way through this episode. This is the moment when his opinion of her begins to change. He's surprised by her appeal performance, and he stops jerkishly belittling her and bragging about his own talents after that. He starts to take her more seriously. Sure, he still teases her, but it's changed; you might notice that the nature of his teasing, after this point, shifts from being destructive to constructive. The insults he flings at her in AG035 and the first half of AG037 are meant to tear her down; the insults after come more in the form of advice hidden under a layer of criticism. Constructive criticism, that is.
Yes, the condescending tone does seem to disappear. When she's performing, you see him snicker at her falling (which is so totally mean), but when she shows that she's actually good at this, it's obvious, just from his facial expression, that his opinion of her changes. You're right - he goes from completely flaunting his own talent, to giving her criticism about what she's doing. However, I wouldn't say it completely shifts. Drew has no problem in the Wynaut ep, among other earlier episodes, showing off his ribbons and stroking his own ego at May's expense.

I also want to talk about May through this (because she's the other half of this ship and we shouldn't ignore her XD), even though she's not as secretive as Drew. Like Ash, her emotions and thoughts are pretty clear throughout her entire run - she doesn't have a problem making them clear to the audience or anyone else.

I find it endearing that even after Drew's been nothing but a jerk to her, and she's gotten pretty angry at him over it, May is still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt - she is complimentary of his performance in Slateport (even when Ash is being bitter!) and she is willing to accept Drew's first rose as a peace offering (if not something romantic -> she does blush about it for a split second before he screwed it up...but it might just be a flattered blush...). I really like how the writers are so consistent with this character flaw of hers, taking it to a new level when Harley takes complete advantage of it. But even so, May is willing to befriend Drew and may have even showed to be receptive to something more with him from the get go.
But, of course, Drew has to cover it up by saying the rose is for Beautifly, sending this ship on a long journey to get back to this status that we only really see again slightly in the Wynaut ep, and then in Kanto. After this, May is pretty apprehensive when Drew appears, expecting him to be a jerk, which is funny - his slight change in tone goes almost unnoticed by May for a long while.