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Ok some good replies in this thread....because this is my house and I've gotten a lot of hate on other forums.
I have no idea who you are, but it looks like to me you are searching for someone to justify your wealth, justify that is okay that you are wealthy. Now I am not condoning this guy saying you should get the death penalty, but when your reply is that the electric chair would be lined with diamonds? Come on kiddo.

Like many other people, I do not dislike wealthy people. What I do dislike is the type of opportunities they are afforded simply because money brings influence and power. Because mommy and daddy are person A or person B, instant ticket to Princeton, instant six figure job etc etc etc.
What I further dislike is the amount of attention given to wealthy people by media outlets like TMZ, E! and the Bravo Channel. Let's have a bunch of rich white women get together on a show and complain about how the silverware doesn't match the napkin art for their dog's baptism after-party. I don't care what people say ultimately their goal is to have money,whether that be filthy rich, have enough to live comfortably or to just make sure the lights stay on. Money creates power, influence and notoriety and the more you have of it, the more of those you have.