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If you have any ideas for the site in the meantime, let me know. This update will be amended throughout the day with the Dream Park Dream World Island later tonight and even more!
With the release of Black 2 & White 2, the Chatroom has been rife with discussion of the possibilities that are to come while the WiFi Chatroom has been a place for people to hunt down the new Dream World Pokémon for trade and to battle other trainers so be sure to visit them. Our Forums have also had these discussion and are a bustling trade and competitive section for the games. Be sure to like our FaceBook Page.
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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - Dream Park
For those of you with Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 or White 2, the new Dream World area, Dream Park, is now available for access in the Global Links. This special area is accessible to all users regardless of progress and can be accessed more easily if you put Normal-type Pokémon to sleep. We're currently adding all the Pokémon and items we find to the Dream Park page so keep checking back. We'll also update the Pokédex and Available Hidden Ability page with the Pokémon found within this area. A new set of Dream World Furniture has also been released with this new expansion. Click the image to go to our Dream Park page which will continually be updated

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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - Dream Park
For those of you with Japanese Black 2& White 2 games, a new Pokédex skin has been announced. This skin is based upon Bianca and features a floral pattern. This pattern hasn't been given any date as of yet but whenwe have it, it'll be posted on the site

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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - Global Link Panpour
For those of you with the Japanese Black 2 & White 2 games, the final of the special ape promotion passwords have been revealed. Coming from the Pokémon Fan magazine, this promotion gives Panpour, the Water-type Pokémon. It has its special Hidden Ability of Torrent and the special move of Hydro Pump. This Pokémon is obtained with the password: げきりゅうハイドロポンプ. It runs until January 31st so be sure to get it

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth - Password
In anticipation of the release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth on Friday, another new password has been revealed by the magazine Pokémon Fan. This password unlocks a special item, the Ghost Gift, an item that makes Ghost-type Pokémon far more likely to join you. This password is 8TSMFYP6 and can be entered through the password menu at any time.
Edit @ 10:14; Another password has been revealed from the magazine Dengeki Kids. This password unlocks the Dragon Gift, which works the same as the above but for Dragon-type Pokémon. This password is: P5HK562S.
Edit @ 10;21; And another has been revealed in CoroCoro Ichiban. This one unlocks the Rock Gift, which works the same as the others but for Rock-type Pokémon. This password is K7969XMB and another which unlocks the item Zinc: WS2M275T. Click the picture to go to the password page

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Pokémon Best Wishes Season 2 - Episode Titles
The Japanese magazine Pokémon has revealed a episode title for two upcoming episodes. These episodes continue the Unova League and have Ash face off against his rivals
Episode 767: Sawk Enters! Ash VS Stephan!
Episode 768: Ash VS Kotetsu! The Hydreigon Secret Weapon!!

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