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Thread: Caynay's First Nuzlocke Challenge

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    Smile Caynay's First Nuzlocke Challenge

    Hello everyone! I'm Caynay and this is my first ever nuzlocke challenge!
    What's special about this one is that it's a randomizer challenge also. Meaning that all the pokemon in the wild are random.
    All the familiar nuzlocke rules apply. They are as follows:uzlocke Challenge
    Probably the most popular challenge around, the Nuzlocke Challenge can be an intense playthrough that may even send you through an emotional roller coaster! The common phrase associated with the Nuzlocke Challenge is "Grind like ****" for a reason!
    1. If your Pokémon faints, it is considered "dead"! This means you must either release the Pokémon or permanently box it if it faints. No exceptions! You may not use any revival items to bring them back, or reset your game. So be careful!
    2. You can only capture/obtain the first Pokémon you encounter in a route/town. That first Pokémon you find is your only chance-- if you fail to catch it (for whatever reason), there are no do-overs. That's all you get for that route or town, so move on over to the next one!
    Bodies of water count as the route/town they reside in. So if you fish a Magikarp in some water on route 204, and it was your first encounter there, you don't get anything else in all of route 204, including the grass.
    In-game trades and gift Pokémon also count as the route/town they are in, if you choose to allow them.
    It's your decision whether or not you want to count any encounters that happen before you get your first Poké balls.
    It also up to you how you want to handle the Safari Zone.
    3. You can only trade with other games for the sole-purpose of Trade Evolutions, such as Machoke to Machamp. In other words, you can only use Pokémon you legitimately catch/obtain within the game.
    4. You must nickname every Pokémon you catch! This will increase your bond with them and give deaths a bigger impact.
    You may also choose to implement the following optional clauses, but only at the beginning of your challenge. You may not change your mind about them half way through. State clearly at the very beginning if you intend to include these!
    1. Dupes Clause: If your first encounter on a route is a Pokémon you have already caught (or is part of the same evolutionary family of something you've already caught), that encounter won't count. You will be able to keep encountering Pokémon on that route until you find one you don't have (or you can choose to only have a limited amount of "do-overs," instead of infinite, to make it more fair). Once you do find one you don't have, that counts as your first encounter and is your only chance. This clause encourages variety in your challenge and is recommended to keep things fresh.
    2. Shiny Clause: If you encounter a Shiny Pokémon, whether it's your first encounter on the route or not, you are permitted to catch it. You can choose to replace the actual first encounter you did have on that route if you want to use it on your team, or simply trade it to another game if you don't.

    I will be updating the forum after every gym to post my progress. If you have any suggestions for gameplay such as nicknames fell free to post a reply with it.
        Spoiler:- My Team:

    Dead Pokemon
    Loudred (Ol' Yeller) Lv.3
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    Hey, this looks great! What version is it? Also, I did a nuzlocke on heart gold,no don't want to talk about the tragic death.Anyway, good luck!

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    Shutting - We've got an entire section devoted to this:

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