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Thread: How Much Are My Pokemon Comics Worth?

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    Default How Much Are My Pokemon Comics Worth?

    I've had a little collection of Pokemon comics for over 10 years and I would like to know how much cash they are worth, they are all the original prints and they are all mint/near mint condition. Not planning on selling them yet though, maybe in 10/20 years. Asking this on Serebii Forums because I don't know anywhere else to ask. Anyways here is what I have:

    - Pokemon Adventures ~Mysterious Mew~
    - Pokemon Adventures ~Wanted Pikachu~
    - Pokemon Adventures ~Starmie Suprise~
    - Pokemon Adventures ~The Snorlax Stop~
    - Pokemon Adventures ~ The Ghastly Ghosts~

    -Pokemon Adventures Part 2 ~Team Rocket Returns~

    -The Electric Tale of Pikachu - 1

    -Surf's Up Pikachu - 1
    -Surf's Up Pikachu - 2
    - Surf's Up Pikachu - 3

    - Pikachu Shocks Back - 2
    - Pikachu Shocks Back - 3 (x2)
    - Pikachu Shocks Back - 4
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    depends, if there's a dedicated collector looking for the pieces you owe and he want's to end his search asap im guessing you could ask 50pounds a piece BUT some might offer 5 a piece, it's all about talking to the right person at the right time for example: Someone rich enough, who has searched a long time and just wants to end would pay a lot more then: someone of an average income, hasn't been searching as long an enjoys his search, so maybe 5-50 pounds a piece for some DEPENDING on the buyer ofcourse, I would say asking 50 pounds for the pieces wouldn't sell and it might take years for it to sell even after 10-20years but it's more likely to sell if you focus on the average living conditions and income in England.

    My advice: when you want to sell them try to do some research and then try to see how much your pieces from other sellers are going for and udnercut them by 0.5 or 0.9 or 1 pound really, that way you would kill off a good amount of the sellers people go nuts if they see a cheaper deal, OR you could ask for 35 pounds and slowly lower the price IF they bid less like"im offering 30" then you say "no 32." etc if you start at 25 it would be -> 20 -> "no 22" you see? just do some research & you will figure it out.

    Btw: im not much of an expert in Pokemon Manga but im pretty good in economics.
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    I'm sorry to have to tell you this Darren, but my judgement is that your mangas are probably not worth much

    All of them are magazine editions, which means that one would have to collect 18 magazines to get all the VIZ magazine editions of Pokémon
    and 15 magazines to get all the VIZ magazine editions of The Electric Tale of Pikachu.
    The good news is their good condition, but I don't know how much that effects their value. However, they will be worth more as time passes and the availability on the market decreases. The Electric Tale of Pikachu magazines are worth more than the Pokémon Adventures magazines, but still not much. However in 10-20 years if in the same condition and if there aren't many other copies on the market they could be worth something.

    Then there's the problem that the VIZ 1st editions of Pokémon Adventures were flipped from the original Japanese right to left reading format to the western left to right reading format. It might sound neat and practic, but it impacts the artwork negatively and most manga fans prefer mangas in the original right to left reading format (and I only had to read one volume before I got used to it, so it's quite easy to get into).
    I've also heard that the VIZ 1st edition has the worst of the three English translations available (the two other being VIZ 2nd edition and Chuang Yi).
    And then I think that most people would just buy a brand new volume from the store / a well known shopping site and get more chapters with better translations and the original reading format.

    The Electric Tale of Pikachu is also flipped, but it doesn't matter since all English editions of EToP are unfortunately flipped.
    What does matter is that the last five chapters of EToP were only available in the volume edition of volume 4 and chapter 2 and 3 switched places, so the order of the chapters is reversed causing a continuity error. The magazine editions are also more common than the volume editions.
    The only thing that could bring up the value is if they are signed by Toshihiro Ono or one or several of the voice actors of the original Pokémon anime (they used to sign issues at conventions and probably also other promotions, if I remember correctly). But I've seen those go pretty cheap on eBay (and then one of the voice actors who signed some of those issues - Maddie Blaustein, most known for the original voice of Meowth - is dead, so one would think they'd be worth more).

    To check the current prizes go to eBay, Amazon and (the last one will compare prizes from different used book websites).

    If you ever decide to sell it, make an announcement at That place is full of hardcore Pokémon merchendise collectors.
    If you would sell them a good idea would be to sell them in a bulk to make it more attractive towards the potential costumers.

    I think that the customers you could get if you were to sell the magazines are:
    1. Those who are inexperienced with the mangas and don't know much about the pros and cons of the different editions.
    2. Dedicated manga collectors who want every edition.
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