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    Finally! After a 2 years wait the Unova League begins!!! I cannot be anymore excited

    *I love how excited is Ash, he'll always be my favorite character.
    *The interactions were amazing, Bianca's tumbled down Ash on a fountain, love her silliness, Kotetsu is typical dumb Kotetsu, Stephan is fiery, Trip changed its attitude, Virgil arrived in style. haha Virgil and Trip don't hang out with Ash & co.
    *The gym flashbacks were so cool, a retrospective of Unova quest. the night scene reminds me of Indigo League :')
    *The rival battles / preliminary rounds were well done, all of the rivals had their moments. of course we're left with a cliffhanger..

    One of the greatest episodes ever, well it's the start of the event of the year. 10/10
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