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    Default Custom Banners

    I am doing banners, only banners, no animated stuff I'm afraid.
    Some banners are from my joint dA (deviantArt) account. Contact Ayame if in doubt that I own those banners.
    Read the rules first~
    Midnight Bird Banners
    (Runned By xXTwilight )
    1.) Follow all the rules of Serebii Forum, this is a must.
    2.) When you are requesting, please be patient for your request as it may take awhile to get your request done or there may be any outside events that I must attend to.
    3.) Please do not post when the shop is closed, you may earn a strike for that action.
    4.) Please do not spam up the thread asking when is my request is done as I may have other things I have to do so be considerate.
    5.)If you need a change in your banner, please, please pm me...I will ask when I display the finished product, but for the info, please pm me them.
    6.)Post the correct format and be specific as it will make everything easier.
    7.)Not following the rules to the extreme will be a penalty as a strike, possibly banned.
    8.) Please give credit. Its only fair.
    9.) To make it fair, wait for at least a day before making a new request after your request has been made after I have posted, for example, if i finish a banner at 10:03 pm, one day from that would be 10:03 pm the next day.
    10.) Please do not pm me and ask me why I didn't accept your request or understand it, I will state why I have denied it, but if it isn't fair, I do apoligize.
    11.) When posting a request please post the correct form or your request will be declined and skipped. However I will be reminding you, only once though.
    12.) I will be taking five requests at a time, if my waiting order is full, please wait. I may take more if I have the time.
    13.) Any art piece/s that I have made is not credited will earn you a ban.
    14)Please clearly specify what sort of banner you would like or any details.
    15)Please, be POLITE and CONSIDERATE.

    The request go for the following:
    You can only order two banners at the time. No more, no less.

    1st: strike banned for a week from requesting.
    2nd: banned for two weeks from requesting.
    3rd: banned for three weeks from requesting.
    4th: Permanantly banned from this thread and requesting.

    *Waiting List*
    Banner Form:
    I would like a banner from Midnight Bird Banners please:
    Image/s (Please supply the image/s):
    Background (Again, please supply the images):
    Pokemon (Optional):
    Text Style:
    Text Placing:
    Text Color/s:
    What sort of banner do you have in mind:
    Any other details:

    Strikes/Banned List:

        Spoiler:- Banners:

    Thanks for bothering to read this!
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        Spoiler:- Credit:

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