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Thread: So, what is this? - The Media/Entertainment Identification Thread

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    Default So, what is this? - The Media/Entertainment Identification Thread

    The Media/Entertainment Identification Thread

    - Do you have have a Book, Comic, DVD, or CD in another language, that you can't seem to identify?
    - Do you have an old Comic or Book that's lost it's cover, so that you're not sure what it is?
    - Do you have a cool Screen-shot, Poster, or other Picture, and want to know what Game, Show, Comic, Etc, that it came from?
    - Are you an expert in Music, Comics, Shows, Ect, and want to share you knowledge?

    If any of the above apply, then you've come to the right place. Here you can post descriptions and pictures, to try and get help identifying media items from other members, and hopeful help others in return. Try to give as much detail as possible when writing descriptions rather then posting pictures.

    - Do not direct link images over 500 kb
    - Be polite and respect each other.
    - Don't make me make more rules.

    For example I recently got this CD in a grab box:

    (There's not really that much showing, but since there are kids on this forum. . .)

    I read a little Japanese, however I don't know many Kanji yet, but I guessed maybe it was a anime soundtrack.
    - Today, I determined it's a soundtrack for; Ai Yori Aoshi (Bluer then Indigo), but since this thread is about helping out more people than just me, it's still seems like a reasonable example, because someone else would have recognized it a lot faster.
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