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Thread: Power Rangers

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1rkhachatryan View Post
    I hope power rangers evens it out a little lol. They can make Cyan a girl.

    Also 14 rangers?? Holy ****.
    Lucky only 10 were active at a time and female Cyan only appeared in the last final episodes of Kyoryuger when male Cyan and Gray picked their replacements and we already have a toy listing for a motorcycle toy for Aqua Ranger for dino charge (Pink used the motorcycle the most and she doesn't get the toy lol) which means it's most likely male at the beginning.

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    Here's some clear images of Shurikenjin. I had to put the link for Shurikenjin because the image was WAY too big to fit.

        Spoiler:- Shurikenjin:
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    Yes that is a Female Dino Charge Red. It's a FanFic thing
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