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Thread: Pokemon move database without NFE (WIP)

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    Default Pokemon move database without NFE (WIP)

    I tend to look up moves a lot but I've always been kind of annoyed by NFEs and such. So I tried coming up with a move database that doesn't include those. Here's what I've got so far.

    Some features of it:
    • Filters out lousy NFEs (Not fully evolved) (but keeps useful ones like Scyther, Porgyon2, etc.)
    • Displays moves learnt only in previous generations (Seismic Toss Blissey, Double Edge Aerodactyl)
    • Includes a "tier" for moves based on how good they are. Common moves are OU, less common are BL, even less common are UU, etc. I came up with tier on my own, so its not an exact science, but I have a general idea of competitive battling, so I tend to think they're fairly accurate.
    • Displays event exclusive moves(Tickle Wobbuffet, Wish Chansey, Special Rend Darkrai etc.)
    • Displays moves that can only be learned by a previous evolution in the most evolved form, and shows which form the move is learned in (Spore Breloom, Nasty Plot Infernape, etc.)
    • Animated attack pictures are from bulbapedia. I'm working on making my own to replace them later.

    I've partially completed Pokemon, and I'm working on abilities but I still have a ways to go. Let me know your comments/ suggestions, thanks.
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