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    haha, I had to do the Wizard of Oz reference because it's emerald city, what else could I say? XD anyway, yeah, I'll PM you when 6 goes up and for the record...16 pages on word for this one XD made me feel good
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    Chapter 6:
    Trial and Error

    As Liz and N finished the berry and apple breakfast, N inquired when she wanted Reshiram to help her begin learning to fly. Liz replied by telling him she was ready to go in whenever Reshiram was and admits she knows it won't be an overnight process. After all, she was sixteen and couldn't do it all her life thus far. So she figured even with the Majestic White Dragon's help, this was not going to be a walk in the park. N tells her that he knows of a place around his old orphanage that was like an old storage house and it was about maybe six or seven feet tall and made of steel.

    Liz figured such a place wouldn't be too bad to practice off of especially if she's going to be crashing a lot like at home. Hopefully it won't last long but she knows when she's able to finally fly, it will all be worth it. She also knew she had to have patients with herself to because the last thing she wanted to do was quit. After all, the former Plasma Leader and a legendary pokemon of all things agreed to help her out. Though now she still wondered...why? Why would he agree to help her?

    Then she started to it possible N was having feelings for her? She then shrugged it off for a second thinking they only just can it be possible? She then looked at herself and her wings and thought that they could be the reason because it isn't every day you see a half angel. Though she was one that can't least not yet. Liz never denied she was a pretty girl but...was that the reason he wanted to help?

    Odd as it was...she realized maybe she was also feeling something for him to but wasn't totally sure. People had crushes on her a lot back home but they we're completely open about it and Liz always told them they simply weren't her type. Plus with her masking emotions, she wasn't ready to open to anyone that probably wouldn't care. She was able to open up to N however...perhaps because of how different he is. He's not self-indulgent, not headstrong and he's got a genuine innocence to him.

    She figures if he is feeling something...he's probably not sure how to approach it or where to begin. As she pondered all these thoughts, she looked to N and told him she agreed to go with him to this place. N nodded and they packed a few Oran berries and apples for the road by picking them off the trees. Of course, the Rainbow Tree still reminded untouched because she still was going to consider herself unworthy until the day she can master her own gifts. They then bided Raikou, Shaymin and Meloetta goodbye for now, all got on Reshiram's back and headed to the shed. Liz looked back as they left the Gem Meadows and can still see the ground glisten in the sunlight.

    As they flew back into Topaz Town, N catches sight of the old storage house which looks out of place compared to the rest of the gold/yellow town. It was white, silver and rusted, with a flat roof, yet it was indeed study. N has Reshiram land on top of it and as Liz jumps off, she is now ready to go. Before she can start though, N wanted all her pokemon to watch because he's sure they can offer her some encouragement. Liz nodded and pulled the 3 red and white balls from her pocket then fired them into the air allowing Snivy, Minccino and Brownie come out. Minccino, being shiny, was a pink and furry Chinchilla-like pokemon with a big ears, black eyes and green inside the ears. It also had a tail that might remind one of a feather duster with a pointed white tip on the top, a cute smile and tiny black nose.

    Then Brownie was a small pigeon-sized bird that, also being shiny, was brown and white in color and was a creature called a Starly. She had yellow claws and a yellow beak along with black eyes with 3 circles on her face. Because she’s a female, the circle near her bear is filled in with more brown then the male. N‘s impression of her team is that she doesn’t seek power, but rather, she likes what she likes and she seems to prefer female pokemon to males. To him, she seemed to like the element of surprise because that seemed to fit her personality. After Liz introduced them to N, Zoroark and Reshiram, which they we’re awe as Liz was upon seeing Reshiram the first time, she was ready to go.

    It was also pretty obvious N didn't want her jumping from any place too high so she can get a softer landing which is why he picked this place. As Liz takes a deep breath, N gets on Reshiram so he can translate what Reshiram says to her. Reshiram’s first order of business, as translated by N, was to see exactly she can do. She spreads her wings and attempts to glide with the winds by jumping off. Unfortunately, like many times before, she starts losing control and flaps her wings hard trying to regain it. This fails utterly as she crashes into a tree and gets caught on branch. In doing so, it sends a flock of shiny Pidove, another small bird pokemon that has pink claws, grey and blue wings with a heart shaped white chest, orange eyes with black in the center and a pink “nose” with a blue beak, flying off.

    Liz watched as they flew off and then felt a rush of embarrassment run through her. Though it wasn’t because this time she was out-flown by a bunch of Pidove, though that didn’t exactly help her embarrassment. It was mainly the fact she couldn’t believe N, her pokemon and even Reshiram saw that utter failure. She worked herself off the branch she crashed into and climbed down slowly being a bit shaken from the crash. Once she got on the ground, she turned expecting someone to laugh at her, but nobody does. This made her feel a little better because that meant they at least cared enough to not laugh at her failure, but rather try to help her truly find improvement.

    Over the next few days, Reshiram attempted to teach Liz how to glide properly as a start to flying. She was getting just a little better each time by gliding a little easier but time and again was crashing ether on the ground or into that same tree. It was getting her a bit flustered at times but she had to remind herself how badly she wanted it. As she continued her efforts, both the Majestic White Dragon and N have noticed a pattern when she has these crashes: she flaps her wings really hard when she starts losing control. It appeared to be a quirk she simply couldn’t get over and it was part of the flying issue. This was a real problem because it does nothing to help her gain any control in flight.

    N looked at her and said, "Liz, Reshiram and I have really watched you closely over these last few days and we notice a real problem that even I can pick up on."

    Liz looked back him thinking, O boy...what is he gonna tell me...?, then asked, "What kind of problem exactly? The fact I'm still crashing?"

    N shook his head, "Not exactly...but it does see...when you start losing flap your wings too hard...have you ever noticed that?"

    Liz hadn't thought about before but maybe he was right. When she starts losing control mid-flight, it’s almost automatic. Her wings start flapping hard trying to regain the control, though the end result is always the same. A crash into the ground, a bruise on her knee, a crash into the tree, and scare off whatever small bird lives in it. She considered herself lucky it was just all these minor scraps, bruises and she hadn't run into a tree full of Spearow yet.

    Spearow are another small bird pokemon, and their shiny forms have orange wings and yellow feathers. They also have an orange beak, orange feet and tough looking black eyes. Unlike Pidgey, Pidove and Starly, they're an unforgiving little bird that will attack you if you upset them. Their relentless as well, they'll go after the person until they knock them out or they get knocked out themselves. Needless to say their very head strong and Liz wouldn't be surprised if she saw her friend Dread had caught one with him being headstrong and all.

    In spite of all this, she admitted to N maybe he was right but wasn't sure what to do about it.

    N looked at her and said, "Well, seems all you can do is work though it...remember, the journey has only begun for have a long way to go"

    Liz nodded in response and looked to her pokemon that gave her nothing but a smile.

    "But...I predict one day you will fly when you need it most..."

    "You really...think so?" Liz asked with uncertainty in her voice.

    N nodded and said, "Yes I'm certain...I don't know when or how but I am certain..."

    This made Liz smile a bit because he was seriously encouraging her. She then looked to see the reflection of the setting sun on the old orphanage where N once lived, and a couple days ago, asked someone in town if the orphanage was still in use. The person told her it wasn't and it was closed down apparently a year after N left. The story was that it was set ablaze by a strange pokemon though there was no physical damage to the building and none of the kids inside had burn marks.

    There is one part deep in the Crystal Woods that was said to be home to a Chandelure that operates in the night and a shiny one of course with an unusual ability at that. A shiny Chandelure looks like it has a crystal-like head with a yellow/orange flame rising out of it. It also has six black arms attached to a small black sphere in the center of its round crystal face and the 2 middle and back ones also produce a flame of the same color. Though it is a fire and ghost type, these Pokemon, this particular one, was very dark in nature.

    It was said to be abandoned by its trainer more than 20 years ago. This hardened his heart and caused him resort to take as many souls as possible. So one night he wandered out of the Crystal Woods and came upon the orphanage. Upon entering, it sensed the many souls that we're in the building so it used its fire to make the building seem on fire though it didn't physically burn it. However, it was enough to draw the kids and staff to it and its strange ability, Shadow Tag, prevented them from escaping and it absorbed all their souls. He did so by consuming them with that same special fire that brought them to them.

    When the authorities came, they we're confused that everyone was passed out in the same spot but none had burn marks or anything. Then they heard a strange sound and got out. It is rumored that the Chandelure still haunts the orphanage to this day and it is also rumored that the souls he absorbed have become Litwicks, which is the base stage for a Chandelure. A shiny Litwick is basically a walking/floating white candle with a blue flame and a green solid visible eye and tiny arms. These Litwick referred to the Chandelure as their master and are said to be roaming the hallways of the orphanage.

    This is why the sign was faded and there we're no lights was abandoned out of fear of the Chandelure. As Liz continued to glance up at it, she figured it was lucky N never returned to the orphanage till now. N was their when the story was told and expressed that he would try to speak to that Chandelure if he could but admitted it was a dangerous task. As it was getting late, everyone agreed it was time to leave so they left for the Pokemon Center on Reshiram. Once they got inside they got a room for the night with two separate beds, a table, a small drawer in the inbetween the beds and a lamp that sat on the drawer that was a simple wooden one with a shade. It also had a small closet, bathroom and a door you can send trays from the cafeteria on a conveyer belt along with a simple alarm clock.

    After Liz puts her things down, she decides to inquire when N wants to go into the orphanage.

    "So N, are you really planning to deal with this Pokemon at the Orphanage?" she asked.

    "Well...that Chandelure will be tough to deal with...I'm not sure you’re ready to help me deal with it in case something goes wrong..." N said to her.

    "But N, I don't want you going in alone...I mean, you’re the only one from the orphanage who's soul he didn't take..."

    "Yes I know...but your friends aren't strong enough to help right now..."

    "Look N..." she said as took a step toward him, "There's strength in numbers...and I want to help you out because that's what friends do for each other."

    "I understand but..." N said as he trailed off a bit.

    Liz was a bit surprised by the sudden trail off of words as it's not N's normal matter of talking.

    "But what...?" She asked

    "I just...I don't want your soul getting captured ether..." he said softly as he looked down.

    The step that she took forward, she found herself taking back. Perhaps her suspicions about him having a crush on her we're true after all. Still though, she didn't want to lose him without knowing if this was true or not. So she had a compromise planned out in her head. First she only had one badge to her name and this was the town of badge two. Second, she knew she had to run back into Seline and Dread sometime soon. When she did, she knew Dread wouldn't like N but maybe she can convince him to help them in this place. Third, she felt this was the only way she felt N would agree to her helping him.

    "I know N...that's why...I have a compromise in mind."

    N looked at her, "A compromise...?"

    She nodded and said, "Yes, and here's how it is, I win my second badge first, locate my two friends that I started my journey with, then we can all help you out."

    "These friends of yours...will they even accept me?"

    "Well my friend Seline might...but my other friend's tough to say with him...he's head strong and unpredictable sometimes."

    "Well..." N started, "Alright then...I accept those terms since you’re so bent on helping me in the same matter I'm helping you." he said as he crossed his arms.

    As Liz cracked a small smile and told him thank you, he then thought I was a fool to think she'd let me actually let me go alone...

    He then looked at her and said, "So badge number's electric type's all the Pikachu evolution line is what I heard."

    That really put a small smile on Liz's face, she loved Pikachu which was the entire reason she picked Crystal as a starter. It really would be cool for her to see an entire gym dedicated to them. Though N did warn her that the Pikachu he has as his main but not his strongest has the Lightningrod ability. Now it finally occurred to her as she read about this, that up till now, Pokemon we're thought to only have certain abilities. However, within a certain place in Unova, it is said that Pokemon appear there with special abilities. These special abilities are ether called Dream World or even Hidden Abilities.

    A Pikachu from the Dream World was said to have the ability of Lightningrod. This allowed it to draw electric attacks to them, absorb them and make their special attacks, such as Thunderbolt, even stronger. Liz knew, however, that meant that his Pikachu didn't have Static which is the ability normal Pikachu have. Static is an ability that can paralyze a pokemon that makes direct contact to its owner. It has a 30% chance of working but when it does work, the effects can be devastating because a paralyzed Pokemon simply can't attack sometimes.

    As Liz considered this, she also considered that the other two pokemon did have Static so she knew she had to be extra careful. Still, knowing it was the Pikachu evolution line meant that she was really looking forward to badge number two. After eating dinner, which was more Oran Berries and a can of beef stew sense the cafeteria was closed for the night, she went to bed. The nightmare was still there waiting for her even though she knew how to chase it away now. It was exactly the same as the night N had Meloetta sing "Shaymin's Meadow Song" to her.

    When it came to the part where she was falling from the attacks, Liz suddenly sprang up this time in some shock and looked at a nearby clock.

    "2:30 AM..." she said softly, "I got to get back to sleep..."

    Liz laid back down and started singing the song softly to herself.

    Deep in the meadow
    Under a willow
    A bed of grass
    A soft green pillow

    Lay down your head
    And close your sleepy eyes
    Then when you wake
    The sun will surely rise...

    Needless to say, she fell asleep in the middle of it but it was enough to help her stay asleep for the night. The next morning, she woke up well rested and looked to see N wasn't in his bed. She figured out N was a early riser and he probably went to go get breakfast, some fresh air, or both. She took this time to get herself ready for the day by brushing her hair, her teeth, freshening up and anything else she needed to do before going out. As she finished getting ready, she heard a knock and N's voice asking if he can come in.

    "Yeah come in N" she called.

    N opens the door and walks in with a tray of waffles, apples and Oran Berries with a glass of milk and a few plastic sealed cups of syrup. Liz turns and is genuinely surprised when he says it was for her and he already had his breakfast when he work up. She thanked him and said he didn't have to do that.

    "I know but...I wanted to. Just my way of saying thanks for accepting me as a friend..."

    Liz nodded and took the tray from him and began to eat after setting it on a table in the room. She saw N brought a few extra Oran Berries and apples so she gave them to her Pokemon to eat, as she had been letting them stay out for the past few days. Still though, N bringing her breakfast was a shock and was now she was almost convinced he did have a major crush on her. As she poured one small thing of syrup onto her waffle and began to cut and eat it, N was wondering himself why he was so kind to her. And the feeling he had inside, he wasn't sure what it was because he never felt that way for another human.

    He asked Reshiram about what he was feeling and Reshiram told him it may very well be a crush. N knew a lot of things but love with humans wasn't one of them so he inquired about what a crush was. Reshiram explained that it was basically a form of a attraction that a guy ether had for a girl or vice-versa. She also explained it occurs when the person finds another incredibly attractive in some way, shape or form. N admitted that he though Liz was a beautiful girl, had a kind spirit about her in spite of her past and was kind enough toward him.

    He also admitted that the wings is what first intrigued him about her. The Majestic White Dragon told him it did indeed sound like a crush and told him to be careful because she not return his feelings. He pondered on these thoughts as he watched her continue to eat. He wondered if it really was a crush or something more. He also wondered if she returned those feelings or not.

    After 30 minutes of eating and finishing her breakfast, Liz cleaned up and put the tray in a door inside the room. As she watched it roll down the conveyer belt, she looked back at N and thanked him again for the breakfast. N gave her a simple "your welcome" and she closed the door. They then walked out of the room after Liz recalled her other three Pokemon to their balls and they headed for the gym after walking out of the center. The Topaz Gym wasn't far from the center, in fact it was only a few buildings down. As she and N entered the yellow/gold building with the topaz gems on it, they looked around on the inside to see a flat wooden battle field that might remind one of a soccer or a plain basketball field.

    The Gym Leader, named Voltage steps out. He was as bright looking as the rest of the town with spiky gold/yellow hair that might make one think of a lion main on his head. He was also fair skinned with yellow eyes covered by sunglasses, and striped tattoos on his arms and one on his chest. He also wore bright yellow pants and a brown vest with a wide a smile and no under shirt. He was clearly very laid back and he walked out with his shiny male Pikachu at his side. His Pikachu's tail came to a sharp lightning point unlike Crystal's who resembled a heart.

    He looked to Liz and the first thing he noticed was Crystal.

    " you have a Pikachu as well...welcome to the Topaz Gym" he said in a friendly voice.

    Liz nodded at him and said, "Yep, she was my starter pokemon, her name is Crystal...and I'm Liz Azzimagica, I'm here to challenge you for my second badge."

    "Aw no need to be so formal with me...but alright Liz, you got it...I'm happy to accept your challenge. So is three on three alright with you?"

    Liz nodded as she wanted to face all 3 of his Pokemon anyway.

    "Alright then..." Voltage started, "You’re allowed to substitute Pokemon and I am not...", then he thinks Though my signature move will be an acceptation to that rule...let's see how she handles it.

    Liz nodded and agreed to his terms and even started to notice that it seems all gym leaders had to follow the no substitute rule. It made sense to her because it was a challenge for both the trainer and gym leader to make special circumstance decisions. As Liz looks to Voltage, he readies his first Pokeball and throws it. Out of the flash of light it produces as it opens is a Pichu, Pikachu's pre-evolved form.

    A shiny Pichu looked a lot like a normal Pikachu in terms of color. It had bright yellow fur with red cheeks, solid black/brown eyes and a tiny black tail that resembled part of a lightning bolt at the beginning tip. It also had small arms and round feet and little black spikes around its neck pointing downward. On top of this, it's ears we're a rounded triangle shape with black outlining the front was all black in the back and also had a small triangle tip downward while the rest was filled in with yellow. As Liz looked at it, she smiled and thought that Snivy can handle it but then considered she should save her for Raichu.

    With that in mind, she grabbed Minccino's ball and sent her out. The Pink Chinchilla came out in a flash of light and was ready to go. Though She had mostly physical attacks, upon checking her moves, she did have the move "swift" which doesn't have much power but it never misses the target. Also most Pichu didn't have a high defense or special defense to begin with so it's possible it may do a fair amount of damage. Needless to say, Liz was hoping for a quick victory over Pichu but was it going to be as easy as she thinks?

    As Liz is offered the first move, N has taken a seat with his Zoroark to see how she handles this battle.

    "Alright, Minccino, let's start with Swift!" Liz called.

    Minccino complied and jumped firing yellow stars from her tail at Pichu. Voltage knew the attack wouldn't miss so he decided to unveil his secret weapon.

    "Pichu, Volt Switch!" he called.

    V-Volt switch?! Liz thought.

    Pichu charged electricity in its hands in the form of a "ball" and fired it at Minccino. As both moves hit, Pichu gets returned in a flash of light to his ball and is now replaced with his Pikachu. Liz is confused as to what just happened and Voltage is cracking a smile.

    "Confused?" he asked.

    "A little...I thought you weren't allowed to switch pokemon..."

    "Under normal circumstances...yes, I wouldn't be allowed to switch at all..." he said with a small smile, "Though with Volt Switch...I'm allowed to attack then switch out automatically to a Pokemon of my choosing...impressed?"

    As Liz listened to the description...she suddenly realized she had heard of the move before. It was a technical machine, or TM for short, that electric pokemon could learn. Like she was given the disk to teach Rock Tomb in Amber City, this Gym Leader probably gave out Volt Switch as his TM. TMs are disks that contain different moves for different specific Pokemon and in the past, they would break after a single use. Now their unbreakable so one TM for a certain move is all you need now.

    As she considered this, she shook off her initial shock as Voltage suddenly called for Volt Tackle. His Pikachu glowed and is cloaked in yellow electricity as he charged straight at Minccino. Liz's initial reaction was to dodge but then she remembered the Pink Chinchilla's ability and was gonna take a chance with it kicking in. With that in mind, she decides to counter the attack.

    "Pound, let's go!" Liz called.

    Minccino jumps high into the air and tries to hit Pikachu head on with her tail. She gets overpowered however and is pushed back and hits the floor and struggles back up. Liz considered switching her out as she stands back up and took a lot of damage. She would switch her out, except for she notices two things: first, Pikachu got major recoil damage for which he closed his eyes for while standing on all fours. Second when he reopened them, pink hearts appeared to replace his eyes. Liz cracked a smile as the Cute Charm worked as she had hoped.

    Like Static, this ability required physical contact and it made the opposing pokemon, if they're of opposite gender, feel infatuated to the ability owner. Also like static, it had a 30% to work so Liz felt quite lucky that it worked at all. N was impressed seeing that that she took a full on attack knowing the possible side effects it could have. It not only stopped Pikachu from attacking for now, it could also stop Volt Switch for the moment. Voltage couldn't believe he fell right into that and tried calling for Volt Switch but Pikachu wouldn't budge. He was now desperately "in love" with the Pink Chinchilla and this was Liz's chance to strike.

    "Doubleslap, let's go!" Liz called.

    Minccino jumped high and slapped Pikachu in the face with her tail 4 times knocking him down but not out. Voltage called for another Volt Switch but as Pikachu got up, he was still "in love" with her so he didn't attack again. Liz knew she end it now so she called for another Pound. Like before, the Pink Chinchilla jumped into the air and nailed him in the face. This knocked him completely leaving Voltage quite shocked. He recalled his Pikachu to his ball and looked to Liz rather impressed himself.

    "Wow...most of the time my Volt Switch strategy catches people completely off guard...and my thoughts on Volt Tackle we're off threw me off guard with your cute charm." Voltage said to her.

    Liz smiled a bit and said, "Well thanks...but I consider myself lucky the ability activated in the first place."

    "It was quite lucky..." he admitted, then he thought I doubt she can survive another Volt Tackle though...

    Liz watched as he sent Pichu back out who was still weakened from the first Swift attack. She didn't want to underestimate him this time so she was ready for anything.

    "Alright Pichu, Thunderpunch!" Voltage called.

    Pichu's right hand glows in yellow electricity as he comes at Minccino.

    "Minccino, dodge and use Swift!" Liz called to her.

    Minccino dodges the electric filled punch and fires yellow stars that nail Pichu. It knocked Pichu back and was a surprising critical hit. As Pichu struggles to stand back up, Voltage calls for a Volt Tackle. Like with Pikachu, he was cloaked in yellow electricity and he charged straight at Minccino. Liz knew this was it so she had the Pink Chinchilla come in with Pound once more. She jumped and clashed with Pichu using her tail but again was over powered and knocked out.

    However, the recoil damage was enough to knock out Pichu as well so it was a draw. Voltage was surprised as they both recalled their pokemon to their respective red and white balls. While Liz knew she was up two to one, she wasn't taking any chances with it knowing the last was surely his strongest. As Voltage reached for his last ball, he admitted just how impressed he was that she made it this far as very few trainers do on the first try. Even when they do, they can't get past his last pokemon most of the time on the first try so he's pretty excited now. Liz has a pretty strong feeling who she's up against when he fires the last ball into the air and boy was she right.

    "Raichu, let's go!" he called.

    In a flash of light as the red and white ball opens, Raichu has appeared at last. It stands slightly taller than Pikachu by six inches at two feet tall. Being shiny like all other Pokemon in the native region, it has dark orange fur and two grey strips on its back. It also has white fur on its chest and its hands and feet have dark brown tips on them. It's eyes are still solid black and brown and it's ears are shaped almost like deep hearts with a small spiral on the back colored dark brown and yellow on the inside. Finally, its tail was a small yellow lightning bolt that was attached to a black curved "wire" that was just as long as Raichu.

    Liz was expecting this to be his last pokemon so she feels Snivy can handle him best. With that in mind, she reaches for her Grass Snake's Pokeball.

    "Ok Snivy, you’re on!" Liz called as she tossed her ball.

    As the ball opened, Snivy appeared in a flash of light and summersaulted onto the field with her yellow high-lighted eyes closed. As she then opened her brown eyes, the small grass snake stared Raichu down ready to take him on with a smug look on her face. Voltage remarked that her Snivy seemed quite confident and Liz nodded saying she was confident in her as well. Liz was offered the first move again and Liz decided to take her shot.

    "Ok Snivy, Magical Leaf, let's go!" Liz called.

    Snivy jumped high into the air and unleashed a flurry of Rainbow colored leaves that, like in her first gym battle, couldn't miss. Voltage noticed this and knew it wouldn't miss no matter what he did, so he wanted to start a different approach that will really make the battle interesting. He would make it rain on Liz's parade.

    "Raichu, that attack won't miss so, take it and use Rain Dance!" Voltage called.

    This surprised her at first then it hit was part one of a two attack combo! Raichu glowed in a blue aura and lifted his arms as he took the colorful leaves head on has he stood his ground. Clouds began to form inside the gym and rain started to come down in a pouring fashion dampening the field. Now she knew the exact combo that was coming and that this was defiantly a well-developed Raichu.

    She watches the rain coming and thinks, Bet it had at least three TM moves in it and if Rain Dance was one...and if Volt Switch was another...then Thunder had to be the third one...

    N watches this as he sits in the stands and thinks, I've seen this combo before...she better careful...

    Liz smiled and said, "The rain won't dampen out spirits! Snivy, Magical Leaf once more!"

    Voltage looked at her and said, "I didn't except anything less...Raichu, Thunder!"

    Snivy jumped in the air and glowed and fired the rainbow colored leaves at Raichu as he glowed in bright yellow firing the powerful electric attack straight into the clouds. The electric bolt then came back down and aimed directly for Snivy as the multicolored leaves aimed directly for Raichu. Everyone looked on as the two attacks inched closer to their targets and nailed both Pokemon knocking both on their back. As they both stood back up, Liz noticed Snivy was sparking...she was paralyzed!

    "O no...Snivy!" She said in shock, then thought, The odds are in his favor this time...even though static didn't activate...Snivy got paralyzed anyway...this is not good...

    Voltage smiled as he called for another thunder. Raichu went through the same pattern by glowing bright yellow firing the powerful electric attack straight into the clouds and sending it straight back down at Snivy.

    "Ugh...Snivy, you got to use Magical leaf quick!" she called to her.

    She tried to move but sparked and couldn't move at all and got nailed but the powerful attack and it did major damage. Liz was concerned seeing her knocked down but she tried hard to struggle up.

    "Come on Snivy...please get up..." she called.

    Snivy made the attempt to get up but was having trouble as her body keep shocking her. Voltage saw an opportunity to wrap it up so he took it.

    "Raichu, wrap it up with Volt Tackle!" Voltage called.

    He, like with Pikachu and Pichu, was also cloaked in yellow electricity and he charged straight at Snivy. Liz tried calling for a dodge but she couldn't move so the attack nailed her head on and knocked her out. Liz sighed and recalled her to the ball thanking her as the rain continued to come down inside the gym.

    What am I going to do now...? I'm only down to one Pokemon and I can't use Brownie...Crystal is the only one I can't really use... Liz thought.

    Crystal looked at her and nodded and it was clear to Liz she wanted to get out there. Liz nodded back and gave her the "ok, let's do this".

    "Alright Crystal, let's go!" Liz called.

    Crystal nodded and ran out to the rainy field to face Raichu.

    "So...the Pikachu you brought is your last Pokemon..." he said cracking a smile.

    "Yep, she's my partner and friend and we're not gonna give in till the last move is made." She said.

    "<That's right, we're not going to ever give up!>" Crystal added.

    N smiled at Crystal's words and silently wished them the best of luck. As the two Mouse pokemon stare each other down eager to get the battle on, the rain pours as does the uncertainty of the outcome.
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    its amazing as usual. I particularly over the fact that n had to ask reshiram what a crush was and they he brought her breakfast in bed XD
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    haha, well I figured it made sence because N hasn't been around many humans and Reshiram has in the past so she would understand human nature better, lol
    May the odds be EVER in your favor
    Credit to Eeveelover824 for this sig and credit to RondezView for the pink pikachu
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    Chapter 7:
    The Orphanage

    As the two Mouse Pokemon continued to stare each other down in the indoor rain, they we're ready to go. Voltage smiled and remarked this was going to be a true electric battle now. Liz nodded because she felt that way also, and kept in mind that Raichu was already weakened from two Magical Leaf hits and she hoped that fact will help her. Though she knew it wasn't going to be easy but she at least hoped for a photo finish.

    "Raichu, Thunder, fire!" Voltage called.

    The big mouse like before glowed in bright yellow firing the powerful electric attack straight into the clouds. The electric bolt then came back down and aimed directly for Crystal.

    "Crystal, Thundershock!" Liz called to her.

    She nodded and glowed in bright yellow as well fired the electricity at Raichu. Both attacks hit their marks but don't do much damage to each other. This was to be expected as both we're the same type of being electric so moves of that same type won't do much damage. As both shake the last attacks off, both Liz and Voltage call for Volt Tackle. Both we're cloaked in yellow electricity and they charged head on at each other. As they clashed mid-air, they both slide back on the wet floor sparking from the recoil damage.

    The rain suddenly stopped and the clouds departed as its five turns we're up. As Liz watched this, she figured that the key to winning was and stopping thunder was stopping Rain Dance...but how? Raichu was able to use Rain Dance through a Magical Leaf assault...what move could possibly stop him...? Then it hit her...the Static ability! If she can get Static to activate, she can possibly win.

    However, she wasn't sure if she can get that lucky twice in one battle. She already got lucky once with Cute Charm, but Static had the same odds of activating at 30%. So with that in mind, overpowering Raichu seemed like the best answer to stopping the combo. Voltage however didn't want to use Rain Dance again just yet. In fact, he wanted to have a little fun with battling a pokemon he loved himself.

    "Raichu, give them another Volt Tackle!" Voltage called to him.

    O he's going to play that game is he? She thought then called, "Volt Tackle as well Crystal!"

    Crystal nodded at Liz and went straight for the attack. Like all times before, once more the two we're cloaked in yellow electricity and they charged head on at each other. They hit head on and slid back on the now slightly wet ground and sparked from the recoil damage. Both we're becoming clearly exhausted from the battle, Raichu more so because he took a lot more hits. Even N could feel the excitement and tension in the air and both Liz and Voltage knew this battle was nearly over and will have a victor soon.

    Voltage was now ready to unleash another Rain Dance because the battle was clearly nearly over. As Liz called Crystal to use Thundershock, Voltage called for Rain Dance at the same time. Crystal glowed in yellow electricity and fired away at Raichu who took it as he glowed blue and the indoor rain clouds and rain returned. Liz knew now with the return of the rain that Thunder was likely to return also...though Thundershock wasn't strong enough to counter it. What was she to do?

    As the last attack did a little damage to Raichu, Voltage called for Thunder just as Liz predicted he would. Raichu once more glowed in bright yellow firing the powerful electric attack straight into the clouds. The electric bolt then came back down aiming directly for Crystal. Liz tried calling Thundershock but as Crystal glowed yellow and fired at the Thunder, it got overpowered and nailed her a little harder than normal knocking Crystal down.

    "Ugh...Crystal..." Liz said concerned, "Crystal...can you stand...?"

    "<Ugh...y-yeah...>" She said as she struggled up and stood up panting.

    Voltage smiled and looked at them and looked, "You two fought hard...but I'm afraid it has all come down to this...Raichu...Thunder to finish her off!"

    The Big Orange Mouse complied and started to glow in yellow electricity. N was watching and could feel the battle wasn't over just yet...and he was right. Crystal started to spark in electrical energy and it started to concentrate in her heart shaped tail in the form of a ball. Liz wasn't sure what was going on out there but then it occurred to her...she realized Crystal learned a brand new move! As the Thunder went in it routine through the clouds, Crystal fire her attack at the thunder and it actually was powerful to stop it this time. This surprised everyone and Voltage exclaimed that Crystal learned Electro Ball and he supposed they had fight in them after all.

    Liz was happy for Crystal and now felt for sure that can take Raichu down. She was ready to set fire to this rain and win her second badge. Voltage wasn't going to have it though and called for Raichu to Volt Tackle Crystal. Raichu nodded and glowed and charged forward cloaking in yellow once more.

    "Crystal, Dodge and use Electro Ball!" Liz called.

    Crystal nodded and jumped out of Raichu's way while charging the ball in her tail. She then fired the yellow ball at Raichu and it nailed him on the back knocking him out. Voltage was quite surprised as Liz was declared the winner and the match went to her. Liz was happy and Crystal ran and jumped into her arms and they hugged each other.

    "Crystal...that was learned Electro Ball in the perfect time..." she said with a smile.

    Crystal smiled and said, "<Yeah I suppose I did, hehe>"

    Voltage could do nothing now but accept he got beaten so he recalled his Raichu to his Pokeball and thanked him after the red beam pulled him in. He then walks over to them actually cracking a smile for them.

    "Well that was quite a surprise...but an amazing battle none the less...I sincerely thank you for an incredible battle." He said to them.

    Liz turned to him and said, "Well thanks was a lot of fun and I'm proud of Crystal for learning Electro Ball...that was something else..."

    "O I couldn't agree proof of your victory...the Topaz Badge is all yours." he said as he hand a circular badge that looked a genuine yellow Topaz Gemstone.

    Liz smiled as she took it and held it up to show it to N. It was clear yellow all the way through with a ring of gold holding it on the side and was shining beautifully in the gym's lights.

    N smiled as he saw how happy she was and thought, Never doubted you for a moment...

    As Liz thanked him and put it away in her badge case, Voltage pulled out a yellow disk to give to her.

    "Here..." Voltage started, "this is the TM for Volt Switch as earned that also." he said as he handed the disk to her.

    Liz smiles and takes it as well looking at it for a few seconds before putting it away. She then thanks him again and the two shack hands before she turns to leave. N gets up from his seat and follows her out catching up with her.

    N looked at her and said, "That was very impressive Liz...I had no doubt you would win that one. You and Crystal are...something special together."

    Liz nodded and said, "Yes I think so to...I couldn't of done that without her...."

    N smiled hearing those words and it was occurring to him more that maybe the two of them weren't so different after all. In fact, they we're similar in the fact that both he and Liz deeply cared for Pokemon but he was still a bit nervous to act on his emotions. His human emotions that felt like a hard task. He may've known what a crush now but he wasn't sure how to act on it. Though maybe he was overthinking it right now because Liz seemed to like him as was.

    As he pondered these thoughts, they walked to the Topaz Pokemon center. It had yellow carpet on the inside and white walls as they walked through the glass doors. It also has yellow chairs that are like small couches. Obviously it occurred to Liz that every center seems to be color coordinated. As she walks over to heal her Pokemon and hands them to the nurse, she thinks she sees something familiar out of the corner of her eye. The takes them and heals them on the flat machine. After her Pokemon get healed and returned to her, she turns that direction.

    To her surprise...she sees Dread and Seline in the corner talking. Seline had her Eevee, which had silver-like fur instead of brown being shiny, on her shoulder and Dread appeared to be thinking about something. As she saw this, she simply couldn't believe it. She was going to contact her friends and have them come to the center but...she didn't have to. At least, now she didn't because they we're right there. After shacking off her shock, she looked at N and told him that her friends we're here. He was a bit surprised as she pointed them out to him.

    In the back of his mind, he had a feeling they'd fear him upon seeing him. Despite this, he made the decision to face her friends with her. As they walk over, Liz decides to call to them.

    "Hey, Seline! Dread!" She called to them.

    They both turn to look recognizing her voice quite shocked themselves. Upon seeing it's indeed Liz, they run over to greet her. However, seeing N with her, they stop in their tracks even more shocked.

    "I-Is that that...who...? I is....?" Seline asked.

    "Now guys...I know what you’re thinking..." Liz started holding her hands up in front of her.

    Dread looked at her while stepping forward and said, "Ugh...the Team Plasma you?!"

    "Dread, please...please let me explain..." Liz started again.

    Dread being as headstrong as he was wasn't happy about seeing him Just as Liz expected he wouldn't be. Clearly he wasn't going to listen to anything she had to say because he was always the type to act first and ask questions later. However, she was glad she had Seline to help her out with Dread. As he simply wanted to come at N, Seline held him back by getting in front of him and told Liz she wanted to hear what she had to say. Liz thanked her and started to tell them all of the how she met N at the Crystal Lake after her first gym battle.

    From that point, she pretty much recapped every event that has happened since she met him. The Gem Meadows, the Rainbow Tree and Fruit, N's connection to the region, about his Reshiram and how he and Reshiram agreed to help her learn to fly. Seline was both shocked and fascinated upon hearing it all and Dread was just quietly listening with little emotion. As he has stated before to Liz and Seline many times, he had no sympathy for leaders of evil organizations like Team Rocket that resides in the Kanto Region or Team Galactic that resides in the Sinnoh Region. Far as he was concerned, the leaders of teams of that nature got whatever they deserved when they fell out of power and he didn't see N as any different.

    Liz saw what was different in N though and once tried to explain to Dread that he got manipulated by his supposed father. He didn't care to listen though at that time just like he didn't care now. In fact now that N was standing before him, Dread only had one thing in mind...he wanted to battle him. After Liz finished recapping everything, Dread took a step forward and declared his wish to battle.

    "It was a nice story Liz but enough talk...", he started as he turned to look at N and said, "N, I wish to battle you right now!" he declared.

    Liz looked at him rather surprised and said, "Ugh, Dread, what are you thinking...?!"

    Seline was also quite surprised by the sudden outburst and said, "Dread, your pokemon aren't strong enough...N has Reshiram and his Zoroark wouldn't able to..."

    Dread glares at her and cuts her off saying, "No...they are strong enough because I don't know what he's planning out here but it can't be good!"

    "Ugh....did you not just listen to a work I said?! He's just out here for a visit...he's not here to..." Liz said but then N through his arm up in front of her.

    "Liz it's fine...some people perceive me as bad still, I get and Seline seem like rare people exceptions..." He said to her. He then put his arm down and turned to Dread's way and said, "So you want to battle? Perhaps your friend Seline is right...your friends, if you even treat them as such, are probably not strong enough to face me yet...however...because you seem insistent, I'll accept. Meet me outside..."

    With that, he began to turn and walk out with Liz and Seline followed him outside through glass doors. Dread stood there for a second in disbelief at N's words.

    I'll show him that I'm strong enough...and I'll beat him to!, Dread thought as he ran out after him.

    N looked over at him and asked if he was ready. Dread said yes and N explained that Zoroark and Reshiram we're the only two Pokemon he had with him. This shocked Dread and he declared this would make it easier than he hoped. N told him that if he was so sure, then he was free to use all the Pokemon he had with him. In Dread's mind, this seemed good because he had four Pokemon in his arsenal and figured this would be an easy victory. For Liz though, she knew exactly what N was doing...he was trying to prove a point about how in-over-his-head he is.

    N was still going to be somewhat fair though because he didn't want to use Reshiram unless it was completely necessary. With that in mind, he called Zoroark to the field and who needed no use for illusion because Dread already saw him standing next to N.

    "Not using Reshiram yet? fine...I'll take Zoroark down quick..." he said as he readied a Pokeball.

    "A little over confident are we?" N asked him.

    Dread glared at him and tossed the ball and a Fearow came out in a flash of light. Fearow is a bird pokemon that evolves from Spearow, and stands about three feet and eleven inches tall. With it being shiny, he has a green/gold colored feathers, a big wing span, a long skinny neck, a long light orange beak, light orange claws, orange Mohawk, a green/gold tail with four feathers and small beady black eyes. It was a bird with quite a hot temper which was rather fitting for Dread. It was just the kind of Pokemon she expected him to have.

    "So a Fearow first...ok, you make the first move and I will follow." N said to him rather calmly.

    "Fine then...Fearow, start with Aerial Ace!" he called.

    Fearow flew into the sky and glowed in white as he charged directly at Zoroark. N thought it was cleaver using a move that won't miss though that meant he can hit at close range.

    "Wait till it gets close and then use Night Slash!" N called.

    Zoroark stood his ground and took the attack while grabbing Fearow's wing. Fearow tried to escape but Zoroark wasn't letting go and is other hand then glowed in a dark energy. He then slashed at Fearow with tremendous force letting the wing go at that point and knocking him into the ground hard. As Fearow struggled to stand, N called for Zoroark to use Focus Blast. Zoroark charged a blue energy in his hands and fired it at Fearow.

    "Ugh...come on, Mirror Move Fearow!" Dread called.

    Fearow's eyes flashed for a second and he copied the Focus Blast in the same fashion, except it was between his wings. Both attacks broke even as they collided and exploded in mid-air. N was a little surprised but he had an idea seeing as all the long range attacks would be copied with the same result. So the idea was to overpower by brute force so N had Zoroark attack with Night Slash. Dread being head strong and without thinking called for Mirror Move again.

    Both Zoroark's hand and Fearow's wing glowed in a dark energy and they clashed wing to hand. However as N suspected, Zoroark was too strong for Fearow and he pushed back on the bird hitting him hard knocking him to the ground sending dust into the air. As the dust settled, Fearow was lying on his back knocked out from the brute force. Dread was in disbelief seeing his Fearow knocked out in only three attacks. However, he wasn't ready to back down so he recalled Fearow to the ball and readied his next one.

    "You haven’t beat me yet...Grovyle, come on out!" He called as he tossed the Pokeball.

    In a flash of light as the ball opened, a shiny Grovyle emerged. Grovyle is a Gecko-like Pokemon that stands nearly three feet tall. He has a long, slender body that was a light green in color. His chest was an extremely light pink with a light green strip in the middle and the long leaf on his head, the three leaves on both arms and the two on the tail we're all red. He also had yellow and black eyes which he used to stare down Zoroark. Clearly another head strong Pokemon that N was starting to see the pattern for.

    "Grovyle, Leaf Blade!" Dread called.

    Grovyle nodded and jumped high into the crossing his arms and as he did, the red leaves on his arms seemed to merge into one long green glowing sword on each side. He came straight at Zoroark at close range.

    N smiled and said, "Have you learned nothing from the last attack? Zoroark, Flamethrower!"

    "What?! Flamethrower?!" Dread said in shock.

    When Grovyle comes close, Zoroark shot a stream of fire out of his mouth at very close range. Because Grovyle was a grass type and weak to fire and because it was at close range, it does more than stop the attack, it knocks him out in a single hit. Dread is frustrated now and recalls Grovyle back to his ball.

    I can't believe this! He's hardly taken a scratch and he beat two of my Pokemon already! Well...I'll still take him down! He thought as he readied ball number three.

    "Well is that all you got Dread?" N asked him.

    "Ugh...not even close!" He said in anger and tossed the ball in the air.

    As the ball opened, to everyone's surprise except for Seline's, a Shiny Dratini appeared in a flash of Light. Dratini is a small Dragon-like Pokemon that was pink in color with a white under-belly and almost looks like a cute snake-like dragon. It also has solid black eyes, a white rounded mouth, two white "fins" on its head and a small white dot on its forehead. Based on that appearance, one would think it's a female...but this Dratini happed to be a male. Liz was kind of shocked that he got a Dratini at all and Seline explained that she and Dread caught theirs at the same time in the Crystal Lake.

    Liz looked at her and said, "O that's right...I heard about them living in the lake but I totally forgot when I was talking to N there...but caught one also?!"

    Seline nodded and said, "Yes but mine is Female...his is...well...male..."

    "Male...? Seriously?" she asked.

    Dratini suddenly looks her way and kind of glares at her, "<Yes male! Ugh...I can't wait till I'm a Dragonite so I can rid of this Pink color and others can quite questioning me!>" He said angrily.

    Liz wasn't sure what he said but based on the way he looked at her, she took a step back nervously. N was a little shell-shocked himself by the outburst. He then composed himself and tried to chat with Dratini.

    "So you can't wait to evolve because of your color Dratini?" N asked.

    Dread looked at him a little shocked, "W-What...? So it' it's true then that you can understand Pokemon?!"

    N nodded and said, "Yes and it seems your Dratini is male and hates being pink in color...that's what he outburst to Liz just now because she was surprised it was a male. He also said he couldn't wait to be a Dragonite"

    Dratini looked at N both surprised and a little happy someone finally understood him and said,"<Finally somebody gets it!>"

    N nodded at Dratini and Dread just stood there dumbfounded for a second. He felt he was being more and more humiliated by the second and yet he wanted to keep going. Was he really going to lose to N this badly? He then snapped back in focus and told himself no way he was going to lose.

    "Enough talk...Dratini, Dragon Rush!" Dread called to him.

    "Whoa...Dragon Rush...?" Liz asked.

    Dratini turns his attention back to the battle and charges forward in a blue energy at Zoroark.

    N sighed and said, "You have still learned nothing...Zoroark, Focus Blast!"

    As Dratini gets close, Zoroark charged the Blue Energy and fired it at Dratini at close range. This was powerful enough to stop Dragon Rush and caused Dratini to fly into the air and hit the ground pretty hard. As Dratini struggled to stand, Dread called for a Twister. Dratini cried out as it glows white and summoned a powerful swirling tornado that came at Zoroark. N called for Zoroark to use Night Slash once more.

    Zoroark knew what to do as his hand glowed in dark energy. He ran at the tornado, used, the night slash to break it up then came for Dratini. Dread was shocked that Zoroark was that strong and watched as Dratini took a heavy hit and knocked out. By now he was shacking as Dread recalled him to his ball. He never expected to have so much trouble with just one Pokemon and now he was down to only one himself.

    N looked at him and asked, "You want to stop now and save yourself further humiliation?"

    "U-Ugh...N-No way!" Dread responded as he reached for his last Pokeball.

    "Look Dread..." N started, "All this battle has proved so far is that you don't think before you act. It has also proved you simply don't learn. You kept coming at me at close range expecting a different result..." He said as he shook his head and closed his eyes. He then said to him, "But every time you did, you put your Pokemon in a position to take more damage and unable to escape harm."

    Dread glared at him and said, "How dare you judge me that way!"

    Liz looked at him and said, "Dread, it's not a judgment, it's the truth! Even I can see what N meant!"

    Dread glared at her and said, "Why are you defending him?! N was the leader of an evil organization!"

    "He was manipulated by his step-father Dread, why can't you see that?!" Liz asked him concerned.

    Dread glared at her and couldn't believe she of all people was defending him. He still had one more Pokemon to use so in his mind, the battle was far from over.

    He looked at N and said, "I don't know what she sees in you but this is not over!"

    N looked at him and said, "You’re not only headstrong but your stubborn to...", He closed his eyes and shook his head again then said, "But fine...let's get it over with, I have other important things to deal with today."

    Dread glared and tossed the ball and as it opened, a shiny Charmeleon came out. Liz was surprised and supposed the Charmander he picked evolved and Seline said he evolved in the last gym battle. Charmeleon is a Lizard-like fire type Pokemon that is distinguished by the flame on the tip of its tail. Being shiny, he has a yellow/gold color with a white under belly, black eyes and a yellow tip on his head. It also had white claws, stood three feet and seven inches tall. He also had a tough look to him and stared Zoroark down much like Grovyle did.

    "Ok Charmeleon, Flame Charge let's go!" Dread called.

    Ugh...Dread...ugh...I can't believe this...this is so like him needing one more chance to prove he's right! Seline thought as she watched this.

    Charmeleon started running and clocked himself in a red flame as he ran at Zoroark.

    "You really are stubborn...though I realize in this case that Flame charge increases speed when it hits...but it's still the same basic idea unfortunately..." N said as he sighed, "But fine, Zoroark, you know what to do!"

    Zoroark nodded and charged focus blast then fired the blue energy when he came close range. Flame Charge was stopped and it sent Charmeleon hard into the ground and he took a lot of damage. As he struggled to stand, Dread called for a Flamethrower and N had Zoroark use Night Slash one last time. Zoroark hand glowed in dark energy once more as the golden Lizard got the fiery stream off. He charged through the flames knowing he would win and he nailed with the dark energy knocking Charmeleon into the wall of the Pokemon Center and knocking him out.

    Dread couldn't believe it...all four of his Pokemon we're wiped out by a single one and he barely got a few scratches on N's. He recalled his Charmeleon to his ball and started to walk into the center clearly upset.

    N looked at Liz and said, "I felt bad about that but I felt I had to teach him a lesson..."

    Liz sighed and said, "Believe me...Seline and I have had that problem for as long as we've known him...he was always stubborn in his opinions and perceptions of people and other things. Though...deep down he cares a lot..."

    Seline nodded in agreement and Liz started to tell N of when she was younger and first met him. Two bullies we're bothering her and making fun of her because of her wings and the fact she couldn't use them. When Dread saw them, he told them to leave her alone and even though they we're bigger than he was, he wasn't afraid of them. They we're laughing at him started to hit him until his brother, Angelo, came out of their house and chased off the bullies with his Pikachu, which was a shiny male. The Pikachu chased them off with a Thunderbolt and that's when it all started for her.

    Her friendship with Dread, her love for Pikachu and even her friendship with Seline. N was surprised and guessed he was like Liz in the sense that he only let certain others see his true emotions. Liz nodded at N told him it was a true statement. As he nodded back, he figured he should give Dread a second chance and maybe he'll come to trust him with time.

    As they continued to talk, Dread came back out of the center still rather upset and he looked over still seeing everyone was still there. As he started to walk away, Liz stopped him telling him to wait.

    "Dread wait...wait please...I know your upset but...we need your help with something..." She said to him.

    "Honestly Liz...what you need me for when you got HIM?!" He said as he pointed back at N.

    " don't get it...this is something personal for him and he needs all the help he can get..." she said.

    Seline walked over and wanted to know what she was talking about. Liz explained to them about the Chandelure and how it attacked the orphanage that N used to live in one year after he basically "left" it. After she retold the account she heard, it got Dread surprisingly interested to at least check it out. He wanted to catch a Litwick anyway for the next gym battle so he figured it wouldn't be too counterproductive. With that in mind, he agrees to help as long as he can catch a Litwick.

    Nobody disputes this even though they are basically spirits of the kids that we're transformed into Pokemon. Later on in the evening, the four of them head to the orphanage and when they get to the tall yellow building, they walk up to the door. They're about to reach for the door but, as if they we're being expected, the yellow doors open on their own. This shocks everyone as a voice suddenly pierces the room.

    What's this...visitors? Hehehe...We never have visitors...what a rare sight...hehe...

    As everyone looks to see where it’s coming from, they all glow blue, expect for Zoroark indicating it's a psychic attack, and get dragged inside and Zoroark runs in after them. Even Reshiram is dragged inside as the voice speaks up again.

    Stay a while...I insist...Hehehe... the voice said the doors that opened on their own, suddenly closed with a thud.

    "Ugh...we're trapped..." Liz started then said, "Who are you?! And where are you hiding?!"

    The voice laughs again as the room is suddenly filled with shiny Litwick illuminating the otherwise very dark room. In the dim light shined from the Litwick's flames, an entrance to a stairway was seem, pealing wall paper and a desk with other hallway entrances. Dread seemed to be the only one that was happy to see them because he was waiting for the chance to catch one. As they looked around, Liz sees there were about 40 of them that appeared. She then remembered that she was told there were 40 kids and staff total lost in "The Mystery Fire".

    There was no doubt in her mind now that Chandelure was most likely the voice they heard. She wasn't the only one that suspected this however...N did also because he bravely called him out on it.

    "Chandelure...I know that's you! Come out and face us!" N called to him.

    And who are you to call me out?! The voice asked.

    Liz stepped answered him saying, "O just someone you missed out on getting because he got lost in the woods of Unova and never returned here missed him by a year."

    "Um...yeah...pretty much." N said as he could tell she was taunting him a little.

    O really...? Is that so...?! the voice asked again.

    "It is quite so I'm afraid." N said in response.

    The voice wasn't too happy with them taunting him like that so he commanded the Litwick to attack them. The Litwick complied with his command and started to come at them firing little blue balls at them. This attack was called Will-O-Wisp and it can inflict a rather painful burn to anyone it hits. Well, almost anyone that it aimed for everyone, Dread sent out his Charmeleon and N called on Reshiram. The two of them went at the blue balls and took all the Will-O-Wisps attacks and because they we're fire types to begin with, the effects of the attack we're null and void.

    The Litwick then started to just come at them to get close and Liz realized they had no choice but to fight. Seline also recognized this as she had her silver-furred Eevee jump onto the floor and off her shoulder. As the Litwick came close, Liz called for Crystal to use Electro Ball and Seline called for Eevee to use Shadow Ball. Crystal charged an electric yellow ball shaped attack in her tail and fired it off and at the same time, Eevee charged a ball of dark-shadowy energy to. The two fired it at them together and knocked a few Litwick back to the wall.

    However the others Litwick kept coming and started to fire strange flowing dark energy at them that was a ghost attack called Night Shade. The others that we're knocked back to the wall got up and joined them as they still had plenty of energy. With all 40 still standing, they combined it into one full force attack. Liz felt bad about attacking them but didn't have much of a choice. She had Crystal counter with Thundershock but as she glowed yellow and fired the small bolt stream, it was overpowered and the night shade kept coming.

    Liz was worried but then Seline's Eevee ran out and took it full force. Oddly enough however, it had no effect on her and she just simply landed on the ground with no damage at all. At first nobody could figure out why as normally an attack like that would wipe-out or at least greatly damage any Pokemon. It then suddenly occurred to Liz though that because Eevee was a normal type pokemon, ghost moves had no effect on her at all. That's why she didn't take one ounce of damage because Ghost has no effect on Normal types and vice versa.

    I'm so glad I haven't evolved her yet... Seline thought as she was quite proud of her brave little sliver-furred fox.

    The Voice was getting frustrated and commanded the Litwick to attack with anything but ghost moves. As they complied with his commands and started to group for another attack, Liz knew they probably couldn't draw out Chandelure without taking them down. Though how would they pull that off since their attacks weren’t doing much and they needed to save their straight for him? Then it hit her...maybe they could subdue them another way...she looked Dread's way because she had an idea.

    "Dread, listen, I think I know how we can stop these Litwick but I'll need you help!" She said to him.

    This surprised him but he knew he was in no position to argue right now.

    He looked at her and asked, "Fine...what is it?"

    "Listen, does your Dratini have the move Thunder wave?" she asked him.

    "Um, yes, I believe so..." He said with a little uncertainty.

    N looked at her and thought, Cleaver Girl...paralyzing them will put them out of commission and maybe draw Chandelure out...she really knows how to think on her feet.

    Seline looked at her and said, "I think mine does also."

    Liz nodded at her and said, "Then let’s do this!"

    Dread and Seline both nodded and sent out both of their shiny Dratini. As both came out of their red and white balls in flashes of light, they we're commanded to use Thunder Wave right away. The two complied and fired weak waves of electricity at them from their "fins" on their head and as each Litwick was hit, they started sparking. The voice commanded them to attack but to no avail as all 40 we're sparking and fully paralyzed. Everyone, except N, was surprised her idea worked to simply subdue them.

    The voice was now more frustrated than ever and he finally decided it was time to make an appearance himself.’re all going to pay for that! I guess I'll have to deal with you myself! The voice said as he finally appeared as indeed being Chandelure.

    N looked at him and said, "I thought so...I thought that was you behind all this!"

    Chandelure simply laughed and said, "You may have subdued my servants but I won't be as easy...hehe..."

    Liz looked at him and said, "I got to know...why did you attack this orphanage that night...?"

    Chandelure simply laughed again and said, "Because it was fresh with souls...hehe...I needed a way to take revenge on the human race...what better way to then to turn their souls into my servants...? Hehe..."

    "So let me this straight..." Liz started, "You wanted revenge on the human race...because you we're abandoned but your trainer...? Not all humans are like that..."

    N then chimed in and said, "She's right...I personally grew up with Pokemon like you that we're abandoned and alone. So I used to think that humans we're bad and they and pokemon should be separated...but there are some that are good."

    Chandelure simply laughed once more and said, "Yes this is fact all of you are at my mercy right now...and you have no hope for can defeat me that is..."

    Liz looked at him and said, "Then beat you is we'll have to do...if we do, not only do we go free, but so do the Litwick from your control!"

    Chandelure considered this for a second and thought, If I beat them then I'll gain new servants...hehe...there's no way I can lose..., He then looked at the and said, "Fine...but if I beat all of you, then you'll all become my servants just like we have a deal?"

    Liz looked at the others and they all seemed to understand they had no choice so she looked back at him and said, "Fine, it's a deal..."

    Chandelure seemed to have a smirk on his face as they agreed and he started by attacking with Heat Wave. The attack seriously heated up the cold room and it aimed fire streams from his four candles. Liz had Crystal aim at one flame with Thundershock, Seline called on Eevee to use Shadow ball, Dread had Dratini use Dragon Rage and N had Zoroark counter with Flamethrower. The electric shock, dark energy ball, blue steam and the fire stream met the other four fire streams and all the attacks clashed and exploded in the mid-air causing smoke. Chandelure took advantage of this and fired a Dark Pulse through the smoke.

    Just as the name describes, Dark Pulse is a pulse of dark energy and it takes everyone by surprise as it hits Eevee and Crystal. It knocks them back a bit as the slide across the carpet but they are ok for the most part. Dratini dodges it and Zoroark takes it but because it's a dark type move, it does very little damage. Seline still has her Dratini out so she tries having it fire thunder-wave to subdue him. As her "fins" start sparking, Chandelure turns his attention at her and his red eyes glow and he sends a red ray at her. This red ray is an attack called Confuse Ray and Seline recognizes it almost right away.

    She tries telling Dratini to dodge but it was too late as she gets hit by the ray. Her eyes glow red as she becomes confused and she fires Thunder Wave off in another random direction causing the weak jolt to hit a wall. Seline makes the attempt to return her to her ball but to no avail as Shadow Tag completely prevents it. Chandelure laughed and called her attempt feeble as N's Zoroark was already on the move from behind. While he was distracted with Seline, N told Zoroark to try a sneak attack, which was now in full motion.

    Zoroark's hand glowed in dark energy as he jumped off the desk from behind and hit him with a heavy blow using Night Slash. This took Chandelure by complete surprise and as Zoroark landed with his back turned. He then fired another red-beamed Confuse Ray at Zoroark this time but Zoroark managed to barely dodge by jumping out of the way just in time and N called for another Night Slash. Again the dark aura filled hand hits doing heavy damage because ghost types are very weak to dark type moves.

    Despite this though, Chandelure managed to stay afloat and fired another red Confuse Ray at Zoroark that hit this time. Now his eyes glowed red, he became confused and now, like Seline, N was stuck was a confused Pokemon as well. As this occurred, he couldn't believe his plan was ruined and Liz knew they had to finish him off soon because she knew he took heavy damage from the attacks. As she pondered on how to approach this, she knew a frontal assault would result in confusion and even a sneak attack might not end well ether.

    In the meanwhile, Dread's Dratini looked at Seline's and was getting pretty made he confused her like that.

    He turned to Chandelure and said, "<You DARE attack my sister like that?! I'll make you pay for this!>"

    Chandelure looked at him and said, "Hehe...and what you plan to do about it "Girly"!

    "<What did you just say?!>" Dread's Dratini demanded.

    O boy...he's in trouble now... Liz thought.

    "O no you just didn't call my Dratini a girl...!" Dread started, "He doesn't like that...and neither do I! Dratini, I don't care what it takes, Thunder Wave him!" he called.

    Dratini nodded and started to charge his "fins" and Chandelure tried firing another red beam Confuse Ray. Dratini dodged the ray coming from his eyes and was determined to land a hit firing the wave. Chandelure made the attempt to dodge but the wave hit him causing the instant paralysis.

    N looked at him and thought, Guess his recklessness can be a good thing...sometimes... Then he looked to the others said, "Time to wrap this up...Reshiram, Fusion flare!" He called.

    As Reshiram charged a giant ball of fire, the other 3 nodded in agreement and started to call their own attacks.

    "Crystal, Electro Ball!"

    "Eevee, Shadow Ball!"

    "Dratini, Twister and Charmeleon, Flamethrower!"

    As Liz, Seline and Dread called for these attacks, the yellow electric ball, dark energy ball, the twister and the fire stream are all charged and join the Majestic White Dragon's Giant Flame. The 5 attacks merge to create a massive attack that aims straight for Chandelure in hopes it will bring him down. Chandelure makes the attempt to dodge but can't move because he's sparking quite a bit from the paralysis. As such, he couldn't move and the massive combo attack hits doing quite a bit of damage. It knocks him to the ground and completely knocks every last ounce of energy he had out of him.

    Everyone seems to breathe a sigh of relief but then they notice something rather strange...a twilight-like aura appears to surround and leave Chandelure's body. He wasn't the only one however as this appears to happen to the Litwick as well and the twilight-like aura seemed to simply vanish as it rises out of the body and into the air. The Litwick suddenly seem confused at first but as the look on at the four trainers, they appear to be grateful they are finally free. They weren't the only ones though as the confusion wore off Zoroark and Seline's Dratini as well upon the defeat returning their "red eyes" to normal.

    As this was happening, Chandelure suddenly rises up a little confused himself and Liz and the others, except N, take a step back a little scared.

    He then suddenly remembers it all and speaks up saying,"Wait, wait, please..." Chandelure starts, "I should...honestly thank you all from...saving me from the terrible power I was under..."

    Liz looked at him and said, "Terrible...power...? what do you..." before she can finish her sentence, it suddenly dawns on her, her eyes open a little wider and she then said, "Wait...that strange twilight-like aura...right...?"

    Dread and Seline looked at her a bit confused but he seemed to send a "yes" her way nodding.

    "Yes...that aura was from a strange creature named Missingno..."

    "M-Missingno...?" Liz asked.

    "Yes...see, after I was abandoned by my trainer...I collected souls to burn for fuel mostly...only lost souls...but then one night...I was called by a strange voice and told to come to the heart of the Twilight Region..." he said.

    "So then...what happened...?" she asked rather intrigued now.

    "Well..." he started, "I made the travel to the heart of the region and came upon a lake, as I looked into it...the voice spoke to me that he could see what allied me and wanted to help. He gave me that aura when I locked my gaze with the orb within the lake and convinced me that the human race was my enemy and that I should turn their souls into my that moment he became like my master. As he sent me back here, I took his word for it and attacked this place...I then turned the 40 souls I absorbed that night into my Litwick servants using the aura..." He said to them.

    Everyone was quite shocked to hear this that he was really being controlled and taken advantage of by a strange force. N was especially taken and didn't want to just leave him there. In fact, he was seriously considering taking him in on his team for the time being. He reached for a ball that was empty and as much as he hated using it, he knew it was to make it the deal official.

    "Listen Chandelure..." N said as he offered the Pokeball in his hand much to everyone's surprise, "I don't know who or what this Missingno is but I promise I won't abandon you like your other trainer..."

    He sees the Pokeball in N's hand and is quite surprised by his offer. Though as he thought about it, he was the only one brave enough to sneak attack him and lead the charge when the others really couldn't. Though he was impressed with Dread to, he felt a stronger kinship with N and agreed. The others looked on as he went to N, then into the Pokeball as it opened and sucked him in in red light, and then watched it "ding" after turning three times. Dread watched and got a little jealous because he still never got a Litwick.

    Though to his surprise, a female Litwick that seemed to admire his bravery and went to float around him.

    "<I think you are and your pokemon...>" she said to him.

    N looked over a bit surprised and said, "Well Dread, looks like you found you Litwick...this one seems to like you."

    "<Can I join your team...please...? and my real name is Isabel.>" She said to him with a mix of shyness and happiness in her voice.

    Dread looked to N who translated what she said for him and he was quite astonished. Isabel wouldn't be his first choice for a nickname but he had to respect it as it was her human name. Dread said yes to her and pulled out a ball for her. She was happy and let herself in being consumed in a red light into the ball and it "dinged" for him as well. He was finally satisfied as he recalled his Pokemon and as he did, the sun started to rise outside with light starting to come through the windows.

    Little did they realize it but they have been inside all night and the doors seemed to open by themselves. This was courtesy of the remaining Litwick that we're so grateful to them. As they exited out, Dread almost imminently let out his Fearow and jumps on his back. Seline wanted to know where he was off to in a hurry and he said he was gonna head to Emerald City now that he has what he needs. He had Fearow take off before anyone objects and N asks if he's really always like that. Liz and Seline both tell him pretty much as Seline recalls her Dratini remembering she's still out.

    As the three watch Dread and Fearow disappear over the building, Seline asked Liz where she and N we're heading next. Liz replied that she wasn't sure but figured they should hit Emerald City as well since it had the next gym. Seline nodded and told her she wished to accompany them and N said he felt Reshiram had room for one more. The Majestic White Dragon nodded as the three trainers and their pokemon got on her. She then took off to the glimmering green city while flying first over the orphanage then over the Gem Meadows.

    As the flew over, Liz pointed out the Rainbow Tree to her and she was quite in awe of it seeing it's glistening white beauty from the air. Liz told her seeing it from the top is nothing compared to seeing it up close and promised to come back and show her. N smiled as then continued to head for the city and once they got there, they saw it in all its glistening green glory. They flew past many buildings and even past the Gym as they landed at the Emerald Pokemon center. As they we're about to walk in, they we're stopped hearing the sound of a someone or something crying.

    "What is...what is that...?" Liz asked as she looked to see where the crying was coming from.

    Crystal picks up on it as well and jumps off her shoulder as she goes to have a look. As they turn the corner of the center, they find an normal colored Eevee crying with her back turned hiding in a bush. Liz walks over to ask her what's wrong and as Eevee turns to look at her...a shock goes through her as she sees the white caller and a red heart shaped nametag on her. She recognized the name on the nametag almost instantly.

    It can't be… Liz thought the said, "M-Meredith?! Is that really you?!"

    The little Eevee turned to her quite surprised that someone she never met knew exactly who she was.
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    Chapter 8:
    Famous Encounters

    Liz was quite positive that her eyes didn't deceive her. She was standing in the presence of Meredith...the Eevee that belonged to none other than Taylor Swift herself. The collar and nametag she saw matched pictures she's seen of her online exactly to the T. Though she wondered what she was doing here...and most of all, why she was crying. As she reached to pick her up, the little brown fox cringed a bit but once she realized she meant no harm, she allowed Liz to pick her up.

    Liz petted her gently and said, "You really are Meredith aren't you?"

    She nodded in response to say "Yes" and said, "<I-I doubt you can understand me...but...some bad people that hated my owner tried to capture me...>"

    N translated for Liz and her eyes widened. She had heard of these Taylor Swift hatters, even "yelled" at a few she encountered online but never thought she would have to deal with them in her real life. Meredith was quite shocked N understood and acknowledged it was true. She then went on to explain they two guys lured her into the alley behind where Taylor was practicing for the night's performance. They lured her with string and something shiny attached to it and tried to set a net on her.

    However, she escaped the net by using Iron Tail and which is an attack that makes a Pokemon's tail like a steal blade by glowing. After escaping the net, she started running through the city and the two guys chased her eventually sending out shiny Mightyena out of there balls. Mightyena is called the Bite Pokemon because it's a dark type that reminds someone of one of a mean dog. They stand at about 3 feet and 3 inches tall and its shiny version has gold hair on most of its body and brown on top of its back.

    It also has a brown tail, four brown legs with white claws, a blue nose, blue eyes and gold and brown ears with the brown on the inside of them. Luckily for Meredith, they we're both male and she knows Attract. Attract is a move that infatuates Pokemon of the opposite gender much like Cute Charm ability. Unlike Cute Charm however, it requires no physical contact and almost always hits. So she used the move to stop them and made a strong run for it but soon realized she was lost.

    Scared that they might still be after her, she jump into a bush terrified and started to cry. N translated it all for them and nether Liz nor Seline could believe it. In fact, Liz still couldn't believe that Taylor was even there but then Seline asked her if she saw the news report a few days ago.

    "What news report...?" Liz asked her friend.

    Seline looked at her and said, "Surprised you didn't see was a big story about Taylor Swift...when she was coming here…her plane was attacked..."

    This really caught her attention as she gained a shocked look on her face, "A-Attacked?!" she asked. "By who...or what...?"

    "They didn't say...but they showed the plane clearly damaged in its right wing...the engine on that side stopped working...though she averted the crash using her Espeon." Seline said.

    Liz was truly stunned to hear this about Taylor then turned to Meredith who told them it was all true. She also said they thought they saw the shadow of a dragon outside but they weren't sure. As N translated for them once more, Liz wondered what that dragon could be. As she was pondering on this, she suddenly hears a low growl and as she turns, she sees two the shiny Mightyena. She was positive they we're after Meredith and her suspicions we're confirmed when two guys stepped out from behind them.

    "Good Work Mightyena!" one of them said.

    Upon seeing them, one of them was tall and the other was short like a twelve year old kid. They both had the same outfit of a black T-shirt and blue jeans, white shoes and they both had very dark brown eyes making them almost look black. The tall one had long black hair while the kid had short brown hair. Meredith started shacking in Liz's arms and then she knew these are the guys that tried to kidnap her. As they got closer, they noticed Liz holding her and they are surprised and looked at each other a bit nervously.

    "U-Um...", He then turned and whispered to the tall guy, "Say something that will maybe trick them into giving us the Eevee..."

    The tall guy nodded then spoke up and said, "Well, there's that Eevee we we're looking for...all we want to do is return Swift..."

    "Y-Yeah that's it...ehehehe..." said the kid then thought, For a lot of ransom money that is...hehe...

    Liz looked at them and said, "Boy you guys are bad way, I know what you did! Tried to kidnap her and chase her down...! That is not cool!"

    "G-Gah...!" the Tall guy started, "Ugh...I don't know how you know but fine, we'll take it from you by force!"

    The boy responded with, "Yeah! by force! Mightyena, get them!"

    The two called for both of them to Bite her in which they charged at Liz and Seline and Liz had Crystal and her Eevee jump in the way.

    "Crystal, Volt Tackle!" Liz called.

    "Eevee, Quick attack!" Seline called.

    Crystal charged electrically cloaked and clashed into one Mightyena while Eevee came at the other with great speed and knocked the other one back. The two guys are surprised as Crystal sparks from recoil and wonder how a simple Quick Attack did decent damage to Mightyena. They call for them to use Poison Fang and their mouths turn purple as they come at Eevee and Crystal. Liz calls for Electro ball while Eevee is told to dodge and use another Quick Attack. The electrically charged ball is fired at the first one knocking him back just as he was gonna hit. Eevee then dodges the poisonous bite and nails with a blazing fast quick attack that knocks Mightyena into the other one.

    The kid looked at them shocked and said, "How are Eevee's attacks so strong?!"

    "Adaptability my friend..." Seline started sarcastically, "It doubles the power of moves that are the same type as the this case, normal moves" she said with a smile.

    The tall guy looked at her and said, "Grr...I should've known..."

    Meredith smiled and said, "<That's my ability too!>"

    As their pokemon struggled up, Liz told Crystal to wrap it up with a Thundershock. Crystal nodded and glowed in electricity and fired it at them shocking both the Mightyena. This knocked them back into the two boys and they knocked over and a bit shocked themselves. Clearly angry Liz and Seline knocked out their Pokemon, they recalled them both and stood up.

    "We'll never forget this!" they both said and ran for it.

    N watched as they fled and shook his head and closed his eyes then said, "I can't stand people that try to hurt Pokemon..."

    Liz and Seline both nodded and admitted the feeling is mutual. As Crystal and Eevee high-fives and congratulated each other, Liz asked Seline where Taylor was preforming.

    "I heard it was at the Grand Music Hall near the local Gym...I'll bet she might be practicing right now..." Seline said.

    "Ok then...let's heal our Pokemon then head down there...I bet she's worried about little Meredith..."

    Seline and N agreed to her request and they headed into the Pokemon Center. They each healed their Pokemon one person at a time and it was the only time N ever recalled Zoroark and Reshiram into their balls. As Liz was the last to go, recalling Crystal into the ball so she can be healed, the nurse inquired about Meredith and she explained to her that she was lost and wasn't really hers. She then explained to her what happened and told her she was gonna sincerely return her to Taylor. The Nurse believed her as she took and healed her other Pokemon on the machine and wished her luck in returning her to Taylor.

    She then took her other Pokemon off the machine and handed them back to her. As she thanked her, she let Crystal back out and Seline did for Eevee also. As they got back outside, N let his Pokemon out as well and they got back on Reshiram hoping to find Taylor from the air. After flying over many tall green shining buildings, they finally see the "greenhouse" gym and right next to the Music hall. This is a giant green building with a green G-Clef and other musical notes on a music scale also in green.

    The sign also bore the words "Emerald City Music Hall" indicating they we're in the right place. As N has the Majestic White Dragon land, they got off and enter inside. Even the handles on the front doors resembled a Green G-Clefs as they open them to walk in. Lucky for them, Taylor was having an "open rehearsal" meaning anyone can walk in and watch her practice as long as they caused her no trouble. On the inside it was filled with green carpets and a concession stand and open doors that lead to the stage.

    Liz noticed it really was a trend in almost every city they entered for things to be color coordinated. Though it didn't matter right now because her main objection was get to Meredith back to Taylor. Though as she went toward an open door, she could hear music from behind the curtain. As she went through it, she looked around and saw it was a quite a big venue and before she knew it...she was looking directly at her. She was wearing a red dress right now and had just finished preforming the song "Red" off her latest album and asked if anyone had a request.

    A young man shot up and asked her to play "Stay, Stay, Stay" which is another song her Red album. Liz looked over and saw the young man who was wearing blue pants with Nike sneakers, a blue T-shirt with a green stripe across and a blue and white cap that has the mark the looks like a green sideways "V" with a curve on the tip. Also, he had black hair with brown highlights medium length, tanned skin, a green backpack with "EastPika" written on the back and a scar on the back of his right arm. Taylor granted his request and asked for his name.

    "The name is Mustafa Miss Swift...and my pokemon and I...well...most of us anyway...are big fans of you!" He said with a smile.

    Liz looked over and saw a he had three Pokemon with him: a Shiny Buneary, a Shiny Eevee and a normal Beldum floating off in the corner with headphones on. Buneary in its shiny form was a considered the Rabbit Pokemon but it looked more like a teddy bear. It had brown fur on the top of its body with white on the inside of its right brown ear with a pink "cotton ball" on top. It also has the same pink "cotton ball" on its left ear but that one is tucked in and only a circle. On top of this, it also had pink fur on the bottom of its body, pink feet, solid black eyes, white "eyebrows", a white nose, brown paws and a cute smile.

    His shiny Eevee needed no intro other than then fact it was a male, which Liz could tell by his cry being a bit deeper than a female's. Then there was Beldum...the pokemon known as the Iron Ball Pokemon. As this one was non-shiny, it was blue in color with a ball like head, a single red eye, and its body was like a small rocket with four silver claws. Mustafa introduced the Buneary as Starlight and the Eevee as Harmony and Taylor was flattered about Starlight's name. After all, "Starlight" was yet another song off her album "Red" and Liz thought that was kind of cute too.

    "Anyway, here's your request Mustafa, Starlight and Harmony..." she said with a smile and started playing "Stay, Stay, Stay" on her Guitar.

    The three of them started to get up and dance with Starlight using splash to jump and dance. While she did so, Harmony was jumping up and down on one of the many green seats in the place. Taylor was singing her words to the song also as they we're carrying on. The song was basically about asking someone a person they love to stay with them no matter what. It was also a truly light-hearted, fun and happy-go-lucky song because that's how one would feel when listening to.

    She, like 95% of her songs, wrote and made the music to this song herself. This was one of her many, many talents that she had and she was in quite a special position to share them with the world. Though Taylor wasn't the only one having fun...her Pikachu, Note, was also singing and dancing on stage with her. Liz was happy to see her singing Pikachu in action as she was making musical notes swirl about the stage. Liz felt it was a very nice performance they we're doing together and was very much loving it.

    About singing two minutes, her guitar takes over again for a short while and after playing a few bars and watching them dance in delight, she breaks into the bridge. While playing her song, Liz couldn't help but start to dance herself as this was truly another of her favorite songs of Taylor's. Though remembering she was holding Meredith she just settled for moving back and forth a little bit and tapping her foot.

    As she finished her song, Liz couldn't help but clap while still holding Meredith. Then she remembered of course she had to return her and Seline and N, without her noticing and N was impressed that she really did seem to have talent. Liz looks back and noticed they did follow her in and as Taylor turns to see her clapping, she spoke up toward her.

    "Wow I didn't know I had more visitors..." She said then as she looked again, she saw Meredith in Liz's arms then said, "M-Meredith?!"

    As surprised as she was, she literally took off her guitar and ran over to her.

    "O my Goodness...I can't believe you found her...I was wondering what happened to her..." she said as Meredith looked up and happily jumped into Taylor's arms.

    Liz smiled seeing she was happy but then looked at her and said, "Well...truth to be told...a couple people that hate you attempted to kidnap her..."

    "Seriously...?" Taylor asked.

    "Yes...they chased her to the Pokemon Center where we found her...had to battle them to keep them away from her." she said while looking down.

    Liz was honestly a little nervous to talk to her because this was her favorite singer of all time. Taylor could pick up on it as she was used to it and it happens to her all too often. With that in mind, she put her hand on the shoulder where Crystal wasn't to make her feel a little more at ease and Meredith made her way to Taylor's shoulder. As Liz did a little more at ease, Taylor looked at her to thank her once more.

    "Wow..." She started, "Well thank you for finding her...I was getting worried but couldn't lead the search myself...I was going to look later but you saved me all the trouble...thank you so much..." Taylor said to her.

    Liz nodded but she always tried to give credit where credit was due and this was no acceptation.

    So she spoke up and said, "Well...I...I don't deserve all the friends helped also..." she said as she pointed to Seline and N.

    Taylor looked to them and told them thank you also then realized she hadn't asked for names.

    "O wow, sorry...I forgot to ask for your names..." She said as she laughed a bit and Seline and N walked over to join Liz.

    Liz laughed a bit herself and said, "And I thought I was the nervous one..." she told Taylor with a smile then said, "Anyway...the name is Liz...Liz Azzimagica and my Pikachu's name is Crystal."

    Taylor smiled and said, "So Liz and Crystal huh? Nice to meet you both...and what about your friends here?"

    Seline looked at her, "Name's Seline Miss Swift...and this is my Eevee." She said pointing to her.

    Taylor looked at her and said, "Wow...another shiny Eevee...guess it's true that this region is full of shiny Pokemon..."

    N was the last one to introduce and Taylor was taken a bit by surprise.

    " mean your...?" she asked.

    "Yes...I'm that N...former Team Plasma leader and friend to the Legendary Reshiram." he said to her.

    "Wow...what an honest surprise...but you know...I never thought you we're such a deep villain..." she said with a smile.

    N smiled a little and said, "Good to know Liz isn't the only one that sees me that way..."

    Taylor smiled and as they continued to talk, Mustafa goes to walk over to them with his Pokemon. Well...most of them except Beldum who stayed in the corner listening to "his" music. This was fine with him because he didn't feel the need to yell at "him" in front of Taylor. Though as he looked to Liz, he really noticed her for the first time and saw her beautiful white wings. He wasn't sure if his eyes we're deceiving him or not because he had never seen anything like that.

    Though he wasn't the only one...Taylor finally took notice herself. So she inquired about them and was surprised by her answer.

    "Yes Taylor...they're...very real...but...I can't fly well..." Liz said to her.

    Taylor was very surprised to hear this and wondered why someone with such beautiful wings couldn't fly. As she inquired her about it, Liz began to tell her about her parents, the fire that took them and how she was never allowed to learn because of how the guy who did it might come after her. She also said on how they only had caught him a year ago and that she basically drowned in fear and sadness for ten years. In doing so she buried her true emotions because she didn't want to suck her friends into it, nor did she want them to simply feel sorry for her. She told the story exactly as she told N and as Seline was listening, she wasn't too surprised because Liz's aunt and uncle gave her a brief description but never in that kind of detail.

    Even Mustafa was listening and was in complete disbelief. Even though he's normally a happy and upbeat person, hearing Liz's story struck a sad note and he seemed to fall silent for a moment. He was going to ask Liz if he can hold Crystal because he loves Pikachu though right now the jester seemed a little out of place. He didn't want to admit it but he too had a tragedy in his life that he simply wouldn't talk about so he can see where she's coming from. After Liz finished explaining, Taylor said she was truly sorry to hear it and could only imagine how rough it is to go through that. As Liz gave her a small nod, Taylor embraced her with a friendly hug and told her that she hopes she can fly someday.

    Liz thanked her and admitted she was working on it with N's and Reshiram's help but it wasn't easy. Taylor nodded and now Liz had to ask her on the note of flying about the near plane crash.

    She looked to Taylor and said, "Speaking of flying...I heard about the near plane crash you had..."

    Taylor nodded again and said, "Yeah...though...can I admit something to the..." she stopped seeing Mustafa had joined them then said, "Well, the four of you's something I didn't reveal on camera."

    "Yeah sure...what is it Taylor?" Liz asked her.

    The others we're quite intrigued as well including N to everyone's surprise.

    Taylor looked at them and said, "Well...when I was attacked...I wasn't exactly the target...", She then paused for a moment as everyone did a collected "What?!" and then she continued by saying, "Yes...I wasn't the target at fact...I had a special stowaway on the plane that was honestly a bit of a welcome surprise..."

    Liz looked at her and asked, "A special stowaway huh? And what you mean a welcome surprise...?"

    "Well get this...” she started, "That special stowaway...was the legendary Mew from the region I have my gym in."

    Liz perked up when she heard this…Mew was one of her favorite legendary pokemon of all time. In fact, Mew was probably the top of her "Top 10" list of favorite legends with Reshiram and Articuno following. Articuno is the legendary ice-bird that originated from the Kanto Region and is said to be a true thing of beauty. Though Liz had never seen one...she had seen the majestic blue bird in pictures and always wanted one. It was the same with Mew though she knows she was a very long way off from having any kind of legend.

    "Wow a Mew...? That is so cool..." Liz got out.

    "Yes I thought so too...till she told me why she traveled with me to come here that is..." she said pausing for a second then said, "Tell me guys...have any of you heard the Twilight Region Legends?" she asked.

    Liz, Seline and N looked at each other a bit confused but then Mustafa stepped forward to everyone's surprise and claimed he did.

    "I know them Miss mind?" he asked.

    She looked at him and shook her head saying, "Not at all...go for it."

    Mustafa nodded and said, "Well ok...basically about two millenniums ago, a Reshiram that lived in a place called the Light Realm fought a Zekrom that resided in a Realm of darkness...they came out and fought over a region that would become known as the Twilight Region, right Miss Swift?"

    "Right..." she said, "As the legend has it, they we're and still are masters of their domains...and their attacks we're said to be infused with the power of light and the power of they clashed over the land, their powerful attacks we're infusing the land with the two realms and even merged the two in the center of the Region."

    "Wow...that is...that is incredible..." Liz said in awe, "So what happened then?"

    "Well..." she started, "A Mew that lived in the center of the region wanted the two dragons to stop fighting because she didn't like what they we're doing to the region. So…just as the two we're going to use their most powerful attacks which if they would've clashed probably would’ve had catoptric results...She fired an aura sphere attack in the middle to absorb them."

    N spoke up and said, "Two most powerful attacks...that had to be Blue Flame and Bolt Strike correct?"

    She looked at him and said, "Yes that's right N...and they we're infused with the power of their domains..."

    Mustafa looked at them and said, "Yes all true...anyway, as the two opposing powers got absorbed, the Aura Sphere turned into the Twilight Orb isn't that right?"

    "Correct...that it did...and once they saw Mew willing to stand up to both, they realized what they've done to the region and realized the damage was couldn't be undone...that's the legend of the Twilight Region's birth..." She said.

    "That is...incredible..." Liz said.

    "But..." She started, "There's one part of the story that not even I knew was part of the legend..." she said in a slightly shaken voice.

    Liz and the others inquired her about what she meant and she told them what Mew did about Missingno. Liz's eyes widened as she remembered hearing that name from Chandelure. Mustafa became quite intrigued himself as Taylor further explained what Missingno can do with its attack called Super Glitch and how it leaves the Pokemon it hits soulless and emotionless.

    Soulless and emotionless...why does that sound so--- She thought then it hit her as her eyes widened again as the answer hit her like a ton of bricks.

    Her dream...this sounded so much like her dream! This made her start to wonder...could there be a possible connection to this strange creature? She had to know more...though as she was about to ask, Taylor even told them that he turned the two princesses of the opposing realms into his servants. When asked who they we're...she revealed the Princess of Light to be a Togekiss and the Princess of Darkness to be a Zoroark. Liz was sure of it now...this creature WAS connected to her dream!

    Her dreams she had...she should've recognized they we're warnings. Just like when she was younger...she had nightmares of the fire before it happened. Though because she was a very young kid...nobody took her nightmares seriously. Though she couldn't help but wonder...why her? Why an angel that couldn't fly...who predicted a tragedy that nobody headed...who hid her emotions for eleven years...?

    As she was pondering this, she didn't notice that her face had turned into a look of worry, discouragement and fear. The others did however and asked her what was wrong. She them looked at them to tell them what she just realized about this connection she made.

    "I think I finally might know what my dreams mean..." she said.

    "Your...dreams?" Taylor asked.

    Liz nodded and said, "Yes...Seline and N already know this the start of this past year...I've been having nightmares and I was never sure what they meant."

    "Well...what we're they about?"

    "Always the same..." Liz started, "I'm up against a strange creature that is surrounded by other Pokemon...I can't quite make out the Pokemon but I can see their eyes...they always look...emotionless..."

    She stops for a second waiting for any response from Taylor or Mustafa but neither one do as they listen intently. So she then continues with the dream telling them how this strange creature is always in a different form and how in her last dream, she appeared to identify two pokemon. When asked what they we're by Mustafa, she told them that one was a Togekiss that appeared to radiant a light aura and a Zoroark with a dark aura. The others then realized what she did...that there was indeed a connection between the dreams and Missingno.

    Taylor looked at her and said, "So your think their warnings of this creature's true intentions?"

    "Yes I'm positive they are..."

    Mustafa stepped forward and said, "I'm quite intrigued by all of this...mind if I tag along with the three of you for a while? I'm traveling by myself...I promise we won't be any trouble..."

    Liz looked at him a little surprised by his jester to ask this. After all, they did just meet and everything but she realized that N wanted to join her not long after they met ether. It made her wonder though...was she really that likable? Or was it simply that people just felt sorry for her cause she's an angel that can't fly? Either way...she's always happy to make a new friend.

    She looked at Mustafa and said, "Of course you can join us, I don't mind."

    "T-Thank was it?" he asked.

    Liz nodded and as she looked at him...she got a feeling that there was more to him than meets the eye. She wasn't sure what but was sure it'll all be revealed in a matter of time. It was almost like a feeling she couldn't shake but for now...she'll play the "wait and see" game. As she thought about this, she still couldn't get over the fact that her nightmares seemed to connect to that Missingno creature. As she thought about it, Taylor seemed to interrupt her thoughts which she was a little grateful for because it was too much to take in at once for her.

    Taylor smiled and said, "Anyway...again thanks for bring Meredith back safe...I wish I knew how to repay you...I mean...I'd give you V.I.P. tickets to my show my thanks but...your all traveling trainers..."

    She looked at Taylor and said, "Just glad she's don't need to do anything really..."

    Taylor looked at her and pondered for a second and thought, There has to be something I can do her...wait...I know!, she then looked to Liz and said, "’re going to go for your third badge right? I heard it's a grass type gym around here." she said

    Liz should've seen that one coming...after all, everything in the city was the color green and even at glancing at the gym it looked like a green house. One would think if walking through it for the first time they we're celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day all year long or something. Though it finally occurred to her...she had four pokemon but only one had super effective moves on grass types and it's probably three on three like any other gym. Though why would Taylor ask her that...? Well, she had to know for sure so upon saying "yes", Taylor reached into her bag and pulled out a Pokeball.

    "This Pokeball...contains a fire pokemon I found wandering around the Twilight Forest one first glance...I saw its tail and thought it was an abnormally colored Eevee because its tail was sticking out of a bush. It looked exactly like an Eevee's only it was yellow with a red tip. But then as it stepped out, I realized it wasn't an Eevee at fact it was a Pokemon I never seen nor heard of before. Though I caught it because it looked a lot like an Eevee and it didn't look too well ether. I brought it the center and the nurse told me it was a newly discovered Pokemon called a Fennekin..." she said.

    Liz's eyes widened as she never heard of this Pokemon ether...though it sounded very cool. It then hit her that a fire type is what she needed but...was Taylor really going to give it to her...?

    Taylor then said, "As much as I like it...I have no time to really use her on my team..." she paused then looked Liz almost in the eye and said, "So Liz...can I count of you to take care of her?"

    She looked at her surprised by also honored at the same time, "Yes bet I'll take care of her!" She said with some happiness returning to her voice.

    Taylor smiles and hands her the Pokeball...O the exhilaration that flows through Liz. Not only did she get a fifth member to her team...she got a brand new recently discovered Pokemon as well! What a tremendous rush...though as excited as she was...she had to what it looked like. With that in mind, she let her new friend out to say hello to her. The ball opened, and a cute looking fire-fox came out of it.

    Liz stared at it in awe and couldn't believe how cute it was. Like Taylor said it had an Eevee-like yellow tail with a red tip, a yellow body with two "wings" on the back legs and stood on all fours. It also had a foxlike face which was yellow on top with white around the chin area. Also had red eyes, a black nose, cute yet sinister smile, and big yellow ears with red fur on the inside. No doubt about it that it was a fire type and as Fennekin looked to Liz, she surprisingly seemed a bit nervous to meet her.

    Crystal jumped off Liz's shoulder and offered her hand to say hi to her. Fennekin was a little shy but when she saw Crystal holding her hand out, she accepted her handshake by raising her paw to her hand. Liz is happy Crystal's trying to make her feel welcome to the team. Though to be honest, she didn't care that the Pokemon most likely wasn't shiny because she had something that most probably did not. That was more than enough for her...and most of all it came from Taylor!

    Liz leaned over to try and pet her and even though Fennekin is still on the shy side, she lets her and seems to enjoy it. Taylor told her that she has quite some powerful moves like Flamethrower, Fire Pledge and Attract telling her she taught all but Flamethrower to her. She wasn't sure what else she knew but was certain she'll be quite a powerful asset to her team. Liz agreed and thanked her again as she picked up her new fire fox. As she did this, she continued to pet her and N and Seline looked at her also very intrigued.

    N had never seen such a Pokemon at all ether though to rekindled his thoughts on how he wonders just how many pokemon there are in the world. Liz smiled saying how she couldn't thank her enough and that she was going to challenge the gym right now.

    Taylor pulled out and checked her phone for the time then put it away with a smile.

    "I got time...mind if come and watch?" she asked.

    Liz looked at her a bit surprised but nodded and told her she was more than welcome to. With that, they all headed out to head to the greenhouse gym which was right next door. They walk outside and turn left to enter the greenhouse gym next door and as they enter, they see plants growing everywhere. Also within the greenhouse are flowers of all colors, small trees and a beautiful glass sun roof. It was quite warm inside too and as they walk about the place looking for the gym leader.

    In the meantime, Mew has reached a strange place on routes 321 and 322 and inbetween Sapphire and Aquamarine Town known as the Pearl Cave. The routes are basic with grass, trees, wild Pokemon and nothing too special other than the cave. The Pearl Cave is quite mysterious because it is said to have places called "Time Breaks" throughout the cave and time simply does not flow normal. These Time Breaks are easily spotted because they're eerie looking light-beams through-out the cave and each one acts differently. Some are slow so when for example if one gets trapped inside for a hundred years, the way they age inside will only be ten.

    Of course in a fast Time Break, it may take ten years to age a hundred years which means most likely the trapped person or Pokemon would not survive. Scary thought when one thinks about it...then finally there's the backwards Time Breaks. Their speeds very but there have been rumors if a Pokemon gets caught in one and stays in long enough, they may devolve or even turn into an egg. Then if the egg stays long enough, it might disappear completely as though it never existed. It is not very clear if the rumors are true or not but one thing that is clear is that people stay away from the cave because of their fear of the time breaks.

    However, this is where the shiny blue Mew...Mew's sister, lives and Mew knows the cave's dangers full well. As she goes though the cave, she avoids the strange lights and then finds her sister. This Mew was the indeed the blue version of her with the same blue eyes and as she turned to see her original pink counter-part fly in, she was delighted.

    "Sister!" the blue Mew called in delight as she flew over and gave her pink counter-part a hugged her.

    Mew tried to smile but it wasn't going to be easy as she hugged her as well. Clearly she was happy to see her but she wishes it wasn't on such circumstances. As they broke the hug, the blue Mew wanted to know how it was going with her sister and admitted it has been a very long time.

    She looked at her and said, "Yes it really has been a long time...but we'll catch up later..."

    The blue Mew was a bit puzzled by her tone and said, "Ok, something's wrong, I can hear it in your tone..."

    She nodded and said, "Yes...something is very wrong..."

    Mew began to tell her blue counterpart about Missingno and all he's done so far. Her sister was quite shocked hearing the tale and asked how long she thought they had before he got there. She wasn't sure but was certain it'll be sooner then they think.

    "I appreciate you coming here all the way out here to tell me this sister...", the blue Mew started, "And you can count on me to help anyway I possibly can."

    Mew simply said thanks to her and she said she'll spread the news of the threat to any Pokemon that'll listen, starting with the legends she knew in the region. As they set out of the Pearl Cave together...little did they realize Missingno was closer to the region then they thought. The same dragon Pokemon that attacked Taylor's plane was watching in the shadows.

    I must report back to master Missingno that she indeed survived and is with another Mew... The dragon thought as he watched them.

    Mew seemed to sense it as it then took off to inform Missingno like he said it would. As she looked up, she spotted the dragon's shadow and knew almost imminently Missingno must be close. The blue colored Mew looks at her and asked her what was wrong.

    "Listen, we got to hurry..." she said.

    The blue Mew looked at her and said, "Wait...he isn't...?"

    "I just saw that dragon again...He's here...I'm sure of it..."

    This made the blue colored Mew feel uneasy considering what she said. Though she wasn't about to let this creep mess with her fellow Pokemon in her region so she had to stay strong. She wasn't going to give into fearing him ether because that's the last thing she or anyone needs right now. Plus she considered her sister the brave for coming all the way out from the Twilight Region to warn her so they can warn as many Pokemon as possible. She agreed with her sister that they had to hurry so the two of them took off as the sky was starting to turn grey.

    All the meanwhile back at the Gym, Liz and the others have at last located the battle field. It was a grass battle field almost like bringing the outdoors inside. No doubt a perfect battle field for grass types and it was surrounded with benches and rose bushes of all colors: red, white, pink, yellow and even orange. It has quite a tranquil feel to it and everyone assumed that this gym leader had to be female. They we're right on target for that as a beautifully dressed girl walks out from the other side.

    The girl was wearing a long, shiny, and sleeveless green dress laced around the edge with black sequences and green around her waist. She also had medium length green hair, green eyes, green high heal sandals, a green 2 leaf pin in her hair and was light skinned. As she walked out, she introduced herself to be the gym leader and said her name was Rosalina.

    As she welcomed them to her humble gym, she apologized for not being up for not being up front to guide them to the gym floor.

    Liz shook her head and said, "There's no need to apologize...really. You got yourself a beautiful gym here..."

    This made Rosalina smile that at least someone appreciated her garden and greenhouse. She thanked her and asked who was gonna challenge her today. Liz stepped forward as of course she wanted to claim her third badge and she accepted. The same general rules applied as before with three on three and no substitutions for the gym leader but subs allowed for the challenger. With the rules in place and understood, both Liz and Rosalina take their places on the field with Liz taking the right side.

    Everyone else took a seat as she introduced her first pokemon as an Ivysaur. As she came out in a flash of light, she was indeed a shiny meaning possibly native to the region. Ivysaur is a green colored...honestly nobody really knows whether it's an animal or plant but some call it a cross between a frog, a dinosaur and a plant. She's green in color, stands on 4 short legs, each with three white claws and the front legs are slightly taller than the back. She also has gold colored eyes, dark green spots all over the body, two small white teeth that stick outside of her mouth, four big green leaves on the top of body as well as a big golden flower. She also two small triangle ears that we're green with black inside as well and stood about three feet and three inches tall.

    Liz decided to try type advantage on this and sent Brownie out. The cute brown Starly gave a cry and was rearing to go as it came out in a flash of light. For the sake of surprise she had recalled Fennekin to her ball to save her for later while they we're walking through the gym. As both we're out, Rosalina gave her the honor of going first. Liz nodded and called for a Wing Attack and Rosalina called for Sleep Powder.

    Ivysaur fired a stream of silver powder which Brownie dodges by flying around it and her wings glowed. Wing attack hits doing a nice chunk of damage to her and as Ivysaur stood back up, she was told to use Energy ball. She responded by charging a green ball of energy from her mouth and fired it at Brownie.

    "Watch it Brownie, Wing Attack again!" Liz called to her.

    The Energy Ball hits the small bird knocking her back a little in the air but she comes back with a vengeance with her wings glowing again and she zooms in. She hits her target with a clean hit and quite a critical one knocking Ivysaur into a rose bush. The impact of it being critical, plus being super effective almost knocked her out. As she struggled to stand and get out of the bush, she was told to use Sleep Powder one more time. She does get out of the bush and is about to make the attempt as Liz calls for a Quick Attack.

    As the attack describes, Brownie charges in and moves rather quickly at Ivysaur hitting her before she even has a change to use Sleep Powder. This time Ivysaur is knocked into a tree and is knocked out when she hits the ground. As she saw this happen, she turned around and recalled Ivysaur to her Pokeball then turned back to Liz.

    "Well, well...” Rosalina started, "Your Starly isn't half bad...normally I try to put Flying types to sleep and hit them with a lot of attacks...but that clearly didn't work it seems..."

    Liz smiled and said, "It was a good effort on your part but I'm not gonna let my guard down yet."

    "Good, I'd be disappointed if you did..." she responded as she readied her next ball.

    Liz nodded as she knew she had to be prepared for anything that was thrown at her. After all, this was a gym leader she was up against and not a random trainer. So of course like the last two, she'd have a strategy to cover her weaknesses and play on her Pokemon's straights. Liz may've knocked one out but she felt the battle was only getting started. She was all but right on target as she sent her Bayleef out.

    Liz watched as she appeared in a flash of light and could tell she was tough. Standing at three feet and eleven inches tall she was known as the leaf pokemon. She had orange/pinkish color "skin", seven gold leaves around her neck, one big gold leaf with a dent in it and four white single round claws on each foot. She also had a bit of a long neck, reddish/brown eyes, stood on four legs, has a short tail, and looked like she was ready to go.

    "Alright, start with Sunny Day Bayleef!" the leader called to her.

    Bayleef responded by glowing and then sending a light orb into the sky. Suddenly as it goes through the sun roof and into the clouds, they disburse in a circle outside. This allows the sun to shine brightly and intensely which can even be felt through the sun roof. Liz watched this in awe at first then realized it was yet another weather combo move like the last gym.

    "Brownie, Wing Attack!" she called.

    Brownie reacted by her wings glowing as she nailed Bayleef but she shook it off as Solarbeam was called. Now normally with Solarbeam, one would have to charge first then fire it. However, with Sunny Day or even the Doubt ability in play, which also brings the sun in soon as a pokemon enters the field, Solarbeam can used on the spot. It is one of the most powerful grass attacks a Pokemon can have and as it’s unleashed on Brownie, Liz tries to tell her to dodge. This fails utterly as the yellow/white colored beam hits knocking her to the grown but not knocked out yet.

    As Brownie struggles to stand, Liz considers recalling her but Brownie looks back and shacks her head, she still wanted to fight.

    "She is sure determined isn't she?" Rosalina asked.

    Her Bayleef nodded kind of admitting it herself and then was told to use Poison Powder. As she fired off the purple dust, Liz told Brownie to dodge and use Wing Attack. Though just as she was about to get off the ground, the purple powder hit her causing her to glow purple and start feeling sick. Despite this, she still got up trying for that wing attack and as her wings glowed, Bayleaf was told to use Energy Ball. Wing Attack hits but she again shacks it off and fires the green ball.

    As it hits Brownie, it knocks her down to the grassy floor and Liz for the third time wants to recall her because she knows she won't last long out there. Brownie struggles up however and starts giving a cry as she suddenly starts to glow which envelopes her entire body. Liz is taking by surprise...Brownie is...evolving!
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    That was an amazing chapter! I loved the cliff hanger at the end!
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    thanks ^^ and thanks for allowing me to use your character for this, you will not be disapointed in the next few chapters, I can promise you that
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    No problem, thank you for letting me have a charester in your fic! Don't worry, I'm really can't wait for them!
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    A very, very special credit to Rayce for giving me a timid thunderus ( the milos island one too.) after seeking it for half a year. He really did bend over backwards to get it to me, and I'm very grateful for that.

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    Chapter 9:
    The Sapphire Ninetales

    Liz couldn’t believe it as she watched her little bird glow and grow. It was incredible as she's never seen a pokemon in actual evolution. As she watched this unfold, N, Seline, Mustafa, Taylor and not even Rosalina could believe what was occurring. It grew from a foot to two and when the glow stopped, she had evolved into a Staravia of the shiny verity! She had also gone through a few changes other than growing taller.

    She retained most of her brown feathers on the top of her body and gained a small little loped one on her head. The white circle on her face is now a star of a five point verity and her chest and the middle of her wings we're light brown. The brown tail with the white stripe in the middle was now slightly longer and the white strip came to a point. She still retailed the solid black eyes and her wings at the top we're zigzag pattern downward. Also had slightly longer yellow feet and the beak which is yellow with the brown tip got a little longer as well.

    Liz looked on in delight and said, "Incredible, you’re a Staravia now!"

    Brownie nodded and said, "<But still the same old Brownie with a brand new look and move!>"

    In spite of the Poison going on, Brownie felt brand new with a new determination and even as the purple glow took hold, it wasn't going to stop her. She flew up without warning and did a loop in the sky charging at Bayleef the air glowing while doing so. Liz recognized that move without question because she saw Dread's Fearow use the was Aerial Ace! Rosalina was taken by complete surprise as she watched it hit Bayleef pretty hard knocking her into another rose bush. As Bayleef got up, she was told to fire another Energy Ball at her. However, the green ball missed due Staravia's dodging it.

    Rosalina knew now that the sun had only one turn left and with poison taking a toll, maybe she could still beat Brownie. However, that last Aerial Ace did a real number on Bayleef and she knew Liz could easily ask for another one to end it. It was all dependent on what was done next for these two so she decided to take advance of the sun and call for Solarbeam. As she fired it, Liz felt that Aerial Ace wasn't needed to win this one so she called wing attack to everyone's surprise. The brown bird charged through the white/yellowish beam on glowing wings and nailed Bayleef knocking her off her feet and knocking her out as she hit the grassy floor. However, the damage was so great that the poison took the last ounce of straight she had and knocked her out to.

    The leader looked at her with a bit of surprise, "Wow...technically a draw..." she said as she recalled Bayleef.

    Liz nodded as she recalled Brownie to her ball and thanked her. The sun had disburse as they did and the intense heat was gone, though for Liz, this battle was just heating up. When asked why no Aerial Ace at the end, Liz explained she felt the poison was going to knock her out ether way so she wanted Brownie to have a glory moment and not struggle with poison. Also it was the fact she knew Brownie wanted to see the battle through to end and that's why she seemed to refuse to give up. Rosalina seemed to understand what she meant and readied her final ball in her hand.

    " next Pokemon is the strongest I got...ready?" she asked.

    She nodded as she was once more not letting her guard down to anything. As she fired the ball, a Grovyle that looked exactly like Dread's came out. Liz was honestly a bit surprised that her last pokemon was Grovyle and recognized now that all three of her Pokemon we're evolved grass starters. This however didn't bother her cause not it was time to show her secret weapon...Fennekin. She went for her ball and smiled as she held it.

    "And for my next Pokemon...I can promise you this is one you never seen before." Liz said with a smile.

    Rosalina was a little surprised because she sees many interesting Pokemon, mostly of the bug, fire and flying verity. But one she's never seen before...she couldn't begin to imagine and was anxious to know what she meant. Liz smiled as she called Fennekin's name and tossed the ball in the air. As the ball opened and Fennekin appeared in a flash of light, she seemed to take a step back.

    "A Fennekin...?" she started, "Whoa your right...I never have seen this Pokemon before...however...I have heard there we're some new Pokemon we're recently discovered...this must be one of them..."

    "Yes I guess so..." Liz said with a smile.

    "Well based on the look...I'll assume this one is a fire type so while I admit it is's going down...Grovyle, Energy Ball!"

    As he charged and fired the green ball, Liz told Fennekin to dodge and use Attract since Grovyle seemed to be a male. Fennekin complied and dodged the green ball as she put her front paws to her mouth and fired little red hearts at Grovyle. It took both Rosalina and Grovyle by surprise as Grovyle was hit and became infatuated with the little yellow fox. She was even more shocked that her Fennekin was actually a female.

    "W-wait a second...your Fennekin is a girl?!" she asked surprised.

    Liz simply nodded and was a little surprised by her shock over this. However, she did know next to nothing about Fennekin so it would be hard to know male from female on first glance. Liz smiled at this and then called for Flamethrower and she launched the fire stream at Grovyle. She called to dodge and use Leaf Blade but he refused to budge and got nailed by the flame stream knocking him back but he gets back up. Next Liz called for Fire Pledge and Fennekin hit the ground and glowed red as a giant fire pillar appeared and headed for Grovyle.

    Grovyle was told to dodge and use Solarbeam not wanting to use the sun so it would have to charge. The other reason she didn't want to use Sunny Day is because the move can also power up fire moves. To her surprise, he starts charging but doesn't budge and the fire tower hits him engulfing him in the flame. When it disappeared leaving Grovyle, it was clear it did a lot of damage to him back he still had barely enough to fire the Solarbeam. Liz knew this battle was nearly finished and called for another Fire Pledge.

    As the yellowish/white stream and the fire pillar came at the opposing Pokemon and hit, Fennekin was knocked back but landed on her feet. Grovyle however wasn't so lucky and this time was knocked out when the fire tower that engulfed him again disappeared. Rosalina was quite surprised as she recalled Grovyle to his ball and was quite impressed with Liz and her Pokemon. Liz smiled as she ran out and picked up Fennekin and hugged her and Rosalina walked over to her.

    "I was impressed with your Pokemon...your Staravia evolving was unexpected and so was that Fennekin's have eared this" she said as she pulled the Emerald Badge.

    Like the other badges, this one looked like a real green emerald and it was in a rectangle form. As Liz took it to put it in her badge case, she also pulled out a green disk and handed it to her. It was another TM and this one contained Energy Ball which she hoped she can use. Liz smiled and thanked her as she put the TM away and as she was about to head out, Seline who said she was going to stay here and challenge her next since she wanted her third badge herself. Liz agreed and told her that she'll come back to watch after she healed her Pokemon.

    Taylor figured she had enough time to watch one more battle so she was going to stay and watch. Liz promised she'll be back as she had to heal her Pokemon and walked out. Rosalina had her own private healing system and she went to use it which is a machine hidden on the right side of the greenhouse. N, who unsure what to do himself, just decided to tag with Liz to the Center and back. As they walked through the plant area, Liz noticed he was following her but didn't mind. After all, she's been with him since they met in Crystal Forest so why not now?

    As they walked out and over to the Center through the green city, N couldn't help but notice that she seemed to grow with every badge. One thing he regrets doing is underestimating her from time to time and hopes she can use her "can do" attitude can help her with her flying. He's also starting to understand a little more about pokemon stay with the trainers that love them and truly care deeply for them. The Pokeball thing still bothered him however and one day he wished to see a world where humans and pokemon can be friends without it. As he thought about this, they suddenly watched Dread walk out of the Center.

    Dread noticed them and said, "O hey Liz...N..." he said a little distant, "What you two doing here?"

    Liz looked over and said, "O, won my third badge so I'm healing my Pokemon."

    "O you to huh? third badge was quite easy to get. Isabel, was...a pretty big help. Um, I heard the fourth gym is water so...I'm going to try and find a grass or electric type..."

    "Water? That would be Sapphire Gym wouldn't it?" she asked.

    " all else fails, I'll teach Dratini Thunderbolt or something." he said as he sent out Fearow and hopped on taking off into the sky before Liz or N can say anything else.

    Liz told him bye as he took off and sighed, "Always in a hurry..."

    N looked at her and said, "Surprised he said hardly anything to me this time..."

    "Well..." she said, "He was still kind of distant to I said, give it time."

    N nodded and they walked into the center which still had the same green decor that it had that morning. As Liz walked to the counter to have the nurse heal her Pokemon, it occurred to N he never really asked her about how she felt about Pokeballs. Though it wasn't that important because then again, he never truly had the courage to ask her if she truly had those feelings he had for her. After she gave her pokemon to the nurse, recalling Crystal and Fennekin to do so, she glanced at N and noticed he appeared to be deep in thought. After the nurse healed them on the machine and gave them back to her saying their back to full health, Liz departed with N back to Gym letting Crystal back out.

    As they walked back, Liz asked N what was on his mind. He inquired her as to why she asked and she told him it looked like something was on his mind back there.

    "Um's just..." He started then trailed off.

    "Just...what?" She asked.

    "Just something...I'm not sure I can tell you...yet I mean...because I don't know how to...say it..."

    Liz had a feeling of what he might be hinting at but she didn't want the wrong impression. It was mainly because she had a crush on him also but she didn't want to scare him off by saying it. So instead she thought of something to say to ease the nerves in the air.

    "That's alright...tell me when you’re ready." She said with a small smile.

    For N this did put him at ease as he now felt no pressure to say anything to her. Besides, he wondered how she'd feel if he kept stumbling on his words to say he had a crush on her. Though he had suspicions that he wasn't the only one...the way Mustafa looked at her told him he might also have a thing for her. Then there was Dread...the two have been friends for a long time so could he also have a crush? He wasn't positive on that one but he wasn't good at reading human emotions that have to do with love ether.

    It was all new to him still in spite of Reshiram explaining it to him. They finally make it back to the gym and they walk in just in time to see Seline and Mustafa going at it in a battle with Rosalina. Seline's Eevee used a powerful Quick Attack from her Eevee to knock out Grovyle by charging at him and knocking him into the grassy ground. At the same time, and Starlight used Splash to dodge Bayleef's Energy Ball. As Grovyle was recalled to his ball, Liz walks over to ask Taylor what was going on and she had a pretty interesting story for them.

    "Well, while you we're gone...Mustafa kept insisting he wanted me to watch his battle but I only have time for one Rosalina decided to do a triple battle with no substitutions at all."

    " that's why their tag-teaming this battle..." Liz said.

    She nodded and said, "Yep, Seline used a Dratini and her Eevee while Mustafa used Starlight...they'll each win the badge and they took out her Ivysaur...but Dratini got knocked out and you saw that Grovyle is now out so Bayleef is all that's left standing..."

    "Wow...that's incredible..." Liz said.

    "O and one other note..." she started, "Mustafa wanted Beldum out there but it seemed that he didn't want to do anything front of me so Seline sent in Dratini instead."

    Liz thought that Beldum was a little strange but it didn't bother her and she turned to watch the remainder of the battle. Rosalina noticed Liz was back but remained focused on the battle as she told Bayleef to fire another Energy Ball. As she fired the green ball, Mustafa told Starlight to dodge in which she did using Splash again. Now with Splash, it's normally considered the most useless move ever and it really does nothing to the opponent at all. However, Starlight loves using this move even if other Pokemon make fun of her for it.

    In fact because of her ability to jump, it actually makes a surprising nice dodging maneuver for her like she's showing. It may have annoyed Mustafa in the beginning but as they learned how to use it for defense, it wasn't so bad. Guess it shows that everything has its place and purpose and also what might be useless for one Pokemon is not so much for another. As the battle raged on, Seline called for Quick Attack and Mustafa for Jump Kick. Eevee glows for a second and charged forward fast while Starlight jumped into the air to deliver a kick.

    As the two hit, Bayleef was hit pretty hard and knocked to the ground. She struggled to stand up but collapsed as Seline and Mustafa claimed their victory. Rosalina walked over to congratulate them both and like with Liz, gave them their badges and TMs for Energy Ball. Taylor got up and congratulated them and thanked everyone for allowing her to watch the battles. She gave Seline, Liz and Mustafa a hug as she said she had to go back to rehearsal but was happy to spend time with them.

    As they waved goodbye, Liz suddenly found herself feeling rather tired even though it was only mid-day and quite hungry to. With all that went on between staying up all night and all that went on in the day, she could use some food and rest and she didn't even notice she was feeling all that till now. Guess one could say it all finally caught up with her and she wasn't the only one. N and Seline we're feeling the same so they headed out of the gym to the Pokemon Center once more so they can get food and plenty of rest. They pretty much took it easy the rest of the day, with N having his usual berries and apples and Liz having stuff from the buffet they set up at this particular center: Chicken, Pizza, Fish, Mac and Cheese and all the good stuff.

    Seline and Mustafa ate off it also and when they we're done, Liz, N and Seline all turned in around seven o'clock that night because of how sleepy they we're. Of course for Liz, this means the return of the nightmares for her. Same as always only this time, she was cornered by Missingno in a shadow form of a Dragon she's never seen before and looking around her, she quickly realized she was atop a castle. As she looks to her left...she thinks she sees a shadow of what looks like a Ninetales surrounded by a bright deep blue aura. Then there was also the Togekiss and Zoroark with their Light and Dark Auras standing with Missingno and if that wasn't enough, there was another Pokemon with them she couldn't identify.

    However, this other Pokemon appeared to radiate a bright red aura and appeared to be in the shape of a large dog. As Liz looked behind her, she saw there was no way but down and it was steep drop. She found herself unsure what to do and when the attack was poised at her, she suddenly work up and it was surprisingly now seven AM in the morning. She had slept for 12 hours which was clearly needed though it didn't feel like it. As she looked around the room they stayed it, which is a lot like the Topaz one except for the green decor and a fire place in the wall which is a fancy green brick, she noticed N wasn't there.

    She also saw Seline and Mustafa we're still asleep with their Pokemon as they rented a two bunk bed room last night. Liz figured since she was up and didn't want to bother anyone that she'll just get ready. So she used the bathroom provided to shower and get dressed and ready for whatever the day holds. Once she finished with her routine and came back out fully dressed and ready for the day, she noticed Seline and Mustafa we're both up and discussing where to go next.

    "Well..." Mustafa started, "Sapphire town is just beyond here and it not only holds the next gym but also a mysterious castle I heard..."

    "A mysterious castle you say?" Seline asked.

    " is said to be covered in sapphire and is even said to be made of pure it got this way is unclear but I was talking to someone last night...he said the castle is home to a strange Pokemon that can turn things into pure sapphire...even People and Pokemon..."

    Mysterious Castle...? A Pokemon that can turn things to sapphire...? W-wait a second...that sounds like...! she thought then spoke up, "I think that Pokemon might be in trouble!"

    Seline looked at her friend a little confused at first by her sudden outburst but then realized what she may've meant.

    "Wait a second..." she started, "Did you have another dream Liz?"

    Liz was about to answer when she noticed N walked in to with a big fruit bowl of apples and Oren Berries and heard the last two comments. When he asked what was going on, Liz explained the dream to all three of them with all the details she could remember. None of them could really answer what the large dog with the red aura was but Mustafa said he had heard of another Pokemon that can turn things to Ruby. He explained that in the region from a legend he heard that there we're two Pokemon that can turn things into gem stones. They are both said to be fire types and how they got their powers are unclear but the humans feared their powers.

    By doing so they chased them out of the town they we're born in which is said to be Sapphire Town. The Pokemon that can make anything ruby had a broken heart but refused to let the humans fear of him affect how he felt. So while he went around the region to help people and pokemon wherever he was needed, the fire Pokemon of Sapphire grew bitter and cold toward humans. It said she used her powers to turn the old stone castle she stayed in into the Sapphire Castle. This became her fortress of solitude and anyone who entered, challenged her and lost, got turned into pure sapphire and was never seen again.

    This saddened Liz to hear that a Pokemon can become so bitter just because they we're feared and hatted for a special power like that. N, of course, can relate to how she feels as he's been with many abandoned Pokemon over his lifetime. Liz really wanted to meet this sapphire fire Pokemon though because she was born in the month of the sapphire: September.

    "The story is amazing...but like I said...I fear the Sapphire Fire Pokemon is in danger and possibly so is the Ruby one...we have to go help them." She said.

    "And from the sound your dream, it sounds like Missingno is after them both." N said as he set the bowl of fruit down.

    "So I suppose that Sapphire Town is our next destination right?" Seline asked.

    Everyone nodded in agreement and they decided it was best to eat the breakfast N was kind enough to bring for everyone first. After twenty minutes of eating the amazing fruit, which was eaten by everyone including the pokemon, most we're returned except for Crystal, Eevee, Harmony, Starlight and N's Zoroark. They all head out of the green Pokemon Center where Reshiram was waiting for them. N was concerned that Reshiram wouldn't be able to carry them all and Seline said it wasn't a problem. When asked why she pulled out a ball and sent out a shiny Swellow.

    Swellow was a pretty big green bird that was about two feet and seven inches tall. She had a white under belly with orange near the top and on her face as well as a "V" shaped green stripe running through it. On top of that, a small yellow beak, small black eyes and three green feathers on the back of her head. Her tail was two separate long and narrow feathers that are green and orange on the tip. Her feet we're orange as well with black claws and everyone was surprised she never showed it before.

    "Well to be honest...she was the first pokemon I caught and she evolved before I caught up with you Liz." She said with a smile.

    "Aw ok, I got you." Liz said.

    She smiled as she got on Swellow with her Eevee and everyone else got on Reshiram. They all started to take off and fly up to leave the green city behind them. As the few over route 320, they noticed there was a ruins along the path that was known as the Rainbow Ruins. The place was said to be home to shiny Unown and was said to hold many of the ancient Rainbow Regions legends. The shiny Unown themselves are all different as they resemble different letters of the alphabet and even a question mark and an exclamation mark.

    So needless to say they come in 28 different verities and the only common thing is that they have a flat eyeball, are blue in color and only know one move: Hidden Power. Hidden Power is a move that can vary in power from Pokemon to Pokemon and it though it's considered normal, it can become a different type based on who and what it's taught to. They all made a note to check out the ruins later as now they need to look into Sapphire Town. As they passed through the grassy route that was lined with trees, they came upon, as one would expect, a deep blue-colored town. Every building coated in sapphire blue in the distance they see it.

    The Sapphire Castle sparkling brightly in the sunlight almost like the castle you see at Disneyland except no flags and won't be a portal to a fantasy land. N knew how important it was to get there for Liz so just as they we're going to take off, who should come up beside them but Dread. He was coming from the direction of the Sapphire Pokemon Center which indicated to Liz maybe he got badge four already. Sure enough he said he thought he saw a Reshiram in the sky so he thought he'd thought he'd see what they we're doing.

    "Well..." Liz started, "We're off to sapphire about you?"

    "I got my fourth badge...I found a strange grass type that I never seen but he worked...I think it's a Chespin or something...also taught Dratini Thunderbolt because I was able to buy the TM out Dragonair I should say." he said.

    "Whoa Dratini evolved? Cool, I can't wait to see him in action again." Liz said

    "See him in action? about a battle when we get to the castle then? Up for it Liz?" he asked.

    "There's no time for that Dread...I fear the Pokemon that lives there is in danger." She said.

    Dread was now perplexed and confused and Liz explained the dream to him. As Dread listened, he was amazed at the complexity of the dream, though at the same time, was a little disappointed they couldn't battle yet. As he came to terms with fact the battle absolutely had to wait, he followed them to the castle. He looked at N and still had a hatred for him and hoped to one day still put him "in his place" in his mind. As they few over the blue town, they finally make it sparkling sapphire colored castle and as they land, they are surprised to find Taylor there with Note and Meredith wearing a plain blue dress as if dressed for the occasion.

    Taylor turns to look at them and says, "Wow...funny meeting you guys here..."

    "Yeah I'll say..." Liz started, "What are you doing here?"

    "Well's a mix of curiosity and being directed here...I have no concerts today anyway so I said that I'd be here..."

    "Said you'll be here...? Wait...does that mean...?"

    Taylor nodded and said, "Come on out if your here Mew, these are my friends, they won't hurt you!"

    With that suddenly both Mew appeared and flew over to Taylor from the side of the castle. Nobody in the group could believe see one Mew is rare enough but two being normal and shiny...that was something else. Taylor smiled a little and asked if the shiny Mew was the sister she spoke of. The pink cat nodded and then Taylor asked why she was called here by them. They said they have reason to believe that the Pokemon that lives within the castle is in danger of Missingno. Liz's eyes widened with it being confirmed for her like that and she decided to speak up.

    "Then we're all here for the same reason then..." she said.

    This took both the Mew and Taylor by surprise and she explained the dream to them as well. Once they finished, they understood what they meant and finally someone was able to answer the "burning" question of who the fire type Ruby Pokemon was.

    "That fire type Ruby Pokemon...that's a Arcanine...I know him personally..." The Blue Mew said.

    "O you do...?" Liz asked.

    "Yes...he's a dear friend of mine...are you saying that Missingno possibly captured him...?"

    The answer was unclear to Liz but she knows she saw him on Missingno's side and not on the side she was standing. When she explained this, the Blue Cat got a little sad but Liz said she's sure they'll get his soul back somehow. This cheered her up a little and they all proceeded to enter the castle. As they looked around the castle as the entrance as they walked inside, everything within was all solid sapphire like the outside. Even the floor and the various statues that seemed to line the walls of the place. There wasn't one inch of this place that wasn't coated in this amazing deep blue color.

    Liz was amazed to see the entire castle covered in her birthstone however...looking at the statues, they all appeared to be perfect looking Pokemon and people. The odd thing is though none appeared to express fear...the expression on each face was more...sad or blank. As they walked through the entrance, they came to a door that had Unown writing on it. Because Unown we're so close to the English alphabet, Liz had no trouble reading it and it seemed most everyone else could to. The letters seemed to spell out "Thrown Room" so they proceeded to open the door.

    They open up to a rather large room coated in sapphire like the rest of the castle and it was lined with more statues and two giant blue chairs at the top of stairs. As they entered, they noticed one of the chairs was occupied by a sleeping shiny Ninetales.

    T-That's...that's what I saw...! no doubt about it! Liz thought.

    This shiny Ninetales was about three feet and seven inches tall, and has a silver/blue colored coat. She also has blue tips on each of her long and beautiful nine tails and is an elegant foxlike pokemon. She also has red eyes, an extra fur patch under her neck which is silver/blue as well. This Pokemon also has a black nose and a bird-like blue/silver hair patch on her head with a smug smile and a pair of blue/silver ears. Since this place was solid sapphire, it wasn't like they came quietly so she began to stir hearing the echoes of their footsteps and looked over at them clearly not pleased at all.

    The sapphire fox jumped out of her seat and onto the floor"Who are you and what are you...all of you, doing here?! You all here to try challenging and failing like the rest I turned into a sapphire stone collection over the years?!"

    Liz was a little surprised she understood her as was everyone else so she spoke up and said, "No that's not it at all honest...we believe you’re in great danger..."

    "Me?! Great Danger?! O that's a just want my guard so you can capture me!" The sapphire fox replied.

    "I promise that's not the case...honest...I admit you’re an amazing just have to believe me...besides...if I was here to attack you...wouldn't I have done so already?"

    Ninetales was still angry but paused for a second to think about her words. In a way it was true that if she had indeed intended to attack, she would've tried already. This behavior perplexed her because all her life she was ether feared or attacked. Nobody had ever treated her with anything other than those emotions so she wasn't sure what to do about any of them.

    N decided to speak up and said, "She's telling the truth appeared in her dream."

    This statement confused her and Liz explained it was a shadow of her that appeared in the dream. Ninetales had trouble absorbing the words that they spoke and noticed the others seemed to have no intentions of fighting her ether. She was still upset but was for them coming like this she now had to know something.

    "Tell me then..." she started, "If I'm in such danger...then from whom?!" she demanded.

    Suddenly a voice fills the room and says "HEHEHE…THAT WOULD PROBABLY BE...ME!"

    That's gotta be...! Liz Thought.

    As sure as it was day outside...though the grey clouds began to roll in, Missingno appeared with Zist, Togekiss, the mysterious Dragon turning out to be a shiny Hydreigon and...a shiny Arcanine radiating a red aura. Missingno himself was in his true backwards "L" form and they can all truly see what he looked like for the first time. He was nothing but light and dark aura mixed and entwined into this strange backwards "L" shape and you can possibly see a pair of red eyes near the top. He also stood at ten feet tall and Liz was and everyone else was shacking upon seeing him. Even N, who considered all Pokemon his friends, feared this one and could tell something was pure evil about it.

    As for the Hydreigon, it was considered a three headed dragon and it was green in color from being shiny. The two heads on his black "arms" are considered to be brainless and are smaller than the main head and they have black eyes on the green heads. Also, around the main head in the middle, it has a purple "Flower-like" pattern and also had black eyes with a dark red in the center. He also had six black wings that we're sort of thin and 2 purple strips down his stomach and another on the bottom of his tail which ended in a black three pointed spike. On top of all that, the feet, also green, appeared to have three toes each and this Pokemon itself is considered to be the brutal Pokemon and stands at five feet and eleven inches.

    Then there was was shiny like all the rest of the Pokemon in the region. This large dog was known as Legendary Pokemon and was yellow in color with black stripes. He also stood on all fours, is six feet and three inches tall and has cream colored fur around on his chest and all around his face except for his black eyes. His ears we're yellow and cream fur in the center and had a cream bushy tail with a little cream fur on the back legs. His red aura indicated he was the Pokemon of Ruby however...he shared the same blank look in his eyes as Hydreigon, Zist and Togekiss.

    When Liz saw this it confirmed it for her for sure...all her dreams are beginning to became reality. As Ninetales turned to see all of them...she recognized Arcanine immediately and was stunned to see him. The way he looked at her with that blank stare in his eyes she wasn't sure what to make of it. The Blue Mew also realized that Liz was indeed telling the truth and it saddened her to see him this way. Ninetales, a little confused, tried to speak up and talk to him.

    "A-Arcanine..." She started, "Don't you...don't you recognize me...?" the Sapphire Fox asked.

    Arcanine seemed to ignore her as he was waiting on commands from his "master" being Missingno. As Missingno seemed to scan everyone, he realized he's never tried to absorb human souls before so he was poised to give it a shot. Being made of light and dark aura he can see the aura of others and was perplexed about N's in particular. N's aura showed he was standing right in the middle of Light and Darkness...a neutral presence in other words. He then saw Liz's as mostly light with a hidden darkness that wasn't yet tapped but could go off.

    Of course being made of these two auras, he has knowledge of both sides of the, them so he knew what a half angel was. After scanning them all, he decides to go for Taylor first then the others. Missingno morphs into a shadow form of Togekiss and flies at her to attack her. Meredith wouldn't have it and becomes cloaked in a yellow glow as did Taylor. The Attack was none other than Return and because of the powerful bond they had and the fact she had Adaptability, it was twice as powerful.

    Meredith charged and hit Missingno with all that energy and it knocked him back much to his surprise. This made him pretty angry that Meredith interfered and Note ran to Meredith’s side saying they won't back down. Missingno smirked figuring he can just attack all three of them at once and then take control. As he flew over to prepare a Super Glitch attack on them, Mustafa wasn't about to let his favorite singer take the fall. As Missingno started forming the strange box around them, Taylor grabbed Note and Meredith hugging them for dear life and that's when Mustafa ran and pushed them out of it.

    He got trapped himself and Missingno considered him a fool for doing such a thing. However, soon as the power started to affect him, something that he was wearing around his neck glowed and made the attack shatter and disburse. Everyone was stunned and didn't see he was wearing some sort of artifact around his neck till he stood back up.

    "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" Missingno demanded.

    Liz was shocked that he could withstand it and saw the strange artifact around his neck. It appeared to be a pure white key of some sort that was probably at least four inches tall. The end piece appeared to be heart shaped and the long part appeared to resemble a blade with the two prongs sticking out. Then it hit Missingno when he saw him and to was clear he knew Mustafa from somewhere before.


    D-Disposed of...wait a second... he thought, then realized, "T-That! You’re the one who tried to get rid of me?!"

    Liz was confused at what Mustafa was saying as was everyone else. Seline asked what he meant and Mustafa looked back at them with a sigh. Clearly it was something he hated talking about but now seemed like the time.

    "Well...truth is..." he started, "a Umbreon that was my mother’s best Pokemon...a Pokemon she cherished it and had her whole life...attacked me when I was nine..."

    "Attacked you...?" Liz asked.

    "Yes...and I was never sure why...but when she did...she had that same blank look as the Pokemon Missingno is controlling now! My mother...had kill her to protect me..." he said trying to hold back the tears.

    "Ugh..." Liz said then looked at Missingno, "Is this true that you had everything to do with it?!"


    This shocked everyone in the room and they realized, except Mustafa, how much it was like Chandelure’s account. The locking of eyes before he was free of the orb, filling the Pokemon with a Twilight colored was clear that's what happened to that Umbreon. Now Liz had just one more reason to protect Ninetales from Missingno's wrath because he's crossed the line far as she's concerned. Attacking Mustafa with his mom's Umbreon, taking control of a desperate Chandelure, forcing the legendary princesses of Twilight to work for him, taking control of the ruby Arcanine and trying to attack her favor music way was she going let getting Ninetales add to that list. Though convincing Ninetales to trust her won't be an easy task but she can see the fear she's feeling now that she knows what Missingno can do.

    Missingno knew that his Super Glitch attack won't work as long as Mustafa got in the way so he called on his servants to attack. Zist complied by coming at Dread and he stayed calm by sending out the Chespin he spoke of earlier. It was yet another Pokemon they never saw before and it didn't glimmer as it wasn't shiny at all. It looked sort of like a skinny chipmunk with a circular face, and three dark brown triangles all pointing inward on its light brown/cream colored face. One Triangle was at the top, one on the left and the other was on the right.

    He also had green around his head that looked sort of like a "hoodie" with two big pointed straight leaves on the sides on top, three connected in the middle and two more tiny ones near the bottom of his face. He also has two black eyes, a big tooth at the top of his mouth, two dark brown paws, and the rest of his front body is the cream/light brown color with two big white claws on his feet. On his back is green with a green and red tip on his tale. Obviously a grass type, he was commanded to use energy ball and he fired the green ball at Zist. It hits her knocking her back across the Sapphire coated floor and Togekiss comes back with a Twilight-infused Air Slash.

    Togekiss made this attack by circling in the air and making a blue ball with white and black colors mixed in and fired it which took Chespin by surprise. It now knocked him back across the sapphire glazed floor and he took a lot of damage due to it was a super effective. Chespin attempted to get as Togekiss fired another Twilight-infused Air Slash. As it came at him, Crystal charged and fired an electro ball from her heart-shaped tail. The Yellow and Blue with white and black colored balls clashed making a mid-air explosion protecting Chespin.

    This jester surprised Dread and made Missingno a little upset that she was interfering. He knew as long as they stood together, they'd defend each other so he had to separate them somehow. Liz however had other plans as she knew she had to get Ninetales away from Missingno. As she scanned the room, she saw an opening that lead to a staircase. Her guess was that lead to the top of the castle and there may be means of escape up there.

    The only trouble was convincing her to trust her which seemed impossible upon meeting her. However, Ninetales was already looking at the staircase and made a daring leap to run across the sapphire floor to it. Missingno commanded Togekiss and Arcanine to stop her and they came at her, her eyes glowed and they stopped midair. Everyone was stunned as N declared that move was Psychic which was a move normally impossible to be known by her kind. Yet there she was...using the move and as she did, the two we're tossed them into Zist and Hydreigon and she made a break for it.

    Liz decided to follow her as the we're on the ground for the moment mainly because she had such a strong desire to help her. The others we're about to follow her as well but the four got back up and Missingno commanded Zist, Togekiss and Arcanine to go after Ninetales and Hydreigon to block the others. They all complied with these commands as Missingno went with the three now chasing after Liz and Ninetales up the sapphire coated staircase. When N, Dread, Seline, Mustafa and Taylor approached the staircase, Hydreigon blocked them and fired a hyper beam. This was countered with Reshiram's Fusion Flare and as the two collided and exploded in a smoky blaze, they used it as cover to run out of the castle.

    As the smoke cleared, Hydreigon realized they have ran for it and decided to and join and the others for the chase with Ninetales. As Liz and Crystal ran with her, Ninetales asked her why she was even bothering to help her.

    "Well...I hate seeing pokemon such as yourself being hurt but something like this...and by the way...was that really psychic back there?"

    "Yes I admit it was...I'm not sure how I got that attack...but I had it a very long time...and it's part of the reason I can turn things to sapphire..."

    "Well that explains how I can understand you...and I'll be honest...when not turning pokemon and people into statues...that is a pretty cool and very special power I think..." she said as they continued to run.

    The words she heard surprised her because nobody had ever told her that and when she was about to ask her why, the conversation became short lived as they realized they we're being chased. They ran up the swirling sapphire staircase till they finally reach the top. Liz saw they we're now on top of a balcony and when Missingno and the others cornered them, it was de-ja-vu for her. This was exactly like her dream...being trapped atop a castle with the Pokemon and Missingno staring her down and no way out...or was there?

    Missingno spoke up and said, "YOU'RE BOTH TRAPPED...SURRENDER NOW...HEHE...THERE’S NOWHERE LEFT TO RUN..."

    Missingno sort of spoke the truth...indeed there was nowhere left to run...but was there still another way? As she pondered these thoughts, she looked back down and saw all her friends had come out of the castle and they realized how trapped she was up there. N called for Reshiram to go get them and as she flew up, Hydreigon went after her firing another Hyper Beam and the white beam hit her wing sending her crashing to the ground. Reshiram struggled to stand and her wing was badly injured. Liz watched this and was shocked and knew she only had one choice.

    This choice was a dangerous resolve however because it could result in her life being taken if it didn't work. This wasn't a ledge or any old building after all...this was a twenty or twenty-five story easy jump. However she knew if she didn't do something soon, Ninetales and her soul would soon be gone.

    She looked at Missingno and said, "I have a choice still...and you’re not stopping me!"

    This surprised him as he wondered what she meant and before he can ask, she grabbed Ninetales and made a jump for it.

    "YOU FOOL!" Missingno cried.

    Everyone watched in shock as the two jumped off the edge and Liz closed her eyes...unsure if she was indeed going to make it.
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    I love the concept, and the chapters are really improving.

    I can see a lot of this is inspired by James Patterson's Witch and Wizard and Maximum Ride series... Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shymain View Post
    I love the concept, and the chapters are really improving.

    I can see a lot of this is inspired by James Patterson's Witch and Wizard and Maximum Ride series... Correct me if I'm wrong.
    honestly I never read them but if you say so, I'll let you run with that, lol (sorry for a late responce, soo much going on in life...gonna pick up on 10 very soon)
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    Credit to Eeveelover824 for this sig and credit to RondezView for the pink pikachu
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