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    Default Pokémon 2012: Überload [Discussion Thread]

    POKéMON 2012: üBERLOAD
    ~ a deadly.braviary RP ~

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    Everyone knows the old legends.

    The three birds that fly over Kanto, keeping nature in balance.

    The faerie that resides in Ilex Forest as the spirit of nature.

    The giant dragon that creates and rules the clear skies, while living at the summit of the giant pillar in one of the many islands of Hoenn.

    The giant that is said to reside within the Snowpoint Temple's cavernous basement.

    The urban legend of an insectoid cloned from a fossil and illegally genetically-modified by Team Plasma several years ago.

    They're not legends anymore.

    They're real.


    You used to be an ordinary citizen. One day you stumbled upon a blog on the internet. It was written by a woman named Sue Cra. This unlikely name, according to Sue, was the result of a misspelling on her birth certificate (originally 'Cray', Cra is still pronounced the same way).

    Sue's blog, interestingly titled "
    Überload" followed her work: she claimed to be a historian, researching the old myths of the world. She detailed her findings on her blog: if it was the latest Neolithic cave painting discovered, or yet another theory on the mysteriously desolate Newmoon Island where nobody dared to venture into, it was on Sue's blog.

    You found this interesting, and began to follow the blog, not realising that this action might have consequences ...

    On the 14th of December, Sue Cra's blog was updated. Through the next week, the world changed.


    The 2012 Phenomenon. Yet another crackpot end of the world theory. The Mayan calendar stated that the world would end in 2012? Ridiculous. Preposterous. Utter bullsh*t.

    Sue Cra didn't think so.

    Sue Cra updated her blog on the 14th of December. Why? Because, she believed, she would be dead the next week.

    Hey everyone! This is Sue speaking.

    This will be my very last update. Next week, the world will end, as the Mayans predicted.

    We're already slipping into decline. Global warming, political crises, wars, disturbances in the ecosystem... the end of the world isn't the logical next step, but it is logical. Maybe a few days down the line. But surely, it's coming, whenever it will.

    For those who say the Mayans didn't count the extra days in leap years or whatever: I reply, so what? Maybe the world won't end. So what? Maybe the world needs to end. After all, it's in pretty bad shape.

    Anyway, goodbye. It's been one hell of a ride.

    Sue Cra's blog: last update, 14.12.2012

    Throughout the week leading up to the 'end of the world', the world was beginning to change drastically.

    Sightings of the old legends became abundant throughout the world.

    The Tohjo Falls dispute ended violently when an anonymous suicide bomber detonated a bomb that caused the entire cave to come down on the activists and the soldiers at the border.

    The Magikarp in the Lake of Rage floated, belly-up, as the Gyarados began to attack their own kind. Charles 'Chuck' Norst, Gym leader of the city of Cianwood, was attacked by his own Pokemon.

    The weather went haywire everywhere: sunshine abruptly turns to a downpour and back within minutes, the seas flood, snow bombards the tropical regions, and thunder and lightning inexplicably boom over the remote seas.

    And on top of all this, a small rainstorm over the city of Pacifidlog rapidly turns into a gigantic and monstrous hurricane that begins a devastating global circuit ...

    You wonder what could possibly be the cause of this. Due to the unpredictably horrible weather conditions, you have been given leave off school/work until all returns to normal.

    On the 21st of December, 2012, while at your home in Washington, DC, preparing for the inevitable yet unpredictable hurricane strike that is forecasted for this week, you get a call.

    This call changes your life.



    YOU: Hello?

    ?: (static) ... lo.

    YOU: Who is this?

    ?: You kn ... (static) ... me. I am (static).

    YOU: I'm sorry, I didn't get that.

    ?: I am God.

    (Silence. The static suddenly dissipates.)

    YOU: What?

    ?: I am known by many names. The one I prefer is Arceus, but the name of the human I am possessing is Susan Bliss Cra. While earthbound, I am called 'Sue'.

    YOU: Is this a prank call?!

    SUE: No. I am Sue Cra - which happens to be Arceus spelled backwards. I am a direct creation of Arceus, made to be his vassal among humans, and in case the worst happens, I will become his human body.

    YOU: Give me a good reason not to hang up.

    SUE: All will be explained.

    (Hang-up button dialled. The line remains connected.)

    YOU: Why isn't this hanging up?!

    SUE: I still possess some of the powers of my old self. I can manipulate reality such that you will hear me in your head rather than on this phone. Would that be preferable to you?

    (Silence for a few seconds.)

    YOU: How on earth did you do that?

    SUE: Now do you believe me?

    YOU: Er ...

    SUE: I need to speak to you. I'll meet you at a place you know well. This location will now be communicated telepathically.


    SUE: Meet me there. Now.

    (End of call.)
    Transcript of call

    Within seconds, you are braving unimaginable weather to get to the rendezvous location 'Sue' asked you to get to. You're not completely sure if she's sane; but you know that she has awe-inspiring and terrible powers, and even with a fraction of her power left, she could blow you to smithereens.

    Later, you cannot recall if you went to a park, or a cafe, or even the nearest grocery store. Maybe a gas station. But you remember the meeting clearly.


    Sue Cra looks exactly like the pictures on her blog. 5' 7'' and slim, with short brown hair and glow-in-the-dark orange spectacles.

    But on the net, her eyes aren't blank and lacking in emotion and pupil.

    They aren't unfeeling and golden.

    Within minutes, she explains the situation telepathically.


    Arceus isn't God. It'swhat is called an Entity.

    The Entities are a pantheon of the first Pokemon species to have been created. Even they aren't sure how they were made. Arceus' species has ruled the pantheon since the beginning of time. Every century or so, the current pantheon of Entities crumble into cosmic dust, which reforms into a new pantheon.

    Only one Pokemon in each species of Entities can exist at a time. Therefore, approximately fifty Entities are alive at any given time. Each Entity carries the memories and wisdom of its predecessors, but a fresh and strong body. The Entities' physical bodies cannot hold the strain of hosting so much power at once, however, and so new bodies for old minds are created every hundred years.

    The current pantheon of the 21st century, however, has decided that the Earth needs a fresh start. They view the relationship between humans and Pokemon as akin to a master and his or her slave. This must be changed.



    The first artificial Entity, Mewtwo, is the leader of this school of thought, the Separatists. Mewtwo was created in 1996, when a group of Kanto researchers cloned it from the DNA of another Entity, Mew. Thus, it harbours great resentment for humankind, as they created it to be a WMD for terrorists.

    Mewtwo has been rallying Entities to it since it was formally accepted into the pantheon in 1999. Now, thirteen years later, Mewtwo and its Separatists have staged a revolt.

    Ever since the Separatists were created, they have been petitioning Arceus to allow them to wipe out the human race. However, Arceus, who didn't want all of its hard work to go to waste, refused. Finally, Mewtwo took matters into its own hands.

    On the 15th, Mewtwo and a few of its most trusted Separatist allies stormed Arceus' home: the pocket dimension known as the Hall of Origin. There, they overpowered the Entity in charge of creation itself with ease. Arceus alone was no match for the five or six Entities that attacked him. Combining their powers, they banished Arceus from the pantheon, condemning its mortal body to cosmic dust that contained the being of Arceus. Mewtwo trapped most of Arceus' soul in a device of its own creation, the Pandora Machine.

    However, a few grains of the dust were overlooked. These tiny fractions of Arceus' power generated themselves into Saffron City. Every Entity has a 'vassal', a human being who they personally created to hold their soul in case their mortal body was unexpectedly lost. What was left of Arceus' soul took refuge in his vassal, Sue Cra.


    Your destiny unfolds before your eyes. Arceus/Sue now tells you that you are a vassal of one of the few Entities that did not ally with the Separatists. Mewtwo apparently does not think them powerful enough to warrant their capture, now that their leader, Arceus, is gone.

    Sue gingerly hands you a small orb, a centimetre in diametre. Its surface is soft and its texture feels like that of meat. She tells you that if you swallow this orb, you will gain the ability to sense other vassals and Entities. You must seek out vassals to aid you, and you must find Entities to help you as well. If possible, you must cause Separatists to defect from their cause.

    You think it over, and finally take a chance.

    You swallow the orb.



    • to find the Entity whose vassal you are (your host Entity)
    • to find other vassals to help you
    • to find other Entities to help you
    • to defeat Separatists who may attack you
    • to attack the Separatist fortress in Cerulean Cave, once you think you are strong enough
    • to defeat Mewtwo, once you think you are strong enough
    • to destroy the Pandora Machine, and set free the rest of Arceus' soul

    and last, but in no way least,

    • to not die

    Of course, it's never that easy.


    You do control your host Entity, whom you'll meet as soon as we start. But they won't be battling any legendaries, as they will dissipate into cosmic dust, part of which gives you some powers, and part of which forms your weapon.

    There are two kinds of powers, risk and no risk powers. A no risk power has no toll on your health; however, a risk power takes some of your energy. On coming into contact with the cosmic dust of your host Entity, you gain two no risk powers, which is defensive or helpful in nature, and one risk power, which is offensive and more powerful but takes a little of energy. Causing your skin to harden and become almost invulnerable, or giving yourself an accelerated healing ability is no risk, but creating projectile spikes from your arms or summoning flames out of thin air is definitely a risk ability. We will gain a few extra powers later on.

    Now for your weapon. This weapon isn't ordinary. If you get a sword, you may discover that, with the click of a button, you can cause the blade to heat up. Or, you may get a gun which shoots bullets that are automatically attracted to their intended target. Your weapon is bound to you, and will return to you in a few seconds if you lose it.

    Sue, the vassal of Arceus: Sue's powers are extremely limited and extend to telepathy and teleportation (no risk powers) and creation of matter (risk power). Her weapon is a bracelet which resembles Arceus' 'ring'; this can absorb weak levels of energy and transform it into projectiles. The bracelet loses stored energy if it isn't used two hours after being absorbed. It cannot absorb energy-based attacks like Hyper Beam, but it can absorb energy generated by attacks, such as flames resulting from Fire-type attacks.


    The world we're playing in is our world, plus the five mainstream regions from the Pokemon world (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova). The storyline of the games has taken place in the same years the game was released: however, Black 2 and White 2's storyline has not yet occurred.

    Kanto and Johto are located near Japan, and considered part of Asia.

    Hoenn is an island in the Pacific, and is considered to be part of South America.

    Sinnoh is a Northern European island, settled by Europeans (mainly the British and French).

    Unova is on the East Coast of the US and considered a separate country, part of North America.

    As for the weather, Mewtwo and his Separatists have the three legendary beasts (Entei, Raikou and Suicune), on their side. These three use their powers to alter the weather of the world: Entei causes mountains to turn into volcanoes, Raikou causes gigantic storms, and Suicune turns sunshine into rain and causes rivers to flood or become polluted.

    Most 'ordinary' humans are taking refuge in shelters wherever they can. Darkrai, who is also a Separatist, enters the dreams of some survivors and causes them to lose their will to live slowly. Various wild Pokemon roam the flooded, storm-struck, and abandoned streets of the world.



    • While playing, filling up your sign-up sheet, and commenting on posts, please make the effort to use proper English. I prefer the UK spellings (grey and not gray, colour and not color), but it's entirely your choice which ones you choose. Just make sure you don't spell 'grey'/'gray' as 'grre'.
    • No godmodding.
    • A small amount of bunnying is allowed. For example, you can say that when you battle another character's Pokemon, their Pokemon stumbled backwards. However, you cannot say that you OHKO'ed them. Please note: PVP battles aren't going to be a 'regular thing'.
    • On the subject of Pokemon, you are allowed to have a maximum of six Pokemon. One can be owned prior to the events of the story, and the rest caught along the way. If you want to, you can choose to not have any Pokemon. When you submit your profile, include ONLY INCLUDE THE ONE POKEMON YOU WILL HAVE IN THE BEGINNING. If you're going to catch more, you'll have to fill in a sign up profile (ONLY THE POKEMON SECTION) and PM it to me, saying something like 'Hey, I want to catch this Pokemon'. Same applies if your Pokemon evolves: send me a PM saying 'My Pokemon is evolving. (insert evolved-form's profile)', however there's no need to update the original SU post.
    • This RPG is rated PG-13/T. Violence is allowed to a limit (blood is fine but no gore), a little swearing (a sh*t here and there) is fine, nothing else.
    • Please post a minimum of twice a week.
    • All other forum rules and RPG forum rules apply.

    The following Pokemon cannot be caught (refer rule four) or be your host legendaries:

    • The pseudo-legendaries (Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, Hydreigon) and their evolutionary lines
    • Mew* and Mewtwo [Separatist]
    • Entei, Raikou and Suicune [Separatist]
    • Celebi*
    • Darkrai [Separatist]
    • Phione** and Manaphy**
    • Arceus
    • Genesect [Separatist]

    * Does not take sides.
    ** Not considered an Entity.


    Character name [Host Entity] - Player
    Accepted; Pending/Reserved; Open
    Closed for now, but later on, if one of our players unexpectedly leaves, we'll find a way to get some more players in.

    1. Ben Kendrick [Deoxys] - Deadly.Braviary
    2. Tyler Kingston [Rayquaza] - Monster Guy
    3. Ice [Regice] - Lost Requiem
    4. Sophia Larson [Meloetta] - TheSketchQueen
    5. Evelina Hollins [Uxie] - Azran Flame
    6. Jolene Sulzbach [Dialga] - Purplepassion
    7. Ian Blackwood [Giratina] - SoulMuse
    8. Miles Stone [Ho-oh] - miles0624
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