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Thread: Celebi / GS ball

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    Default Celebi / GS ball

    I was thinking of playing another Pokémon game on an Emulator on my pc and I was looking around...

    I came across Celebi and saw a whole lot of "You can not get Celebi or a GS ball without cheating (except for something on a Japanese version of Crystal?)" posts.

    I had Pokémon Crystal on my Gameboy years ago and I remember fighting Celebi. I am 90%+ sure that I fought Celebi and 70%+ that I had a GS ball..
    I also came across a youtube comment saying he used his GS ball because he thought it was just a random Pokéball.

    As said, I'm quite sure I fought Celebi in Crystal but it either
    a) Got KO'd
    b) Was not able to be caught( As in a "The pokeball failed" kind of message)

    So my question is.. Is there any way to get a GS ball on Crystal without cheating or glitching? And do you ever figh celebi?(Even if you can't catch it)

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    And read the rules - discussing emulators or ROMs in any way is strictly prohibited here.


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