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    Quote Originally Posted by Crystal6 View Post
    Do Mewtwo and Mew count? I notice you didn't outlaw them.

    I tended to give Mewtwo Recover, Psychic, Blizzard and Thunderbolt. (I wished I could give him Earthquake because of his superior attack skill over Mew but that didn't happen...)
    As a result Mew got the Earthquake, another Psychic (because stab bonus is awesome) Softboil and then Fireblast I think just in-case I run into a bug/plant/ice pokemon.

    I always thought it was funny when people said "Only Chansey can use softboil" completely forgetting the possibility of a Mew, who puts it to good use anyway lacking a natural Recover skill.
    Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. Didn't you have to cheat to get Mew in the first gen?

    EDIT: nvm sorry about that. Lol, I was never able to get Mew, and I just remembered that thing you can do to get him...
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