Ok here's the thing, I've always chose Empoleon as my starter in Platinum so I knew from there how my team was gonna be planned out. I'm choosing Infernape this time around and I'm really lost on my team. I'm trying to use a team I've never used and this is in game btw. So far I only got 2 Pokemon planned out; Infernape and Gardevoir. I chose Gardevoir over Gallade mainly because I can't get a Shiny Stone until late into the game and by them Gallade would of missed most of it's good attacks.

With the info I've given out so far, what would be a good water type to choose and electric type? Once again I'm choosing Infernape so Empoleon is out of the question nor do I wanna trade for in game teams. I was thinking Gyarados but he's super overrated and I've used him in different games quite a few times. Luxray would also be my electric I would choose but I've always used him. So with the Pokemon I don't want what's some good additions to my team. Also how useful is a Grass type? If they are useful would Leafeon be a good choice? I never used him so I'd rather choose him over Roserade which I've always used. I'll only choose Leafeon if Vapreon isn't recommended.

That's about all the questions I need to know and my other Pokemon really depend on which Water and Electric types I use. I was thinking of a Grass with them and my other type would depend on all that. Anyways, here's what my Infernape and Gardevoir are gonna run and why.

Infernape - Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Shadow Claw, U-Turn/Stone Edge
Close Combat is a VERY powerful STAB move for Infernape and same goes for Flare Blitz. Shadow Claw would cover it's Psychic weakness and Stone Edge if I go with it would cover it's Flying weakness.

Gardevoir - Shadow Ball, Psychic, Calm Mind, Reflect
Psychic takes out 2 weaknesses (ghost) and (Bug), Shadow Ball also takes Ghost and Psychic. I would run Focus Blast to take out it's Dark weakness but it's got 70% acc. Calm Mind to increase it's Sp. Atk and Sp. Def making it a for sure special sweeper, and then Reflect to increase it's terrible Defense when needed.

Please don't suggest Gallade over Gardevoir or tell me to change Infernape with Empoleon cos I believe I made it clear. I will put suggested movesets into consideration for my 2 mon but I think they are good as is. Infernape is running Physical, Gardevoir is running Special.

If this is the wrong thread I'm sorry, please put it in it's proper thread.