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Thread: Who person will bring back [spoiler] into the anime. Of course, spoilers.

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    Default Who person will bring back [spoiler] into the anime. Of course, spoilers.

    Who person will bring back Charizard into the anime?

    We know that Ash's Charizard will return into the anime in Episode N to have a big role in the anime and the next upcoming movie (that appears related to the anime).

    But we know that Unova is too far from other region for Charizard to fly in. I give some possible options for Charizard to appear.

    We can also comment if Charizard will appear with or without Ash petition.
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    I think Charizard will suddenly appear to save the day just like he did in Movie 3.

    After this it'll get explained that there was a reason as to why Charizard travelled so far to meet Ash again.
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    This can easily be discussed in the Official Charizard Thread.

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