Okay, I understand that with the following team I am about to show has a lot of weakness as one: it is a bug type team and two: they are fragile pokes. This team i have used in both the PWT and Subway and have done fairly well. As bug types are my favorite pokemon besides grass i do hope that those who read this will help suggest other move sets or other bug types.

One last note. As this is a Competitive team used for the Subway and PWT as well I know certain Legendaries will decimate my team but as i dont fight them unless in a simple Wifi battle please know i understand they will give me problems.

And now for the team::

Item::Bright Powder
EVs:: Attack::255 Speed::255
Shell Smash
Rock Slide

The Shell Smasher!!!!!
Its his main function i use him for really. First turn I will usually shell smash to gain the +2 attack/sp. attack/speed stat. Sturdy if there to make sure i can gain the stats and Rock Slide being its major move to use in doubles and single battles. X-Scissor is there for the Bug Type STAB. Flail being the go to move if I do get to the 1 hp thresh hold. Bright Powder is there to get that extra evasion.

Item::Grass Gem
EVs:: Sp. Attack::255 Speed::255
Bug Buzz
Energy Ball
Electro Ball

The Thundering Spider.
Garvatula has great typing. Its amazing and i love the little spider. Bug Buzz giving it But STAB, and Energy Ball to get rid of those pesky ground types as well as rock, the Grass Gem popping and giving it more power.
Electro Ball is a great move i use for the speed advantage but my move of choice is Thunder as with Compoundeyes raising its accuracy is amazing plus STAB.

Item:: Would love some advice
EVs:: Sp. Attack::255 Speed::255
Tailwind/Stun Spore
Bug Buzz
Quiver Dance

The Beautiful One.
Being given rivalry give Beautifly a better advantage in a way getting the 25% boost in attack/sp. attack if its the same gender. And i gave it attract just in case they are a different gender. Im having difficulty picking tailwind as it would raise my team speed for four turns or stun spore, to cripple the speed of my opponent. Quiver Dance is there for the +1 to three of my stats, raising Sp. Attack/Sp. Defense/ Speed. Bug Buzz for STAB.

Ability::Flame Body
EVs:: Sp. Attack::255 Sp. Defense:: 120 Speed::135
Quiver Dance
Bug Buzz
Fiery Dance (May change it back to Heat Wave)

The Fire Dancing Moth.
Volcarona is my fire bug that i can use for good switch is with its Flame Body. It helps take out those Steel types that can crush me and i also use the substitute to set up my Quiver Dancing stats. With the Leftovers i can offset weather damage and regain lost health with the substitute. Fiery Dance is a great STAB giving me that possible Sp. Attack, though should i go back to heat wave since it better in doubles? Also Bug Buzz for a good other STAB.

Item::Quick Claw
EVs:: Hp::255 Defense::130 Speed::125
Power Gem
Heal Order
Defend Order

The Wall Queen.
Now this is the basic set you see on most Vespiquen and I use it in a similar fashion, using Defend Order to raise my defense and sp. defense, healing if need be with Heal Order and and Toxic to cripple anything except Steel and Poison types. Rock Gem being a coverage move that is typical for those Flying types.

Item::Big Root
EVs:: Sp. Attack::255 Sp. Defense:: 120 Speed:: 135
Bug Buzz
Sleep Powder
Quiver Dance
Dream Eater

The Deadly Dancing Dream.
Now this is my baby. She can decimate a team easily with Sleep Powder getting a accuracy boost. Quiver Dance raising my stats to epic heights. If they are still asleep i can Dream Eater to my hearts content, plus gives a huge coverage, and heal if need be, and Bug Buzz being my STAB. Now i know Butterfree is fragile like no other but if i can setup she can be a power to reckon with.

Thanks for looking and i look forward to the helpful tips. Again i know stealth rock and other strategies that can kill this team with out a second thought, but i will gladly take any incites, as form what Ive seen I am one of the few to use a Bug team