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Thread: After remotely downloading music from iTunes, most of my music was deleted.

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    Default After remotely downloading music from iTunes, most of my music was deleted.

    I just downloaded a few songs on iTunes over Wi-Fi on my 2nd Gen iPod touch. After that, I went to my music library, which said that it was updating. It's never done this before when I have downloaded music. Once it finished, only the songs that I had downloaded onto my iPod over the internet -- not the ones I downloaded from my computer -- were left. The amount of memory left on the iPod is the same that it would be if all of my songs were left on it. Due to past issues with the iPod, I don't think I can connect it to my computer now without deleting everything.
    I've had no luck finding solutions elsewhere online. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried restarting it thrice already.
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    if you downloaded them over itunes then you should have no problem downloading them again since you already paid for them, just wipe your ipod and sync and you should be good

    or has apple really descended that low?
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    Did you get a pop up window in the sync process that says something along the lines of "(Name)'s iPod is synced to a different account than (Name)'s Computer"? Because if you clicked the blue button on that window, everything on your computer's iTunes will be recombobulated to match the new account. The only thing you can do is A) Not click the blue button and do something else, or failing that, B) buy everything you owned all over again because the computer can only be synced to one account at a time. There is a way to get around this, and it involves backing up all the .m4a's in the "iTunes Music" directory to a different folder and syncing the devices so that everything works happily.

    Judging from your description, however, I'm just mindlessly monologuing because I don't want to go out and say "The above poster had a pretty good idea."

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