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Thread: PokEvo: part 1 The battle to see who's #1

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    Cool PokEvo: part 1 The battle to see who's #1

    Hello cretins, I am the lord of the neither worlds Xel and Kran, and I'm targeting your world now. My name is Zen, and I am holding a tournament in Central Square of the biggest city on your pathetic planet. An announcer will have a form for you sign so you may lose. I warn you, our pets are tougher than anything you have ever seen and will lose to me. My criteria is very strict so only truthful competitors will be allowed in (no ubers like Ho-Oh or Lugia but I will allow Zapdos, Zekrom and other thunder legends and Kyogre). One of my pets i call Zenith and my strongest is called Blakin. This tournament will be two round each fighter with a double pet battle, or as you cretins call them Pokemon. Well I have other things to attend to at the moment so go on and prepare (you can use any pokemon you want execpt for ubers like Ho-Oh or Lugia but you are allowed ALL thunder and ice legends btw this is PG-13 for bloody good violence, mild language, and some gore).

    *the announcer, a grayish man looking of distort and disturbance from years of servitude under Lord Zen, appears with torn clothes and blood dripping from his legs*
    May...I take your order? Please?

    *he hands out the applications for the sign up, you look at it too see....*

    Welcome fools to the first ever PokEvo Tournament, Bridging Two Worlds! Fill the following out to enter:

    Name: Character name(s)

    Age: Current age of character(s)

    Race: Demis allowed and Pokemorphs as well

    Biography: Just your life of Poke training not your whole story

    Pokemon Type: What type do you mainly use?

    Trainer Traits: How does your Trainer act? (P.S. at least one guy/girl who thinks they can beat when they first get to Central Square City)

    Poke team: 6 max Pokemon Level 50 -100 only third evolution only read above for allowed legends

    *Zen comes back to see you reading over the application, laughing as he also grabs one*

    I'll fill one out to, so it's far; how else would you know what I've done in my past?

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    Name: Zen

    Age: unknown in human years

    Race: Pokemorph(Mew Tu + Blazekin)/Neither Worldlier

    Biography: A lord of three worlds and destroyer of hopes and dreams. He lived on the dimensional plain for 2893 years exploring the area day after day. He became bored and killed his father to pass time, which lasted for about three days and he became bored once more. Years later he grew in power as he made an ally with unusual animals called Pokemon. This Pokemon was called Zalts (first form of Zenith) and the two took over a world. Years passed and his power grew 10 fold, his team of Pokemon became an overwhelming force no one dared to stand against.

    Pokemon Type: Dark, Fighting, Fire, and Dragon

    Trainer Traits: Evil. Cruel, Power Hungry, and Vicious

    Poke Team: Zenith Level 90, Blakin Level 98, Blazekin(black) Level 88, Charizard(shiny form) Level 89, Zekrom Level 100 Kyrum(black) Level 100

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