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Ben raised the orb to eye level. "What is this?"

"It's an ability modification orb. Entities use them for quick power boosts," explained the young woman seated opposite him, speaking in a detached tone. Her lips were moving, but her voice seemed to come from somewhere else, like an ethereal being was compelling her to speak. This was, in fact, the truth: Sue Cra was being directed by Arceus. "They're fatal to ordinary humans, but you, being a vassal of the Entity Deoxys, will gain special abilities on using them: this one confers upon you the ability to sense other Entities and their vassals."

"Ah. I see. And how exactly do I ... use it?"

Sue raised an eyebrow, as though it was obvious. "You swallow it, of course."

"Does it come in a cheese flavour?" Ben muttered, surveying it dispassionately. He looked up at her. "You know, when people save humanity from mass genocide by Pokemon, they usually aren't asked to eat meaty little orbs of ... stuff."

When Sue didn't reply, Ben put the orb in his mouth. It almost dissolved in his mouth, but remembering her instructions, he swallowed it. It was entirely flavourless, and its texture was soft and tender. He felt heat rise in his throat, like metaphysical bile, and then the moment passed. Suddenly, Ben felt ... aware. A sixth sense had awaked in him somewhere, and he could distinctly feel a sort of tug on his mind, directing him towards Sue. Of course - she was the vassal of Arceus, wasn't she?

"Huh," Ben said. "Wasn't that bad ..."

"You will find your host Entity, Deoxys, in the place you call the National Air and Space Museum," Sue said. "Now I must leave. I have been speaking to the other vassals as well, and being in too many places at once is a strain." And with that, she seemed to smudge into the landscape.

"Women, eh, Sebastian?" Ben had noticed his Aron crawl out of the backpack. "There one moment and gone the next ... It's even worse when they turn out to be the vassals of godly super-Pokemon. Come on, buddy. We need to get going." He walked away from the abandoned cafe, and looked out to the heavy downpour that had stormed the city of Washington, DC. "Don't suppose I could get a cab in this weather ..."


About half an hour later, Ben had successfully broken into the Air and Space Museum; high tech security locks and motion sensors were no match for an Aron that would eat anything if it was shiny and made of metal.

"Haven't been in here since I was in sixth grade," Ben commented, looking around. "Now, where - aahh!" Sebastian looked over in concern at his trainer, who had closed his eyes. Something was pulling at Ben's mind, an external force.

Ben realised what it meant. An Entity was close; more specifically, it was Deoxys. He shut his eyes and began walking. His mind gave him sight; he could actually feel the presence of Deoxys. A few seconds later, he found himself facing a blank wall. Before long, the wall seemed to ripple, and then it vanished entirely. In its place stood a being of red and green, a semi-humanoid. One limb was in the shape of an arm; where the other should have been, were instead two long intertwined tentacles. A purple crystal was inset in its chest, and it pulsed like a beating heart.

"I am Deoxys." The being didn't speak, having no mouth. It communicated telepathically. "Vassal, why have you come?"

"Lord Deoxys," Ben said, knowing instinctively what to say. "I seek your blessing and power to take on the Separatists."

"Very well," Deoxys replied, surprising Ben; he hadn't thought it was going to be this easy. Then Deoxys's black pupils seemed to shift, giving it the appearance of looking a little crafty, like it had something up its sleeve, and Ben immediately realised he had been right. "But first, a test of your power. Prove yourself to me, and I shall grant you my might."