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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcanusX View Post
    Omega! Is that you?

    Spot the differences!

    One of my favourite Pseudo-Legendaries in Pokémon History (Garchomp and Hydreigon are other examples, both of which were already covered in previous PoTW), Metagross, the Supercomputer Tank of Hell

    Ability Compendium
    Clear Body: Prevents the enemy from lowering this Pokemon's stats.
    Metagross's must have Ability, it prevents Intimidates coming from switch-ins and random debuffs due to many moves' special effects, though it doesn't prevent Metagross's Hammer Arm effect (it would be broken)
    Light Metal: The Pokemon's weight is halved.
    Useless as useless can be (though two of Delibird's Abilities being the same is worse). Nobody uses Low Kick and Heat Crash and Metagross already resists Grass Knot and Heavy Slam.

    Insane Attack Stat (135) and Defence (130)
    Decent defences (80/130/90)
    Decent Special Attack (95), but we were going for a Physical Sweeper anyway, since DAT overwhelming Attack stat can't be wasted...
    A crapload of resistances (Normal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Rock, Dragon and Steel) and an immunity (Poison)
    Resistant to Stealth Rock
    Immune to Sandstorm and Toxic Spikes
    Cool design, almost nobody can beat a Supercomputer Tank Spider of Hell in terms of design.

    Not so decent Speed (70), but Trick Room can partially mitigate that problem
    Two very common weaknesses to Fire and Ground-type moves
    Its STAB coverage isn't really great, though Meteor Mash has nuclear power.
    Problems with the four moveslot, it can't cover everything with only four moves.

    @Iron Ball
    Ability: Clear Body
    Brave Nature (Atk+ Spd-)
    EVs: 252 Atk, the rest should be invested in defences, NO Speed EVs and IVs
    Meteor Mash
    Hammer Arm
    <Anything you want to cover certain threats>
    <Anything you want to cover certain threats>
    Important Notes: Trick Room support is a must in this set.
    With some Trick Room support (Reuniclus is the first Pokémon that comes into my mind but there are better examples), an Iron Ball, 0 EVs and IVs in Speed, Metagross will be worse than Omega from the Final Fantasy series.
    Meteor Mash mashes through opponents like a nuclear bomb and the occasional Attack boost means problems for the opposition unless he/she has Magnet Pull Eviolite Magneton or Magnezone in his/her team.
    Hammer Arm lowers Metagross's Speed, which in Trick Room becomes a Supercomputer Sweeper of Hell and hits as hard as Omega's normal attacks.
    For the other two moveslots...
    Earthquake hits hard as always and can complement your Doubles/Triples Trick Room strategy if you have Levitate or Flying-type Pokémon.
    Explosion, though it was nerfed, it still means ending the party with a "Bang!" in your opponent's face.
    Pursuit is extremely useful against Ghosts and Psychics, mainly if they are afraid of Metagross's mere presence.
    Rock Slide if added with Earthquake gets the infamous Quake Edge combo and you can even use the flinch effect to your advantage in this set.
    Zen Headbutt gets STAB and can flinch opponents if Metagross strikes first.
    Ice Punch if you hate Gliscor, Landorus (any form) and Dragon-types.
    Thunder Punch if you have some sort of vendetta against Gyarados (mainly if it has Moxie instead of Intimidate).
    Hyper Beam is just for trolling opponents (Omega has Wave Cannon in its arsenal which is similar to Hyper Beam), seriously, don't try this move...

    Never mention Hyper Beam just not even when trolling it is the opposite the oponent will say "lol noob".

    Why trick room? with 70- speed you are using trick room? it is outsped by most walls that way so.. metagross is by no way a trick roomer.. you have bullet punch and agility to remedy the issue.

    "But what about Agility or Rock Polish? It can just buff its own Speed that way! Doant uze Icey Windz 0r Bulldose, N00B!!1!1!!1!!!11!!"
    ^ true don't use those moves it is way better boosting yourself than harming your foe hence why accuracy lowering attacks aren't as broken as evasion boosting moves.

    huh? most pseudo legendaries are easy to take down if you play well... llike aiming for metagross weaker sp.defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor Oak
    Only two things are infinite, the universe and the amount of zubat in caves, and I'm not sure about the former.
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