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    Ok, first of all, I'm totally new here, so apologies if something like this has been covered before.

    I'm a late comer to EV training in Pokemon. Usually I'd just go through the game with my fav group of Pokemon, wipe out Elite 4, maybe do a little end game and then forget all about it. 6 months later pick up the game again and repeat.

    A friend recently introduced me to EV training, and has challenged me to come battles. He directed me to the amazing Smogon University, but my main reason for posting here is to see if anyone can throw out suggestions as to possible surprises I can spring on my friend, as he has about 20 EV trained Pokemon, of which I only know a few, and he more or less knows my whole team.

    I'm looking to go in with:
    Raichu (att. rather than s.att. Already have a Jolly nature Pichu ready to EV train w/ Volt Tackle.)

    I know he has, amongst others, a Moltres, Vaporeon and a Gengar.

    I have looked at sets for my Pokemon on Smogon, but was hoping I could pick up a few tricks I could deploy on set up to throw him off his game. I'm not expecting to win, but if I could give him a good run for his money I'll be happy
    (My team is by no means set in stone, and if there are better, perhaps less obvious choices I could swap in, I'm all ears )

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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    You need to post movesets as well, have a look at the rules.


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