Hey Sam, wondering when you're finally gonna finish your amazing SU for the archetype, as I'm itching to induct you to the Elementals anyways, back to cybertron, and by the all-spark have I got a sign up for you, pleases welcome, ladies and gentlemen, cybertronians of all ages, may I proudly present:

Name: DarKHound (often referred to/nicknamed as ArkAngel)

Cybertronian Appearance: DarkHound is a formidable 'con, standing at the height of 30"ft high, almost as tall as Megatron himself (at least I think that's right) He is a sort of hybrid between dreadwing/skyquake, and blackout. He is stocky, and his decepticon emblem sits proudly on his chest. He has little wings on his head, where his ears should be, which look like little black angel wings. He is completely black, with only two black wings protruding from where he should have his spinal cord. All his weapons are concealed in holes, hatches, chutes, and pads, for when he needs them. He can fly, but only when in his fully-fledged 'con mode. All of him is pure black, except for his eyes, gold, and his decepticon emblem, deep purple. His face is sleek a pointed, a similar complex to a wolf, or to be more precise, a Mightyena.

Pokemon mode: Your standard, run-of-the-mill Mightyena. His decepticon emblem is emblazoned upon his right-side, in the center of his side. It too, is purple. This Mightyena however, does have one distinguishing feature. It has two parallel purple lines, coming down from its ears to its tail, running the length of its back.

Personality: BlackHound is deceitful, ruthless and cruel. He is a mix of Blackout and Barricade, all rolled into one. Blackout's lack of speech, assassin-like demeanor and all round edge of fear, emenates for BlackHound, whilst Barricade's will to command troops and ruthless governing or prisoners, as well as his endless determination, coupled with his battle prowess and endless pursuit, make him a cold, calculating unstoppable 'con, unlike lilly-livered Starscream. BlackHound serves his one true master, Megatron, and will put himself and fellow 'con's at risk to serve his Master's will, up until the point where there is no hope left. But never think for one second that he is a rule abiding, wordless suck-up, that follows orders like a lap dog. No, BlackHound has initiative, and will argue with Megatron, as well as do things without his knowing approval. But just as well that he can try and show Megatron that things can be done other ways, as few other decepticons seem to have the spark to do it!

History: Back on Cybertron, before the war, well... There wasn't much for BlackHound to do. He had been bred for war, and that was always to be his destiny, his fate, his calling. But before he could fight, he sold weapons on the black market, which was how he first met his mentors, Barricade and Blackout. They both trained him. Barricade, in the skills of commanding forces, ruthless tactics, and how to never give up on a target, and how to hunt something until it rolled over and just died. Blackout taught him extreme stealth, how to command the many arts of deception, fear, and illousions of a scientific nature, such as holograms, smoke, lasers, voice manipulations, hacking skills, and fake distress beacons, as well as a whole arsenal of traps. As training, he used to have to sneak into Arachnid's palace, and recover a different item from her personal chambers, twice a week!

When the war finally did arrive, he was one of the first of the Decepticons. Sent on Spec Ops missions with Blackout and Soundwaven, whilst Barricade aided Megatron's small strike forces aimed to assist the larger armies, BlackHound quickly rose in the ranks of the 'cons. It is rumored that he was the one who delivered the killing shot to Sentinal Prime with his silenced sniper attachment, forged by Devastator. It is also passed around decepticon ranks, that The Fallen himself, applauded Blackhound, and ordered Megatron to place BlackHound second in the line-up for second-in-command, should anything happen to StarScream. And landing on earth, Starscream has finally flown off into the depths of Tojo falls in the Johto region. Now BlackHound assumes second-in-command of the Decepticons, though this may not always be apparent.

Weaponry: BlackHound possess a large hollow plasma cannon, which spins around to replace his right hand. It fires black plasma balls of energy, and can be concentrated into short, sharp beams. He has machine guns in his wrists, which inflate to give the bullets room to fire without damaging his hands. His left hand transforms into a scythe, and he has a detachable hammer on his back, underneath his wings. He can also fire bullets from two (inward) diagonal slots on his back, when in flight. (The slots being on his back, underneath his wings, and over his thruster jet-engine)

Pokemon mode moves:
Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse
Hyper Beam
Take Down

Pokemon mode ability: Intimidate

Faction: Decepticon

Rank/Duties in faction: Second-in-command if possible, but other roles/duties include: Troop leader, Spec Ops leader, Tech analyist and part-time stratagist. (Yeah, he does a lot )

Others: N/A

I hope my SU is ok, regarding the bit about Starscream, but no-one seemed to be suggesting much about the decepticon's background, so I decided to expand on it. Hope you like it, and also I have some idea's about some new relics, but will post that either in the discussion thread (if we get one) or in a later post on this thread.