Affected Players: Everyone there (too many people, and I'm pressed for time)

Wyvern and Sakuya were with the others. The dragon warrior smiled. "So you're the Renegades. We've heard of you guys from other heroes." Sakuya sighed. "Thanks for the help back there." Wyvern shuddered, then turned back to Marion and collapsed on her knees. A large cut was on her arm, and there were a few cuts on her legs. Everything was bleeding.

Sakuya gasped. "Marion!" The pink knight ran over and helped Marion up. The latter had fell unconscious. "Dang it..." Sakuya's face was filled with panic. "Is there any place for her to heal?!"

Inside Marion's mind...

Marion, inside her mind, was in a completely white area. Well, it wasn't white completely. It was foggy. She was on a red brick walkway. A voice rang through her mind.

"The truth..."

"H-hello? Is anyone there?"

"You wish for the truth...come and find it..."

Marion started walking down the road.

((That was in her mind, so it didn't actually happen in the real world.))