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    The Yoko
    Civic Centre, Slade's Lab
    Affected RPers: bronislav84

    "Well, I suppose we will meet again. So long, Slade..."
    With that, the Yoko amd his minions left the building. "Well, I've certainly been gone for a long time. The Titans, huh? There were old Titans, and these are the 'Neo-Titans'. Hmmm..."
    The Yoko continued to walk, before turning back to his minions.
    "We already have quite a bit of info. There's technopathy, there's cryokinesis, and of course, a lot more. Perhaps we could aid the other villains by giving them information before they fight. They will in turn aid us..."

    "Knowing you sir, you always keep one for yourself. Whoever that is..." the Yatagarasu perched onto the Yoko's shoulder and spoke.

    "The cub. The child of that *****... I never thought she'd bear a half-breed after I killed her first human lover. Truly, such yokai are worse than the very depths of hell. Never learning their lesson. I wonder how she'll feel if I slayed her only child..."

    The Yoko then walked towards the docks. "Ah, I smell something..."

    Kotamae Furukawa/Silence Dogood
    Fisherman's Wharf, The Docks
    Affected RPers: Anyone in the area

    "Hmm... what have we here..."
    Before his very eyes, Silence Dogood witnessed a big group of bikers fighting. This was an odd place to battle. Not wanting to hurt any civilians, Silence Dogood did not fight. Activating the Twilight Wings, he flew above, in hopes of finding an alternate route to locate the pages.
    Silence Dogood then noted something approaching him. He chanelled a Twilight Blaze at the approaching creature. It was the Yoko, accompanied with his minions. He fell into the crowd of bikers.

    "These humans, they phase through me... I can't get a single bite... Is this magic or technology?"

    "Not me, nine-tails. I don't know..." Silence Dogood taunted the Yoko, before using his umbrella to gently land in the fake, phase-through bikers.

    "Don't forget, my sense of smell is superior to all..." the Yoko spoke before Silence Dogood was hit by a black flame. Silence Dogood fell to the ground, before he managed to feel something. It seemed like a drain cover. Silence Dogood swiftly opened, entered the sewers then closed the drain cover properly.

    "Graaa! How can I be outsmarted by the half-breed? I can't even smell her anymore..." the Yoko was filled with rage. "Perhaps we should start by somehow eliminating this illusion. This way, we'll have a clue where the half-breed mongrel went..."
    The Yoko and his minions set their plan into action. The Yatagarasu flew up high, absorbing the sun's energy, ready for an attack...
    "Fall back friends. This is going to be rough..." the Yoko smiled.
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