Hero/Head of Espionage/Assassin
Entrance to Secret Lab, West of Northern Docks
Affected RPers: bronislav84, Food Guy, Zeshikrom, Samantha Sparks, anyone atop the roofs

"Granted if I was there, I could have powered using the machine, found Slade and personally freeze him," Ninjice commented on Starfire's memory of that day. He did enjoy seeing her smile, Well, both of the sisters smile. Ninjice continued to hear them discuss about the card gun and the possibilities of it backfiring. Meanwhile, it appeared Gameboy was interested in Diamite.

He himself had no interest. Ninjice took a deep breath as he meditated to try and boost his powers. As Ninjice was channeling his chi, he saw Gameboy ask Tecna a phone like hers. He could not help but smile. It appeared his video-game-themed friend was infatuated with the techomancer girl.

However, Ninjice then saw Fossil go destroy the Gate. If it wasn't for his meditationm he would have probably beat up his comrade for his stupidity. He saw Golem go after him. Good for him, someone to try and make sure Dinoboy didn't go and kill himself.

Ninjice continued meditating and was actually floating as he got in deep connections. He did sense Tecna repair the gate with her talent, but besides that, he was immersed in mystical energies. When he finished, after Cat spoke, Ninjice opened his eyes and he let out a breath. He felt his power rise.

He then heard Cat talking of smelling someone. Ninjice faced and tried his best to sense the presence. "I think someone is there. That's what my gut is telling me. Anyway, we should head back to headquarters and rest a bit. With the biggest threat, then it will be eaiser for us to start taking back the city," Ninjice said to them.