Calc/Susano (Will be refered to as Susano from now on. If confused, VM me)
Hero, Personal Guard to Starfire
Renegades Base
Affected RPers: MugoUrth (Headache)

The second the girl, who introduced herself by her civilean name Lesley, tugged her hair while the tapir was on her back, Susano jolted back out of reflex. Izu's punch to the gut was still in his mind from the third North Tower Project, and he was not about to have a rerun of that. He watched her manipulate her body almost, first increasing the length of her trunk and suddenly shifted her lower half to become hooved. "No more, I get the image" Susano explains. "And Calc was my old name. It's complicated, but you can call me Susano in terms of on the field. Here, just call me Sasori." he continues saying.

"Also, you don't turn into a monster per say, you turn into a mythocal creature that's refered to as a Baku. It's hard to explain what it is, but I'll try. It's a mythical creature that often eats dreams of children, kinda like...Drozee, I think, from Pokemon" Susano explains. "My friend Izu, or Detour, turned into a similar form, though I believe the colors were different. It's been a few years since I last saw her." he contines. He gives Headache a small smile, and goes to the image of himself. The hologram flickered from Calc to Susano, spending time on each. He looked back to Izu's hologram, and his smile faulted a little. "Anyway, Headache, how have you been treated in the base so far? Things have been tense lately."