Punk Rocket
Fell Street, Western Addition
Affected RPers: N/A

I certainly wasn't a fan of this cherry pickin' nonsense that had already eaten up at least two hours by now. Johnny was thinkin' the same way I was thinkin' when we both felt we'd rather be fightin' rather than collectin' this junk and scoutin' bloody god-awful freaks traumatized by what they had twisted into from touchin' this junk. As for Control Freak, I swore he didn't care a bloody bit about what we doin'. And he kept hummin' some damn theme song to some kiddie's cartoon.

"We really have enough," Johnny grumbled as he tied up another lead-lined bag and stuffed it into his backpack. "I only came out here because I thought the Neo-Titans would have actually tried to stop us, not to pick up this crap like some elderly maid."

"Quit yer honking," Control Freak replied, stuffin' another bag. "Remember, we don't want another Shade on the Titans' side. Shade was immune to the mutations because she was an alien. Now, I don't need to remind you that Starfire is an alien too. Unlike everyone else who would just become sixteen headed hydra zombies, she could potentially become Shade the sequel and never get ugly."

"Bloody freak," I spat, hatin' the truth behind it.

"Yeeeaahhh... so I don't recommend chucking in the towel quite yet," Control Freak replied. "I'm missing another episode of Haunted Collectors on SyFy for this. I'm not happy about that."

Uh huh. Still, he was probably right about the bloody, butt-alien those Titans' had. As for this Diamite junk, whatever it was, I figured just a tiny bit might do a lot of good for this guitar to amp up its power. That, and I wanted to make sure this baby was indestructible. The titanium alloy armor plating made sure of that. Now, if just a bit of this rock could power a city, I could probably make the whole bloody town go deaf from this sweetheart.

Doctor Light
Civic Center
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It had become apparent that waiting for Gizmo to assist me with the development of war machines was not going to be time well-spent. I needed my own plan.

Lektra still posed some complication to the ordeal. She was capable of mind-controlling at least some of the machines, so it would have been foolish to place all our eggs in one basket with a single machine. It seemed whenever the Titans showed up, she would show up, so we had to account for her being there.

I had decided on creating a series of ten elite robotic commandoes. Losing one or two of them would be negotiable, but the remaining eight would be capable of fighting long enough to eliminate Lektra. For that very reason, I had named them as the Solutions, each one numbered one through ten. Each one of them would be armed with a plasma chaingun, a M.F.R.L., and a Diamite-powered lightning gun. Since we had already confirmed Lektra was capable of unleashing voltage-based attacks, the Solution Commandoes were capable of taking that voltage and could turn it into power. Any excess power would simply be grounded and negated.

"Sup, Doc!" Billy Numerous addressed me, forgetting to knock once again.

"Billy..." I told him, wondering if he had remembered my specific instructions. "Did you-"

"Yep, brought 'im jus' as ya asked," Billy smiled as a small squad of his clones carried the man to me. "Still sleepin' like a baby."

Indeed, he did recover the man who I had been looking for. Plasmus. Harmless while asleep, but when awoken, he became a near unstoppable monster of destruction. Definitely, we had plenty of opportunity to use him to our advantage. For now, he was sedated, but when we needed to unleash his wrath, I had just the jolt I needed to stir him into ferocious action.

"Well done, Billy. Well done," I told him, appreciative of the fact. "According to our emissaries, the Titans are still in their holes. Every second they spend doing nothing is another second they spend losing, ha ha!"

Portola Drive, Twin Peaks, Lake Merced
Affected RPers: bronislav84

It really did seem as though Malchior had the three of these minions under his glare, but then just as the young man questioned his loyalty to the Titans, one of his companions had a sudden urge of a deathwish. Two smoke bombs suddenly went off.

"We're not corruptible!" The fool shouted. "The city will be free of you one day!"

"Shame you won't be alive to see it," Malchior laughed.

With a single flap of his enormous dragon wings, the smoke cover was blown away, revealing the three of them as they attempted to flee. Malchoir then unleashed a blazing breath of incinerating flames, smothering them with consuming fire. All that was left after the flames rushed through were three corpses, burnt to a smoldering husk.

"And still no one to avenge them," I observed from the definite lack of backup support.

"Ha ha, that idiot just cost all three of them their lives!" Saroxis snickered amusingly. "Wow, these Titans really are a special kind of stupid."

"Come, we have work to do," Malchoir told the rest of us with a dark smile. "The army of dragons needs more soldiers. I don't like keeping destiny waiting."

But, that did leave one last question that had been unanswered for a while now.

"More dragons, huh?" Angel asked, looking at Malchior curiously. "So... where does that leave me?"

"Of course," Malchior smiled darkly. "I didn't forget about you."

I hadn't expected Malchior to use Dragonspell on Angel, but he did. I could tell, she didn't either. Like Saroxis and Daraxi, she transformed into another dragon, bringing the count up to five dragons, self included. I had to admit, at first I didn't like Malchior's idea of using Dragonspell to build an army, but there was the element of pride that was swiftly becoming more appealing. Dragons, ruling this world over the puny humans who could only hear and obey. Only those worthy enough would join our numbers, while the weak and pathetic would be sent scurrying like rats.

Angel was speechless, but the trait that set her apart from Saroxis and Daraxi was her larger size and bigger pair of dragon wings. She truly did make a magnificent dragon.

"This... this power!" Angel exclaimed. "It's... beautiful..."

And this... was only the beginning.