Hero/Head of Espionage
Espionage Center -> Training Room; Renegade Headquarters
Affected RPers: bronislav84

Ninjice smiled and nodded before he began leading Blackfire. However, he began contacting to make sure Starfire was able to. Apparently, she was currently being treated by Venomess. Ninjice shook her head. Few of the doctors here were of the mad variety and Venomess kinda fit the bill. She meant well, but she was a missing a few screws and her unorthodox methods were even more astounding.

It worked, so they tolerate her shannigans, though the debate is still up whether she should go and receive counseling.

Anyway, she was still in the training room, so they should head there.


"Since Starfire will be recovering from the unorthodox treatment from Venomess, I may as well also go contact another one of my folk," Ninjice stated as he went to the Espionage Wing.

It was filled with halls of cameras, rather cloaked in darkness and mysterious figured walking. In one dark corner, Ninjice knocked on the wall in Morse Code.

Well, Morse Code in Russian.

т*нь (Tehn) emerged from the shadows and looked at his boss with a raised eyebrow.

"All right, т*нь. We need some supplies for Lektra's projects. Grendel can only smith so much from the raw material. So I was thinking you go and create spatial sinkholes with your shadow powers, teleporting some large piles of broken robots, junk, and just plain rubble that Grendel can fine-tune," Ninjice explained to him.

т*нь agreed in Russian before he vanished. He darted to the surface where he inconspiciously began dragging down broken cars, pieces of buildings, piles of junk and so on to an empty room.

Having told Ninjice the room, Ninjice signaled Grendel on where to pick up the new supply of 'junk ore' as they called it,.

Grendel had gone off and began compressing the junk into massive dense balls of steel which he then turned the furnace and began super-smelting the raw material into what was needed.

Making sure everything was stable, Ninjice nodded before leading Blackfire.

"What are you going to say to your sister?" Ninjice asked her as they headed to the training room.