1. Best newbie: -
2. Nicest member: Eeveelover
3. Most helpful member: Jesusfreak
4. Most likely to become a mod: Blue Harvest(she knows she cant be away from that :P)
5. Most missed member: John Wallrein
6. Most knowledgeable member: Blue Harvest
7. Best battler (in general): Jets
8. Funniest member: Theebay
9. Most sarcastic: Ghosts of the Forums
10. Most random: Psilo
11. Most active: Duranteater
12. Member with the highest vocabulary: Pokemon Trainer R
13. Best artist: Eeveelover
14. Best rate my team poster (as in someone who posts teams): usatoday
15. Best sig of the year: -
16. Best sppf clan of the year (goes to owner): Chrystalline Guard
17. Best sppf tournament of the year (goes to owner): -
18. Best topic of the year: Everyone *****ing at how kyurem-b is ou, and has a chance at BL
19. Best new mod of 2012: jesusfreak
20. Mod of the year: jesusfreak
21. Best team rater: -