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Thread: What will happen with other Ash pairing given that SatoSere is [spoiler]?

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    Default What will happen with other Ash pairing given that SatoSere is [spoiler]?

    ... getting closer to transform between fanon to canon?

    90% of the promotion of Serena is based on her childhood meeting with Ash and his interaction which 90% are seems like love hints.

    Given the risk that this hip is not only made by fans, explain if you are going to follow the Serena ship, be a multishipper, or denied the Serena ship.
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    Let's not count our chickens before they hatch. If there is an actual confirmation, then I'm sure shippers will react in their individual threads, because they'd be likely to handle it in different ways if it did happen.

    In the meantime, this isn't a particularly productive area of discussion because it could be viewed as 1. Ash/Serena discussion Part II and we already have a thread for that. or 2. A big "Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah" to other ships, which can only lead to hard feelings. As such, I'm gonna close this. Feel free to discuss Ash/Serena in the thread that already exists and other shippers can establish their feelings about whether they'll remain with their ships or not in their own threads (as long as they don't flame and keep the topic relevant to the pairings in those threads).
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