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Thread: Savants of Sommeliershipping.

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    Default Savants of Sommeliershipping.

    Sommeliershipping (Dento x Cabernet).

    This is the Sommeliershipping thread, which discusses the theories of a romantic relationship between two Sommeliers; Dent(o)/Cilan, Ash's current male travelling companion, and Cabernet/Burgundy, his rival that debuted in BW019. Simply, the backstory to their relationship is that Cabernet was once a trainer, and challenged Dento in battle, but lost. Feeling very stung by these events, she decided to become a Sommeliere/Connaisseuse in order to avenge herself against him. The name Sommeliershipping comes from the Japanese name for a Pokemon Connaisseur, a Pokemon Sommelier.


    - Obviously, all SPPf rules apply here, and the rules for the Shipping forum. So to "localise" them, I guess...
    - Don't flame or bash any shipping, character or member, and don't start any flamewars here.
    - Don't discuss any other shipping, no matter how you tie to this one. This thread is for Sommeliershipping and that only. Maybe a brief mention, but be very brief about.
    - Explain your reasons when you reply to a topic.
    - Respect each other, and another's opinions.
    - Anyone can join, really, as long as you like the shipping.
    - Have fun! :>

    Oh, yeah, it'll probably be discussing about Sommeliershipping from the point of view of the Original, so if you're watching the dub, you might be a bit lost here.

    Sommeliershipping's Bulbapedia Page.
        Spoiler:- Members.:

        Spoiler:- Fanart.:

        Spoiler:- Fanfictions.:

    Image Source.

    So, let's start off, eh? What's your taste of Sommeliershipping? Explain why it is this.
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