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    Default Castle Crashers

    I didn't see it around this forum, so here it is: the Castle Crashers thread!
    Here you can discuss the gameplay, levels, bosses, characters, music, story, etc about Castle Crashers!

    I love this game. Probably my favorite features of it are the bosses and the music. My favorite boss is the Conehead Groom, and my favorite song is either Till Death do You Part (Conehead Groom theme), Dark Skies (flowery field theme) or Simple Sight (Necromancer theme). Feel free to discuss!

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    I love this game! It's currently my favorite beat 'em up and my favorite downloadable game ever. The characters, the humor, the levels, the absurd weapons and enemies, the crazy bosses, the sheer amount of content, a kickass multiplayer component, and a great soundtrack add up to something that's well worth your money. I beat the game as the Orange knight my first time around, and I'm currently trying to get the ninja. I tell you, Lava World as the Devil is a pain in the ***. > But the unique boss at the end makes up for it. (Well, mostly anyways.) :3
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