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Thread: Pokémon Adventures 21, 24, 25

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    Default Pokémon Adventures 21, 24, 25

    I'm searching for Pokémon Adventures volume 21, 24 and 25. (English transpore from Singapore.)

    Does anyone now where to buy these volumes? I already searched on eBay, but not found them.

    Or does anyone have these volumes and would like to sell them to me?
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    you can order the Chuang Yi versions online, but I'm not certain about his website due to it being hacked with viruses. I do bring in good news that the third generation series is being published starting on March 6, 2012. That is if they do plan on releasing it.

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    There are one or two sellers on eBay that allow you to order a few of the Chuang Yi volumes in bulk. Or there were at one time anyway, that's how I got mine. Let me know if you're still looking for them and I'll look around to see if they are still selling them like that.

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