i really dont see the point of surviving such a rare occurence, but w/e. at least move the 4 speed evs into attack. the only notable thing you outspeed is min speed blissey, and its not going to stay in on you, nor is it really needed to outspeed it.

change hp fire to trick on latios. the only way you are beating scizor is on the switch.

with that change, jirachi needs fire punch somewhere in there, probably over thunderpunch. when a gyara switches in, you are susceptible to intimidate. its just not worth it. fire punch beats dual priority sd lucario, as well as sd scizor or band scizor. 2 very ugly threats, as jirachi is the only one who resists bullet punch, their STAB moves, and luc has e-speed to pick everyone off.

you might want to consider a clean up sweeper, to take advantage of machamp's hole-punching ability. js. good ones include mixed salamence, gyarados, etc.