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Thread: first competitive team: Ninjask setup?

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    Default first competitive team: Ninjask setup?

    So this is the first time ive made a thread, a competitive team, or asked for help on the forums, so Mazel tov. Anyways I had been looking through the POTW and i admit this isnt completely original but id like to see from the veterans standpoint if there are too many holes in this team. This is intended for standard tier battles. For the record, i havent a clue if there even is a standard tier, and if there was that these pokemon and their moves will be legal so i could use some pointers for that too.

    Heres a Picture of the team i compiled. Its a little small. Credit to ARKEIS for the images.
    First Team.jpg

    Ninjask (F) @ Mental Herb
    Ability: speed boost
    Ev's: 36 SPD, 248 HP, 224 DEF
    Impish nature
    -swords dance
    -baton pass

    I followed this one exactly as i saw it. I chose Ninjask to be a lead to my team so thats its awesome speed boost ability could up the lacklustre speed of either breloom or ursaring, along with maybe a swords dance and if im really lucky a substitute. It made sense to me that with its stats, it couldnt do much more than baton pass which it is pretty good at. I had expected to use swords dance first turn then pass out to escape taunt. I was thinking if i wasnt immediately taunted i would use protect twice then try subtitute. If the substitute survived i would swords dance then baton pass out. In the past this has worked OK but its admittedly not worked every time ive used it. Prankster teams kinda ruin the strategy and result in premature baton passing so im wondering if theres a different partner or moveset i could use to counter them.

    Ursaring (M) @ Flame orb
    Ability: Guts
    EV's: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP
    Adamant nature
    -close combat

    I also saw this one on the POTW. I liked it. it seemed to have good synergy between items and abilities and moves. This was supposed to be my go to guy because of its awesome way of driving the point home. It is a little slow but thats why ive got ninjask to boost it as much as it can. Facade is absolutely amazing with guts and STAB. The type coverage of close combat and crunch does hit everything I've come across for at least half HP. Protect is there two ensure the burn and i havent used it for this, but it could block something devastating. Im looking for ways to ensure that its speed is boosted as much as possible which is why id like help with ninjask. Ive considered a trick room user or a tailwind user to up the speed but the idea of EV training another team member so soon after i finished these is sickening. Any advice?

    Breloom (F) @ toxic orb
    Ability: poisen heal
    EV's:252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP
    Adamant nature
    -seed bomb
    -focus punch

    This was the only one i made without POTW, but it was inspired by the Ursaring and follows a similar pattern. I have already noticed that this breloom essentially does everything the ursaring does with a slightly different moveset.If the first foe i faced couldnt be defeated by Ursaring at first glance i would try this. Lead with spore and get poisened first turn, then follow with focus punch. Either the enemy switches out and i hit something else or they dont and i hit them for a nice 225 base power attack including STAB. If FP wasnt an option then i figured seed bomb would work for a bit of coverage. Facade was just an idea and i cant think of when id use it above the other two, but its still a good move with the item. The speed on my friend here is also lacking so... same questionwith the ninjask.

    Hydreigon (F) @ Choice Specs
    Ability: Levitate
    EV's: 252 SpATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP
    Timid nature
    -Earth Power
    -Dragon Pulse
    -charge beam
    -fire blast

    Similar to the POTW. The intention was that with the moves it has it could cover any holes in type coverage as well as defences.This hydreigon runs special attack and ive gotten some clean sweeps against my friends with him out. fire blast is good for grass and bug types that would try and take advantage of a bug weakness or ice types to get rid of the same weakness. Dragon pulse gives nice stab and hits many things well. Charge beam gets batter as you use it which is really nice considering how many things electric hits neutrally. earth power is good for most steels. Ive been wondering about its weakness to fighting attacks though and if that would be a major setback to how this guy performs. Ive yet to face anything that used fighting moves so i either need experience or advice. The speed on this is much better than the others so it doesnt rely as much on the ninjask, though it is helpful sometimes.

    Alakazam (M) @ life orb
    Ability: Magic Guard
    EV's 252 SPD, 252 Sp ATK, 4 HP
    Timid nature
    -Focus Blast
    -Grass knot
    -Shadow ball

    You have no idea how long it took me to find this on the dream world. Months of searching finally paid off when i finally found a perfect abra with a great nature and amazing IV's. This one was supposed to sweep pretty hard thanks to magic guard life orb along with amazing speed and special attack. Psyshock is STAB and hits defence which is nice at times, but i was having a hard time deciding if I should switch to psychic. Grass Knot is an ok move because it does get STAB but not every pokemon that comes out is heavy enough that thiis does a whole lotta damage. Shadow ball get rid of other psychics (name Reuniclus). I was wondering if Ice beam would be a good replacement for grass knot because i seem to be lacking in the ice department. focus blast works nice but the ocassional miss bothers me. Aside from that i am quite fond of my Alakazam.

    Porygon Z @ Silk Scarf
    Ability: Adaptability
    EV's 252 Sp ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP
    Modest nature
    -Hyper beam
    -Tri Attack
    -Dark Pulse
    -nasty plot

    Carried straight over from Soulsilver. This pokemon was nice enough to get me half way through the battle frontier with a few friends so I took it with me to this generation. The main intention on this was that if i could carry a substitute from ninjask i would get a less than needed boost from nasty plot. It worked very well with the 300 base power hyper beam boosted who knows how much with nasty plot and silf scarf. tri Attack is a bit more reliable because it doesnt take recharge. Dark pulse helps with flinch in a few convenient occasions and removes Psychic and ghosts from walking all over it. Love how high its special attack is, but ive had trouble with the rare few that out speed it and most of them can OHKO it. If there are any different moves i should run to prevent that id love to hear about them.

    So thats the plan and i could use all the help anybody would be willing to provide. give me names of counter, common methods of defeating the sets or individuals, comments regarding style points, anything that might make me a bit more prepared for the competetive battling scene.

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    First thing you can clearly see a HUGE fighting weakness 3 pokemons are weak to fighting 2 resist and 1 neutral but guess what? they are all frail and all of them die to it.. I can see terrakion freely 6-0es also every other one on the musketer trio.

    second that hurts my eye- hyper beam don't ever use the move even if it KOes everything it still gives the opponent a free turn tyou probably ask yourself "how a free turn impact you so much?" well there is a bunch of nice move which are called set up moves you seem to use them well.. a free turn and a genesect might rock polish and sweep (also a huge threats to your team) or landorus or garydos might set a sub or breloom might spore something or anything hyper beam is bad never user it.

    ok now I clearified two main points:
    Ninjask mental herb is too situational better use leftovers to set up more subtitutes and survive much longer in the battle other than that standard.

    Ursaring firsly there are better pokemons than him terrakion or metagross come to mind ursaring is not so bad but 1 mach punch and he is dead also normal isn't a good type iin OU.. if you plan to keep him use swords dance>protect.. frankly I hate protect and think it is really useless on singles.

    Breloom you are using focus punch and yet no subtitute: subtitute>facade
    or in general I would reccomend using a tecniloom with mach punch,bullet seed,spore,subtitute/swords dance/low sweep

    it is a better breloom build nowadays.

    Hydraigon- charge beam on a choice set is a bad idea not only it is really weak but you need to switch losing the boosts
    use draco meteor>charge beam.

    Alakazem is ok.. but HP fire>grass knot for surprising scizor and ferrothorn who think they are safe to hit him you need to predict with scizor though if it goed to bullet punch or pursuit it depends on the player against you both KO but you can switch or use HP fire in time.

    Porygon Z not OU reccomended I would use jellicent for a few rasons: it is a defensive pokemon you need, fighting immunity, good synergy with hydreigon and breloom and if you choose to put one metagross or scizor.

    ALso I hate the rason of using moves "to fight weakness" you are not fighting weaknesses it's stupid as you can use a fire move also octilery can use a fire move (octillery is bad just an example) so the moves are to fight certain trats not certain types.. yeah use a fire move on "steels" heatran says hi.

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    First off, there's a lot in this post that makes me think it's in-game. Our recommendations on Competitive RMT typically assume you're playing on a simulator, where entire teams can be changed at the touch of a button, and where you can change your Hidden Power types instantly.


    Ninjask is meh. It's fragile, set-up fodder and 4x SR weak. That generally means that if your sweeper gets phazed or you have to switch (like if I sent my Chandelure against your Breloom), you've got no more BPer. It also means Ninjask will often get KO'ed before it can even pass. It's fast, yeah, but speed only really goes so far. As a general rule, you shouldn't run a Ninjask without a spinner since if SR gets up and stays up it will not make it in more than once. It's also kinda set-up fodder for Agility leads like Metagross.

    Ursaring's biggest threats are physical, so why 252 SpD? move those to Def. Defensive Steel/Psychics (Jirachi and Metagross come readily to mind) can take anything Ursaring can deal and KO it with Hammer Arm (Metagross) or hax it to death (Jirachi). Metagross is a lot more dangerous since Rachi is usually used for SpD.

    Substitute or Mach Punch over Facade for Breloom. Sub lets Breloom Spore, Sub and Focus Punch to its heart's content without needing more Spores. Mach Punch gives you Priority. Anything with Ice Shard can pick this off, as can ExtremeSpeed Dragonite very easily. The Sub or Priority will alleviate this problem to a degree.

    Hydreigon's Charge Beam isn't a good idea for a Specs set. It's too weak to be locked into. Change it to Surf or Draco Meteor OR change the item to Life Orb.

    Alakazam is better off using Hidden Power Ice or Fire over Grass Knot. It can also make great use of Subs. Grass Knot's coverage is meh (Ground, Rock and Water), and the damage is really unreliable. HP Ice hits Dragons and Gliscor, HP Fire deals with Steels (Ferrothorn and Forretress in particular) and opposing Scizor and Genesect (provided you're faster).

    For Porygon-Z, GET HYPER BEAM OFF THAT THING. That move is awful. Your opponent can easily use the cooldown to set up and get an easy KO. Or you can be revenge-killed without fear at all. It just leaves you way too open to..... everything and any competent human opponent is going to take advantage of that. Hidden Power.... Well, in UU Fighting is a good option, but Fighting doesn't help as much in OU, which is where you'd have to play this team. HP Ground deals with Heatran, which could give you some trouble late-game. HP Ice and HP Fire are valid for the same reasons as with Alakazam, although you should not use the same one you give it. Finally, give it a Life Orb instead.

    It's not a bad start, although you might want to remove the OU Pokemon (Hydreigon and Alakazam) so you can use this team in UU, where it'd do much better.
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